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BattlBox – Is it the best survival box for you?

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Survivalists, preppers, and EDC aficionados agree: Battlbox is one of the best subscription boxes on the market.

A good survival box like Battlbox should prepare you for any scenario with great gear and proven knowledge. The expert curators are working hard to do just that.

Find out what all the hype is about and learn how this box can help you get ready for the wild.


What is Battlbox?

Battlbox - What Is Battlbox

Battlbox is a subscription service that specializes in outdoor and survival gear. Every month, their experienced survivalists select items from top brands and innovative new companies to prepare you for a specific scenario or help you build a survival skill.

Each month’s box prepares you for a different Mission, complete with informational videos demonstrating how to properly use your new gear. Some recent Missions include Repair Anything, Day Hike, Self Reliance, and Bug Out Bag. Stick with them long enough and you’ll be prepared for anything life can throw at you.

It has four subscription options ranging from $24.99 a month to $149.99 a month, allowing you to find the plan that fits your budget and still satisfies your new gear cravings. Each plan includes all the items from the lower levels, plus a few additional items. You can find a full breakdown of the different options in our in-depth review.

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Recent Battlbox Boxes/Items

Battlbox - Recent Battlbox BoxesItems

To get a better idea of what you can expect, check out a recent box. Mission 42: Tracking Box. We’ll take a look at the Pro Plus plan, which includes all the items from every subscription level. Pay attention to subscription level for each item to get an idea of what’s included in each.

ImageProduct NameDescriptionPrice
Battlbox - SAS Tracking HandbookSAS Tracking Handbook (Basic)Learn the basics of tracking with techniques both new and modern.$12.99
Battlbox - UST Learn and Live Tracking CardsUST Learn and Live Tracking Cards (Basic)These playing cards double as flash cards, with animal tracks and facts on each.$3.99
Battlbox - Animal Tracks Casting KitAnimal Tracks Casting Kit (Basic)Make casts of all the interesting tracks you find. Decorate the man cave or use them to pass on your knowledge.$9.50
Battlbox - Wazoo Tracking Field Kit (W.T.F.) BandanaWazoo Tracking Field Kit (W.T.F.) Bandana (Basic)Rugged bandana printed with labeled animal tracks.$14.00
Battlbox - FireTacks Reflective Trail MarkersFireTacks Reflective Trail Markers (Basic)Mark your path so you can always find your way out, even in the dark. Reflective sides catch even low light to help find your way.$4.50
Battlbox - BattlTac Dual Flagging Tape DispenserBattlTac Dual Flagging Tape Dispenser (Advanced)Reflective tape allows you to mark signs as you track, or cordon off an area to keep it from being disturbed.$19.99
Battlbox - Barska Lucid Compact Binoculars 8×21Barska Lucid Compact Binoculars 8×21 (Advanced)Compact binoculars with carrying case are perfect for hiking.$14.99
Battlbox - Survival First Tracking KitSurvival First Tracking Kit (Pro)Keep all your tracking gear in one place. Includes flashlight, measuring tape, compass, and more.$24.95
Battlbox - NightShade 520HL Tracking HeadlampNightShade 520HL Tracking Headlamp (Pro)Ultra-bright headlamp with multiple settings. Illuminates up to 100 yards with impressive battery life. Takes AAAs.$44.95
Battlbox - TOPS Knives Tom Brown Tracker #4TOPS Knives Tom Brown Tracker #4 (Pro Plus)6.5” fixed blade knife works for skinning game but is small enough to be EDC.$120

Battlbox Review

Battlbox - Battlbox Review

Any decent survivalist knows that one must analyze a situation before taking action. While choosing a subscription box might not be a survival situation, you should still consider your options before spending your money.

Before you click subscribe, check out our in-depth review. We discuss the best and worst aspects of this survival box, take a close look at the subscription options, and ultimately try to decide if the box is worth the price.

Pros vs Cons of Battlbox

Battlbox - Pros Vs Cons Of Battlbox

For a quick overview of our review, check out the pros and cons below. Use them to see if the box is right for you.


  • Online Store – Reorder items you love as a gift for a friend, or find the best items you missed from earlier boxes.
  • Mission Card – With equipment this technical it’s good to have a guide. Each box comes with a Mission Card with an explanation of piece of gear.
  • Skip Anytime – Subscription can get pricey, especially at the higher levels. You can skip a box anytime to help offset the cost.


  • Shipping – Unlike many services that offer a flat rate (or totally free shipping), the cost of shipping with this box depends on where you live, so some subscribers will pay more than others.
  • Value at Lower Tiers – The Basic subscription comes with 3-7 items whose total price is certainly greater than the $24.99 subscription price, but the worthwhile gear is only available at higher levels.
  • Variable Boxes – Even though I love the themed boxes, some Missions are so niche they are bound to go unused by many subscribers.

Battlbox Coupon or Promo Code

Battlbox - Battlbox Coupon Or Promo Code

No coupon currently available.

How to Join the Battlbox: # of Steps

Joining is simple. Follow these steps to start getting the best survival gear delivered right to your doorstep.

Here are 3 simple steps to join Battlbox:

Step 1: Pick Your Box

Battlbox - How To Join The Battlbox Step 1 Pick Your Battlbox

Select from four subscription options. Since the box comes with some dangerous tools, you’ll have to confirm your age and agree to Terms and Conditions.

Step 2: Enter Your Info

Battlbox - How To Join The Battlbox Step 2 Enter Your Info

This is the step where you find out how much shipping will cost you.

Step 3: Complete Your Missions

Battlbox - How To Join The Battlbox Step 3 Complete Your Missions

Before long you’ll be receiving your boxes and getting ready to face any challenge.

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In Conclusion

Battlbox is making it easier than ever to gear up for the outdoors. Whether you’re an avid survivalist, a new prepper, or a casual outdoorsman, the gear and knowledge in these subscription boxes is sure to add to your skillset.

Be ready for anything with a survival box from Battlbox.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?



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