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Sprezzabox Review [2020] – Is it worth the price?

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Looking for a clothing subscription to add a touch of style to your professional wardrobe? Before you spend your hard-earned money, read this Sprezzabox review to see if this box is right for you.

New subscription boxes come on the market everyday.


What is Sprezzabox?

According to the Sprezzabox About Us page, sprezza is an Italian term that describes someone who is effortlessly stylish. Fitting, right? Effortless style is behind everything that Sprezzabox does. Every month, Sprezzabox’s stylists hand-pick 5 or 6 fashion and lifestlye items to save you hours of shopping around to keep up with the trends.

Because of this effortless style approach, Sprezzabox helps men stay fashionable without having to revamp their whole wardrobe. After all, fitted shirts and tailored pants never go out of style, but the way you dress them up does. As long as you accessorize well, your existing wardrobe could last you years. 

With items like socks, ties, and sunglasses from new brands and fashion companies, Sprezzabox puts you ahead of the fashion trend without overloading your closetor breaking the bank.

In addition to all the clothing accessories, Sprezzabox is packed with fashionable lifestyle items you can start enjoying immediately. With everything from wallets to wine pourers, Sprezzabox makes everything you do look effortlessly stylish.

At $28 a month, you’d expect Sprezzabox to be high quality. But, with a retail value of over $100 per box, Sprezzabox even makes finding a great deal effortlessly stylish.
Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?

Recent Sprezzabox Boxes

Notice that every box included an item worth more than the cost of that month’s box. For a great preview of Sprezzabox’s hand-picked accessories and incredible value, check out these recent boxes.

ImageProduct NameBest FeaturePrice

The ChelseaThe Chelsea box comes with a $30 anchor-print tie that compliments the corkscrew, coasters, and wine supplies to give you a classy, nautical guy-on-the-go look.$28

The MadisonThe $35 red checkered tie in this box is complimented by the navy pocket square to give this box an all-Amiercan feel.$28

The VeniceThis box’s floral print tie, yellow socks, and green watch band have a bright spring feeling and give this box a retail value of over $129.$28

The EssexThe Essex comes with a $70 navy tie with white speckles – a trendy but unsophisticated style complimented by the pocket flask and cord holder.$28

The BlacklistPerhaps the most formal of the recent boxes, The Blacklist comes with $49 aviator sunglasses, a maroon polka dot power tie, a tie clip, and other accessories to give you a bold, empowered style.$28

The FultonThe Fulton’s $35 wayfarer style sunglasses go perfectly with the earthy colors on this tie to give this box a fun, easygoing style.$28

The HamiltonThe Hamilton’s $45 green and white checkered tie pair perfectly with the accompanying socks, but the lapel flower and slim wallet can be used just about any time.$28

Sprezzabox Review

This Sprezzabox review focuses on the big picture things that make this clothing subscription unique.

First, take a look at the things to love about Sprezzabox and then check out the drawbacks. Here are the pros and cons list to help you make up your mind.

Scroll a little farther to find Sprezzabox’s pricing and shipping options. Also, be sure to take a look at the recent boxes for an idea of the styles and items you can expect each month.

3 Things to Love About Sprezzabox

There is a lot to love about this men’s fashion subscription. Whereas many Sprezzabox reviews focus on the obvious things, like value and number of items…

Focus on the things that set Sprezzabox apart.

Here are 3 things to love about Sprezzabox:

1. Style Made Simple

Sprezzabox makes looking great easy by targeting your accessories. Whereas other clothing subscription companies deal in shirts, pants, and jackets, Sprezzabox works with your existing wardrobe to give you a modern look. 

While you might be motivated to buy a few new shirts to match your new ties, you won’t be building a new wardrobe from scratch. In fact, most of Sprezzabox’s accessories can be worn with the simple outfits that have been a staple of men’s fashion for decades.

2. Discover New Brands

The stylists at Sprezzabox love partnering with new companies in men’s fashion. They constantly research the latest brands and products to find the best accessories for your box.

Not only will you feel good about supporting growing businesses, you’ll look great wearing hard-to-find styles from up and coming companies. Each month’s product guide has links to partner websites so you can go back the brands that make you feel great.

