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Tinker Crate Reviews [2020] – Is it worth the price?

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With so many great subscription boxes for kids, finding one that your kid will love is a challenge. Let this Tinker Crate reviews help you decide if this educational box is right for you.

The beauty of subscription boxes is getting a box handpicked to suit your interests delivered right to your door. That's why it's so important to make sure any subscription box you get for kids matches their personality and passions.

Check out this Tinker Crate reviews to see if this educational subscription box is right for your little genius.


What is Tinker Crate?

Tinker Crate is just one of several lines of subscription boxes offered by KiwiCo. Their team specializes in creating fun, hands-on learning experiences for children of all ages.

Tinker Crate is designed by professionals in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. As a result, each box develops critical thinking and creative confidence in kids aged 9-16 and up.

Every crate contains an awesome interactive project, detailed blueprints, online tutorials, and an issue of TinkerZine - a publication that dives deeper into the concepts at work in that month's project.

But that doesn't mean you're subscribing your kid to monthly homework assignments. With crates like the Hydraulic Claw or the Automoton, subscribers build amazing projects designed to challenge and entertain.

Recent Tinker Crate Boxes

Every month, subscribers get a project, blueprints, online tutorials, and an issue of TinkerZine. Each crate focuses on a different STEM concept, with the goal of building deep knowledge and confidence.

Check out these recent Tinker Crate boxes.

ImageProduct NameHighlightsPrice

TrebuchetAttack boredom with ping-pong balls launched from a real, working trebuchet. Subscribers tackle the physics of levers, slings, and wind resistance.$19.95

Hydraulic ClawThe project looks like science fiction, but the science of hydraulics makes real life easier every day. TinkerZine's design challenges lead kids to experiment and put their claws to the test.$19.95

Fiber Optic StarsSubscribers create their own constellations while getting a better understanding of our universe and how technology helps scientists study things so far away.$19.95

Tinker Crate Reviews

Things To Love About Tinker Crate

There's a lot to love about Tinker Crate, but here are the 3 things that really set it apart. Read on to find out what makes Tinker Crate one of the best educational subscription boxes for kids.

1. Expert Design

The people behind Tinker Crate really know what they're doing. Experts in education and STEM fields designed this crate to help kids build real-world skills that will last.

That means your Tinkerer will be building the skills pros think are most important. Not only that, but they're also learning in ways that are backed by education research.

Unlike many other subscription boxes, every Tinker Crate hands-on project is made in-house by experts. After all, anybody can mail out a box of cool gadgets from name brands. Tinker Crate's professionals actually make their own stuff!

2. Variety of Projects

One glance at the Tinker Crate site can give you a great preview of the variety of projects they offer.

Scroll down to find a full preview of the Trebuchet, Hydraulic Claw, and Fiber Optic Star crates. You can also see peeks of children experimenting with magnets, gears, automotons, and more!

If you're a member of subscription boxes, you know every once in a while you get a dud. Not with Tinker Crate. Their dedicated team makes sure every Crate challenges and entertains your young architect, engineer, or scientist.

They'll love building amazing projects. You'll love watching their creativity and confidence grow.

3. TinkerZine

Each crate comes with an issue of TinkerZine specific to that month's project. Not to be confused with the blueprints, TinkerZine has fascinating articles to help kids understand the principles behind what they build.

The best part is, TinkerZine is packed with additional activities based on that month's project so kids can safely experiment and take charge of their own learning. And since Tinker Crate is made by experts, TinkerZine is written to challenge and entertain young audiences.

Tinker Crate's goal is to help kids "build their problem-solving skills and to gain the confidence and curiosity to tackle problems where there's no one right answer." TinkerZine is just as big a part of helping your kid build those skills as the project.

Things Not to Love about Tinker Crate

While there are so many great things about Tinker Crate, there are two drawbacks worth mentioning.

Before you subscribe, read on to make sure Tinker Crate is right for the young scientist in your life.

1. Age Range

First, Tinker Crate is best for younger kids. Even though it is marketed to kids aged 9-16 and up, you would want chop a few years off the top end of that age range.

Tinker Crate is really best for kids around 13 and younger. Older teen subscribers might find the illustrations and blueprints too elementary.

2. Durability

One of the cool things about Tinker Crate is that kids can use simple, inexpensive materials to do impressive scientific things.

While these make the project cheap, it equates to lower quality. So, while the knowledge your little genius develops will last through the years... the project they built might not last as long.

Pros vs Cons of Tinker Crate


  • Awesome hands-on projects: Kids learn by doing amazing things.
  • Confidence building activities: TinkerZine challenges kids to stretch their wings.
  • Award-winning products: Tinker Crate's trophy shelf is filling up with awards.


  • Backing out is tough: Long-term subscriptions are prepaid and can only be cancelled at the end of the term.

Tinker Crate Price

Tinker Crate offers several options. Check out the price breakdown below:

ImageSubscription PlanMonthly Price


3 Month$19.95

6 Month$18.50

12 Month$16.95

You can also upgrade to a deluxe subscription to receive a book specially curated for each month's theme for an extra $9.95 per crate.

A short-term subscription is best for starters. Long-term subscriptions are prepaid and can only be canceled after the subscription term is completed.

Tinker Crate Shipping Breakdown

It ships free everywhere in the US, including Hawaii and Alaska. Subscribers stationed oversees can get Tinker Crate with an Army Post Office address.

They also ship everywhere in Canada for an extra $6.95 per month.

Is Tinker Crate worth it?

At less than $20 a month, Tinker Crate is definitely worth the price.

If you have a curious young mind in your midst, this is a great way to challenge them and entertain them month after month.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?

The Crate's Coupon or Promo Code

No coupon currently available.

How to Join the Crate

Signing up for this subscription box is quick and easy.

1. Pick a Line

Once you're on the website you can select from KiwiCo's different subscription options. Each subscription is meant for a different age group, so while you're there check out the boxes for the other curious kids in your life.

2. Select Your Subscription Length

It allows you to choose from a one month, 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month subscription. The longer your subscription the less you pay per month. All subscriptions renew automatically but you can cancel anytime.

3. Personalize the Crate

Amp up your little scientist's excitement by addressing the box to him or her. Add their first and last name to personalize the crate and encourage them to take charge of their own fun and learning.

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In Conclusion

The Tinker Crate reviews are in, and a lot of people are huge fans.

Tinker Crate is one of the few subscription boxes made entirely in-house by experts, and the huge variety of projects and awesome information in TinkerZine make it one of the best subscription boxes for kids.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?


$20 @

Age Range

9 -16+

Box Type

Fun and Educational

Focus Areas

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math



tinker crate 300 x 250

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