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Marley Spoon Review - Is this a great meal plan?

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If you want to know if Martha Stewart's foray into the world of meal delivery services is the right one for you, well this Marley Spoon review has you covered. It has all the information you need to make the call as to whether you should be inviting this culinary bad girl into your home.

With seasonal offerings, Martha's proprietary blend of herbs and spices, and enough of Martha's larger than life personality packed into each box, this very well may be the best meal subscription boxes on the market. And there are sure a lot of them competing for your dinner table, but this very well may be food subscription box meets Masterclass.

Are you salivating yet? Then check out this awesome Marley Spoon review.


What is Marley Spoon?

While most meal subscription boxes are commodities that compete on price, ingredients, delivery times, or some other culinary niche, there's no getting around that this box is Martha's box. That Martha. That Martha who is just living her best quarantine life on social media, having prepped for this experience with a stint in the slammer. If Martha Stewart was a household name, Martha is an icon. An icon who, well, still knows her way around a kitchen. So, you're reaping the benefits of living in Martha's ecosystem.

Each week you'll pick from a selection of 22 of Martha's recipes. These are the same recipes you can see her riff on in her Instagram or YouTube channels. What other boxes can make the same boast? Exactly.

What's more, these perfectly portioned meals are going to save you money, save you time, reduce your food waste, your carbon footprint, and improve your family relationships. They might usher in world peace... the jury is still out. What more could you honestly want out of one mere food delivery service?

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Recent Marley Spoon Boxes/Items

Want to see what Martha's bringing from her kitchen to yours? Just take a gander at some of the recent meals on offer and be prepared to hear your stomach grumble.

ImageProduct NameBest FeaturePrice

Chicken MealCrispy Lemon-Parmesan Chicken with Roasted Broccolini$9

Fish MealCilantro-Lime Shrimp Pan Roast with Jalapeño Remoulade$9

Veggie MealTomato-Basil Ravioli with Italian Salad$9

Marley Spoon Review

This Marley Spoon review will break down quite literally everything that is relevant to making your decision for Martha. Perfect for individuals, couples, and families, Marley Spoon really is all about bringing together those who can come together over a really nice meal. And, with COVID looking like it's going to be sticking around a while longer than anyone would like, changing up your lockdown meal planning is just good sense.

By infusing Martha's personality throughout the process and pairing top-notch ingredients with extreme flexibility, Marley Spoon hits almost all the right notes.

Things To Love about Marley Spoon

This Marley Spoon review should give you a pretty good idea of what's to love about this box.

1. Flexibility

If for some reason you don't want to eat well this week, then go ahead and skip it. That's completely within your purview to cancel.

2. Martha's Recipes

Say what you will about the media titan, they're human too. They need just as much buttering up as the next guy.

3. You'll look like a gourmet chef.

Meal kits in general take a lot of the prep out of making solid, healthy food. Add Martha Stewart to the mix and you're kicking things up to 11.

Things Not To Love about Marley Spoon

There's really only a couple of things holding back a blind trust rah rah recommendation of Marley Spoon, but, one is kind of a biggie.

1. $9 For Shipping

Nine dollars for shipping per week isn't the end of the world, but it is basically another meal. Each week costs an extra meal to get your meals. Why not just build that shipping cost into the price of your box to mask it?

2. Quality Control

A deep dive of social media turned up some pretty reliable, although anecdotal, stories of punctured containers, shrimp juices released into living rooms. If Marley Spoon is looking to leverage their famous face, they need to get basic quality control right.

Pros Vs Cons of Marley Spoon

In the mood for a quick overview of the plusses and minuses? Here are the pros and cons of Marley Spoon.


  • Excellent meals designed by Martha Stewart
  • Flexibility in ordering
  • Seasonal, high quality, ingredients.


  • Paying for shipping still stings.
  • Possible quality control issues.

Marley Spoon Price

There are price breaks for ordering more meals. So, just play around with the slider to figure out exactly how much you're going to be spending. But here are the basic price points.

ImageSubscription PlanPrice

2 People Plan$9 per portion

4 People Plan$7.50 per portion

Marley Spoon Shipping Breakdown

Shipping is listed at $8.99 per box.

Marley Spoon Coupon or Promo Code

There is no current promo available.

Is Marley Spoon worth it?

You've got to ask yourself if Marley Spoon is checking off all your subscription box needs. And in the course of this Marley Spoon review to get five stars. But the question is, is Marley Spoon worth it?

And the answer is,... YES.

The prices and flexibility mean that it's worth a shot. The downsides of Marley Spoon were anecdotal at best, so why not give the benefit of the doubt until they prove you wrong?

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How to Join Marley Spoon

As is the trend with most online subscription boxes, Marley Spoon has made it excruciatingly easy to get started. There's a twist in the normal sign up steps for Marley Spoon though, so make sure to pay attention.

1. Click on View Menu

It's the first menu item in the menu bar. Shouldn't be hard to find, but it will be just to the right of Martha's logo. Now, why can you view the menu ahead of time? Because Marley Spoon does the signup process a bit differently.

So go ahead and view the menu for the weeks you're looking at ordering for. They are very transparent about what's available for order.

2. Click Sign Up

It's the big green button on the upper right of the screen. Tough to miss.

3. Decide How Many Meals You're Going to Make

You get a slight discount if you're cooking for 4 people vs. 2 people. You'll also need to decide how many meals per week you want Marley Spoon to handle for you. It can be as few as 2 and can range up to 6 meals.

You pay by the portion. They have a handy calculator that does the math for you. Because, really, why should you have to do math?

4. Enter Your Personal Details

Here you are going to enter your personal details. They have it broken out over three steps, but really, it's just about where you are having your food delivered and your ever-important payment information.

5. Go Shopping

Remember that little hiccup from Step 2? You don't do your shopping until after you've entered your payment details. This goes against the grain of every grocery experience you've ever had, but it makes sense logistically. You're getting all the pesky details out of the way so the shopping experience can be as smooth as possible.

More Great Meal and Snack Subscription Box Reviews

Marley Spoon is rather impressive, but that doesn't mean it is the only food or snack subscription box on the block. Here are some others that may be more to your liking.

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In Conclusion

This Marley Spoon review should have shown that the team there has done an excellent job of taking a commodity, meal delivery kits, and giving it new life with Martha Stewart's personality.

Everyone knows who Martha is, and this is a great way to invite her into your home. Bon appetite.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?


$18 @

Subscription Type

Weekly Meal Subscrption Box

Number of Items

Choice of 22 Meal Plans


Weekly Commitment. Skip any week.

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