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Monthly Knife Club - Is this survival box for you?

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Monthly Knife Club is a great way for knife collectors and EDC aficionados to receive high quality blades every month.

With so many survival boxes on the market, finding the right box for you can be as difficult as field dressing a deer with a butter knife. But don’t worry, this review got all the info you need to cut through the noise and find the subscription that suits your needs.


What is Monthly Knife Club?

Monthly Knife Club is a monthly service that offers 13 different subscription options. Whether you’re a collector, a survivalist, or someone whose livelihood depends on high-quality blades, they have a plan that can give you the knives you need at a price you’ll love.

This subscription has 4 different plans, and with the exception of the Onyx plan, each plan has 4 options. For a quick overview, refer to the table below.

  • Standard ($10 - $150) - standard spring-assisted, stainless steel knives. Good for beginners and those not concerned with name brands.
  • Name Brand ($35 - $165) - a favorite among collectors, this plan is packed with blades from Kershaw, SOG, Spyderco, and other respected manufacturers.
  • Fixed Blade ($45 - $175) - The fixed blade knives of different lengths and blade types in this plan are perfect for hunters and survivalists.
  • Onyx ($119) - This plan offers offers high quality, high value knives valued between $150 and $250 each month.

The Standard, Name Brand, and Fixed Blade plans further break down into Basic, Advanced, Premium, and Ultimate options. With each option, your plan includes additional knives, plus tactical gear and branded accessories. All these options give you control over how much you’ll pay each month, based on the kind of knives you’re looking for and the amount of gear you crave.

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Recent Monthly Knife Club Tactical Items

Now that you’ve got an idea of how this subscription works, take a look inside one of their recent boxes.

The box below is December 2018’s Name Brand Ultimate Box. It includes all the extras of the Basic, Advanced, and Premium options, plus a couple of high tier items only available with the Ultimate subscription.

This box costs $165 a month, but as you’ll see... it’s worth much more than that.

ImageProduct NameBest FeaturePrice

Bestech LanyardYou never know when 14cm of high strength paracord could come in handy.$5

Victorinox Compact CaddyA classic multifunction pocket knife, just like grandpa always carried.$10

X-Pac Double Wall Vacuum BottleKeeps 25 oz of your hot drinks hot or your cold drinks cold.$14

CRKT Akari Fixed Blade KnifeA straight-edged 2.5 inch blade with a drop point and Japanese inspired styling.$60

SOG Reactor Multi-toolThis multi-tool has 10 components, including a spring-assisted blade and high strength pliers.$67

BuckNBear Tactical FlipperWith a ball bearing opening mechanism and a 3.5 inch D2 steel blade, this tactical knife is as handsome as it is useful.$69

Bastion Gear Battle Axe11.75 inches of full tanged D2 steel, this durable hatchet is still light enough to pack at just 1.5 pounds.$73

Monthly Knife Club Review

There’s a lot to like about this survival box, but no service is perfect. Before you click subscribe, take a look at the break down with the shipping and pricing. This will tell you all the things you would like most about this service, and ultimately decide whether or not it’s worth the price.

Pros vs Cons of Monthly Knife Club

If you’re on the fence about this EDC box, use the pros and cons table below to help you make up your mind. Compare these items with your own priorities and make sure this is the service that’s best for you.


  • Subscription Options - with 13 plans to choose from, you can get the kind of knives you need and the amount of gear you want for a price you can afford.
  • Cancel Anytime - if you ever decide your collection is complete you can cancel your subscription whenever you like.
  • Value - no matter which plan you choose, you'll save money on the knives and tactical gear in your box.


  • Random Boxes - many tactical boxes have monthly themes to help you develop a survival skill or replenish a category of gear. Boxes have no discernable theme and seem to be randomly curated.
  • Hit or Miss Extras - anytime you get a random assortment of gear, you’re sure to wind up with stuff you don’t need or want.
  • No Returns - They don’t offer returns or exchange, so if you get a box that’s a dud you’re stuck with it.

Monthly Knife Club Promo Code

There is no current promo code available.

How to Join the Monthly Knife Club

Subscribing to this awesome survival club is easy.

1. Select your Plan

Browse through your 13 subscription options and choose the plan that meets your needs and fits your budget.

2.Enter your Details

Just like you would for any online purchase, enter your shipping and payment information. You must be 18 years old to subscribe.

3. Unbox

Orders ship between the 15th and 25th of every month, so you can expect your box of knives and tactical gear to arrive towards the end of each month.

More Great Subscription boxes

Looking for more tactical gear and EDC boxes? Check out the links below for more great subscription boxes.

  1. Diversify your collection with unique designs and one of a kind blades from Knife Box.
  2. Battlbox has themed boxes to prepare you for any situation. -
  3. Get all your precision tactical gear from Tacpack.
  4. Get top tier tactical, survival and outdoor gear from Never Enough Tactical.

In Conclusion

Monthly Knife Club offers you more subscription options than any of the other survival boxes on the market.

If you’re looking for an easy way to add to your knife collection or stock up on survival gear, this might be the subscription for you.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?


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Graham is our resident survivalist, EDC master, and expert prepper. He believes that, as the head of his household, he has to be ready for any situation (from big to small). On the weekends, you’ll find him in the great outdoors. He loves camping, offroading, fishing, and hiking with his two boys.


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