3. Themed Boxes

The first principle of fashion is that everything in your outfit must work together. Each item should complement the whole, or at the very least nothing should stick out like a sore thumb.

Sprezzabox follows this basic style rule by selecting items that work together to create a unique monthly theme. Used together, these items give you a put-together look with just the right attention to detail.

2 Things Not Love about Sprezzabox

Before you buy Sprezzabox for yourself or a friend, there are a few things you should consider. Read through the two drawbacks found during this Sprezzabox review to make sure this box is right for you.

Here are 2 things not to love about Sprezzabox:

1. Scatterbrained Boxes

Sprezzabox’s themes are all over the map. While each individual box has a consistent theme, the styles vary wildly from box to box. Therefore, you’re likely to get a few boxes that don’t fit your personality, style, or workplace.

The good news is that Sprezzabox is in the process of creating a Style Survey for subscribers. Soon you can get get boxes tailored to your individual preferences.

2. Afterthought Items

Each Sprezzabox comes with 5 or 6 items at an incredible discount (often over 75% off). So, with such a great deal, can you really afford to be picky?


Most of the items in your Sprezzabox are highly valuable, stylish products. However, there are occasional items that seem thrown in to meet the quota.

Pros vs Cons of Sprezzabox

Still not sure? Here’s a handy pros and cons list to help you decide.


  • The value of Sprezzabox is hard to beat. The retail value of a box ranges from $103 to $146 but with your subscription you’ll never pay more than $28.
  • Every product is chosen and paired by stylists to make looking great easy.
  • Sprezzabox’s online store allows you to reorder your favorite items or purchase them as gifts for envious friends.


  • Subscription options are limited. You can choose from a recurring monthly subscription or an annual subscription, but nothing in between.
  • Similar items can make the boxes montonous. Every Sprezzabox comes with a pair of socks and a tie, which is awesome if that’s what you want. Guys looking for more variety in their subscription boxes might find this repetitive.

Sprezzabox Price

Sprezzabox has two subscription options. Annual subscribers save $3 a month compared to monthly subscribers, but must pay for the entire 12 months in advance. Check out the table below for more information on the each subscription plan.

ImageSubscription PlanFeaturesMonthly Price

MonthlyBilled monthly. Cancel anytime.$28

Annual$300 billed up front. Cancel anytime for a refund on remaining months.$25

Sprezzabox Shipping Breakdown

Sprezzabox ships everywhere in the US and Canada and internationally to 28 other countries. Taxes and shipping are included in all US memberships. International memberships have an additional shipping charge and may be subject to duty fees.

For more information on shipping destinations and fees, click here.

Is the Sprezzabox worth it?

Sprezzabox’s expert curation and focus on making style simple make this subscription box totally worth the price. All things considered, the retail value of the items plus the time and effort saved make Sprezzabox an incredible value.

This box is perfect for young professionals building a wardrobe on a budget. With only a few fitted shirts and slacks as a base, Sprezzabox’s stylish accessories will have you looking trendy month after month.

Sprezzabox now offers members a way to customize their preferences to suit their style. Sprezzabox is a great gift for recent graduates or for guys who enjoy looking their best.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?

Sprezzabox’s Coupon or Promo Code

There are no promos currently for this box. 

How to Join the box

Joining this monthly box is incredibly easy. After all, the purpose of the box is to make style convenient. It’s the stylists who have their work cut out for them.

Here is how to join Sprezzabox:

1. Select your Plan

The monthly box has two plan options: monthly and annual. The monthly subscription is $28 a month, whereas the annual subscription is $300 at the time of purchase. That works out to $25 a month. Select the plan that works best for your budget and needs.

2. Wait

After you order it’s time to play the waiting game. Orders are processed within 10 business days and shipping within the US typically takes another 3-5 business days. That gives you enough time to clear out the ties you haven’t worn in years and make room for fresh styles.

3. Get Dressed

A few days later your box will arrive stuffed with stylish accessories. The only thing left to do is put them on and look great!

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In Conclusion

A clothing subscription is an undeniably easy way to give new life to your wardrobe… if you can find the right one. You want subscription boxes with great products you’ll actually use, but on the other hand you also want a great value.

Based on this Sprezzabox review, this is without a doubt one of the best subscription boxes for men who care about the way the look and who care about the bottom line.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?

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