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Knife Box – Is it the best knife box for you?

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Knife Box is a subscription service for all those who love pointy things. They offer 5 different subscription boxes, all focused on different kinds of blades used for different purposes.

Today, take a peek inside this survival box and decide if this knife box is right for you.


What is the Knife Box?

knife box - what is knife box
Knife Box is a monthly subscription service that focuses on blades with unique designs in all shapes and sizes. With five subscription options, you can choose the plan that fits your budget and packs the blades you collect.

Here’s a quick summary of your options:

    • Knife Box – The flagship subscription of this service, Knife Box is a plain and simple KOTM box. Subscribers receive one knife a month for $17.95 with free shipping in the US.
    • CS:GO Box – Inspired by the game Counter Strike: Global Offensive, this box comes with one knife combat style knife, such as a karambit, balisong, or fixed blade, every month for $26.95 with free shipping in the US.
    • Sword Box – This box comes with an 18-27 inch sword and an occasional bonus like a pair throwing knives. You can be ready to fight zombies, bushwack through the jungle, or follow William Wallace into battle for $34.95 a month plus shipping.
    • Axe Box – Axe Box comes with 1-2 stylized hatchets, tomahawks, or axes each month for $34.95 plus shipping.
    • Tactical Box – This box comes with 5-6 collectible items hand-chosen by their crew. With this subscription you can expect to receive knives, brass knuckles, throwing stars, and small axes for $59.95 a month plus shipping.

Obviously this box specializes in dangerous items, so you must be 18 to join. Also, be sure to check your state’s laws concerning which blades are legal to carry and own.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?

Recent Knife Box Boxes/Items

knifebox - recent items
To get an idea of what you can expect from the various subscription levels, take a look at the table below. KnifeBox went with a blue theme for the month of August and featured blades from Buckshot Knives, Wartech USA, and Biohazard Zombie Survival Gear.

ImageProduct NameDescriptionPrice
knifebox - august knife boxAugust KnifeBoxA straight-edge locking blade from Buckshot Knives.$17.95
knifebox - csgoAugust CS:GO BoxA fixed blade karambit from Wartech USA with a spiderweb design.$26.95
knifebox - sword boxAugust Sword BoxDouble-edged sword with paracord handle from Biohazard Apocalypse Survival Gear.$34.95
knifebox - august tactical boxAugust Tactical BoxAn assortment of knives from Wartech USA and Buckshot Knives.$59.95

Knife Box Review

knifebox -review
There are lots of great survival boxes on the market, so before you subscribe you need to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

For an overview, check out the pros and cons of the box in the table below.

Pros vs Cons of Knife Box

knifebox - proscons
A simple pros and cons list is a great way to make a final decision. Check out the list below and see how they match up to your priorities.


  • Starting at $17.95, the monthly subscription price is one of the lowest on the market. If the price is your most important factor, this box is worth considering.
  • The box’s unique blades come in every blade type, shape, and even color. They’ll make an attractive addition to any collection.


  • This box doesn’t give subscribers any information about the brands they carry or the individual knives they ship.
  • The box’s loose packaging allows the knives to move around in transit.

Knife Box Coupon or Promo Code

Spreeza Box - Sprezzabox Coupon Or Promo Code

There are no promos currently for this box. 

How to Join the Knife Box

knifebox - how to join

Joining is a simple process. Follow these 3 steps to start enjoying a new blade every month.

Here is how to join the knife box:

1. Select a box

knifebox - select a box
Choose from one of the box’s 5 subscription options based on how much you want to spend and what kind of blades you crave.

2. Enter your info

knifebox - enter your info
Once you’ve added your box to your cart, enter your billing and shipping information. Your card will be automatically billed every month.

3. Unbox

knifebox - unbox
The box ships on the 15th of every month. Find something sharp to open your first box, but you’ll be sure to have a blade on hand for every box that follows.

More Great Subscription Boxes

Check out our descriptions of these other great survival and tactical subscription boxes to see how this box stacks up.

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In Conclusion

For a pure and simple KOTM subscription, Knife Box is a solid option. Their affordable subscription boxes ship unique blades, swords, and axes right to your door each month. It’s a pretty cool survival box for knife collectors and those who love to keep their blades on display.


$17 @

Box Options

Knife Box, Tactical Box, Axe Box, Sword Box, CS:GO Box

Best Use

Blade Collecting

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