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Bitsbox Review (2021) - Is this worth it?

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In this Bitsbox review, you'll learn why this subscription box can equip your child with a valuable skill that'll come in handy for the rest of their lives. Bitsbox is a new subscription box aimed at kids who want to learn how to code. This box promises to make coding fun with a range of apps, toys, stickers, and all kinds of goodies. If you think it's important for your child to learn how to code in an engaging, productive way, then Bitsbox might be the answer.

In this Bitsbox review, you'll learn what comes in each box, how this system effectively teaches kids how to code, and why you might want to consider signing up. There are many fun subscription boxes out there aimed at kids, but Bitsbox might be one of the most productive. Coding is definitely one of the most useful things kids can learn in today's world.


What is Bitsbox?

Bitsbox was started by a group of passionate educators who recognize the importance of STEM education for young children.The founders of Bitsbox focus on the Three C's (computational thinking, computer science, and coding).

Bitsbox was born from the idea that every child has the right to learn, and that they should all have the opportunity to learn these skills in a fun, engaging manner.

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Recent Bitsbox Boxes/Items

Curious about what kinds of Bitsboxes your child can receive? Check out these recent Bitsboxes:

ImageProduct NameBest FeaturePrice

Basic BitsboxFun cards and binder$24.95

Deluxe BitsboxAdditional toys and projects$37.95

Digital BitsboxApps only, no shipping required$16.95

Bitsbox Review

So is Bitsbox really worth it? This in-depth Bitsbox review will get into the details of this subscription box so that you can figure out whether it's a good option for you and your child.

Your child receives their Bitsbox package in the mail, and then they can check out a range of goodies, collectible cards, and toys that come with the package. Your child then chooses one of the apps to play with. These apps are clearly laid out with fun cartoons and images on real cards.

Once they've chosen an app, they head to their computer and check it out on the Bitsbox website. As they play with the app, they'll follow directions, complete challenges, and even create apps of their own.

These apps take the form of video games and cartoony visuals that are designed for kids. Examples are Castle Defender, Mars Needs Milk, Firework Frenzy, and other eye-catching apps.

A new box arrives every month, and each box focuses on a new computer science concept. Through fun games and toys, your child will steadily increase their knowledge of coding, computational thinking, and computer science. Essentially, Bitbox "tricks" kids into thinking they're playing video games. What they're really doing is building their very own apps and games, and then playing their own creations on their phones and tablets.

You can get a Basic Bitsbox that contains only the app cards and a handy binder to keep these cards organized. This option will still keep kids interested with the addition of physical cards, but without toys and goodies.

The Deluxe Bitsbox comes with app cards, additional projects, toys, goodies, and much more. If you really want to make coding as fun as possible for your child, this is probably your best bet.

Finally, there's the Digital Bitsbox. As the name suggests, this option is entirely online. Although your child won't get anything in the mail, they can still have fun on the Bitsbox website and create their own apps.

Alternatively, you can buy a year's worth of Bitsbox packages for a flat fee, allowing your child to work through the challenges at their own pace.

5 Things To Love About Bitsbox

There's a lot to love about Bitsbox, and there are quite a few standout features that need to be highlighted.

These features make Bitsbox stand out from the crowd in terms of coding education, which is already becoming very popular in the early education world.

1. Physical Toys and Supplements

One of the most obvious things about Bitsbox is that it contains real, physical items. Even the Basic Bitsbox comes with colorful cards and a neat package.

Research has shown that kids are more engaged with physical learning tools they can see and touch.

2. Compatible with a Range of Devices

Another cool feature of Bitsbox is the fact that it's compatible with all kinds of different devices.

This means your child can learn how to code on their computer, and then switch to their smartphone or tablet to play with the app they just created.

3. Great for New Coders

Your child won't need any experience when they begin coding with Bitsbox. Kids as young as six can get started with their first Bitsbox, and they'll slowly work their way up through the levels with each package they receive.

4. Less Screen Time

Because Bitsbox includes things like physical cards and toys, it means you can ensure they spend less time in front of a screen. While some of the educational processes take place in front of a computer, they can still have plenty of fun learning with the items and goodies they'll receive.

5. Keeps Them Coming Back

As the founders of Bitsbox note, kids love getting things in the mail. This will keep them motivated and excited to learn even more about coding.

2 Things Not To Love about Bitsbox

While Bitsbox has plenty of things going for it, this wouldn't be an honest review if we didn't point out a few negatives.

1. You Need A Physical Keyboard

If your child doesn't have access to an actual computer with a keyboard, they can't do any of the coding projects.

A keyboard is required for these processes, and they can't just use a phone or a tablet with a touch screen.

2. Only One Coding Language

Bitsbox only teaches your child one coding language, which is Javascript/HTML5.

That being said, Javascript is the most popular coding language and there are many job opportunities for those who understand it.

Pros V Cons of Bitsbox

Just to summarize, here's a list of pros and cons for Bitsbox:


  • Includes physical items
  • Compatible with numerous devices
  • Perfect for new coders
  • Less screen time
  • Keeps them coming back


  • You need a keyboard
  • Only one programming language

Bitsbox Price

Price is an important consideration when writing a Bitsbox review, so here's a breakdown:

ImageSubscription PlanPrice

Basic Bitsbox$24.95/month

Deluxe Bitsbox$37.95/month

Digital Bitsbox$16.95/month

Bitsbox Shipping Breakdown

Bitsbox ships to over 70 countries, with additional shipping costs ranging from $5 to $18 per month. Shipping within the USA is always free.

Bitsbox Coupon or Promo Code

The is no current Coupon or Promo Code.

Is Bitsbox worth it?

Coding is an incredibly important skill for young children to learn these days, and Bitsbox is a great way to ensure they always have what it takes to succeed in a constantly evolving world. With this in mind, Bitsbox is definitely worth it.

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How to Subscribe to Bitsbox

Subscribing is easy. Take a look at these 3 simple steps.

1. Select your choice of Bitsbox

Two kinds are available. Just choose from Bitsbox Basic or Deluxe.

2. Enter your address

Enter your details such as your name, email address, and your address where you want it shipped.

3. Click "order"

That's it! Just click order and wait for your exciting box.

More Great Subscription Boxes

Of course, there are many other subscription boxes for kids, like these options:

  1. For another creative, educational subscription box for kids, check out Tinker Crate reviews.
  2. For a kid's box with a more artistic vibe, check out Doodle crate.
  3. If your child loves Lego, then you definitely need to check out Brick Loot.

In Conclusion

Thanks to this Bitsbox review, you may now be considering choosing one of these subscription boxes to help your child learn a valuable new skill.

It's one of the best subscription boxes for kids, especially if you want to equip your child for the future.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?


$24 @

Subscription Type

Basic, Deluxe, or Digital

Physical Items

Cards, Stickers, and Toys

Age Level


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