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Battlbox Review – Is it worth the price?

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Survivalists never jump into a situation unprepared, and with our Battlbox review you’ll be armed with all the information you need to decide if this survival box is worth it.

Battlbox wants to prepare men (yes, men… more on that later) for whatever life throws at them. With expertly curated tactical gear and EDC items, these subscription boxes aren’t just cool…

They could save your life.

Read the complete Battlbox review to be fully prepared before you click subscribe.


What is Battlbox?

battl box review - what is battlbox
Battlbox is a survival and outdoor gear subscription service. Hardcore survivalists and preppers will love the expert curation and range of products Battlbox has to offer.

Each Battlbox is based on a theme, or Mission, and is filled with gear to help you survive and thrive. With Missions ranging from Repair Anything to Active Shooter/Mass Casualty Response, Battlbox is out to help subscribers be prepared when life takes unexpected turns.

I found some of the products immediately useful… things like daypacks, hydration kits, and knives. But Battlbox is also one of the few subscription boxes that has items you’ll hope you never have to use, but you’ll be glad to have in an emergency.

In addition to typical survival and outdoor gear, Battlbox frequently includes accessories for firearms.

One of the things I really liked about Battlbox is the four subscription options. This way, you get to decide how much to spend based on how much gear you crave. I have a full breakdown of the different options and their prices further down in our Battlbox review.

Now that you know the basics, scroll through our Battlbox review to find all the info you need to decide if this is the box for you.

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Recent Battlbox Boxes/Items

battlbox review - recent items
For this Battlbox review, I took a close look at Mission 42: Tracking Box. This box is geared toward helping you learn tracking skills and outfitting you with all the gear you’ll need to follow game through the wilderness.

I reviewed the Pro Plus level, which costs $149.99 a month. The Pro Plus Tracking Box had a total value of $269.86. Pay attention to the items that come with each membership tier so you can get an idea of the items included at different levels.

ImageProduct NameBest FeaturePrice
battlbox review - SAS Tracking Handbook1SAS Tracking Handbook


Learn the basics of tracking with techniques both new and modern.$12.99
battlbox review - UST Learn and Live Tracking Cards1UST Learn and Live Tracking Cards


These playing cards double as flash cards, with animal tracks and facts on each.$3.99
battlbox review - Animal Tracks Casting Kit1Animal Tracks Casting Kit


Make casts of all the interesting tracks you find. Decorate the man cave or use them to pass on your knowledge.$9.50
battlbox review - Wazoo Tracking Field Kit (W.T.F.) Bandana1Wazoo Tracking Field Kit (W.T.F.) Bandana


Rugged bandana printed with labeled animal tracks.$14.00
battlbox review - FireTacks Reflective Trail Markers1FireTacks Reflective Trail Markers


Mark your path so you can always find your way out, even in the dark. Reflective sides catch even low light to help find your way.$4.50
battlbox review - BattlTac Dual Flagging Tape Dispenser1BattlTac Dual Flagging Tape Dispenser


Reflective tape allows you to mark signs as you track, or cordon off an area to keep it from being disturbed.$19.99
battlbox review - Barska Lucid Compact Binoculars 8x211Barska Lucid Compact Binoculars 8×21


Compact binoculars with carrying case are perfect for hiking.$14.99
battlbox review - Survival First Tracking Kit1Survival First Tracking Kit


Keep all your tracking gear in one place. Includes flashlight, measuring tape, compass, and more.$24.95
battlbox review - NightShade 520HL Tracking Headlamp1NightShade 520HL Tracking Headlamp


Ultra-bright headlamp with multiple settings. Illuminates up to 100 yards with impressive battery life. Takes AAAs.$44.95
battlbox review - TOPS Knives Tom Brown Tracker #41TOPS Knives Tom Brown Tracker #4

(Pro Plus)

6.5” fixed blade knife works for skinning game but is small enough to be EDC.$120

Battlbox Review

battlbox review - review
Battlbox is one of the premier brands when it comes to outdoor subscription services. We wanted to find out if they’re worth the hype, so this Battlbox review takes a close look at the things that are most important to you.

I’ll discuss the things I love about Battlbox, as well as the stuff I was less impressed with. I’ll also give you a list of pros and cons and explain how pricing works.

Survival gear needs to function when everything else falls apart, and you need to know you can rely on your gear and the people you get it from. Keep reading to see if Battlbox is right for you.

Why We Love the Battlbox: 3 Reasons

battlbox review - why we love battlbox1
Battlbox is one of the biggest subscription boxes in the outdoor industry, and that kind of thing doesn’t happen on accident. These outdoorsmen are doing some pretty cool stuff.

Here are 3 reasons we love Battlbox:

1. Product Videos

battlbox review - product video
Survival gear is no good if you don’t know how to use it. Battlbox wants you to be prepared for anything, so with each Mission they release a series of videos explaining each product and demonstrating how to use it. </b

2. New Brands and Industry Favorites

battlbox review - new brands
Survival equipment needs to work every time, and the best survival brands develop some pretty loyal followers. That’s why you’ll find items from Gerber, Kershaw, Backpacker’s Pantry, Hyrdapak, and more in your Battlbox.

But that’s not to say that there aren’t new brands doing amazing things in the outdoor industry. The curators at Battlbox know how to find great new brands you may never have heard of… and they even have their own line of Battlbox products.

3. Themed Boxes

battlbox review - themed boxes
One of our favorite things about Battlbox are the monthly themes, aka Missions. Each month’s Battlbox is meant to equip you for a particular scenario or help you build a certain skill, and all the items within relate to that box’s Mission.

Take Mission 42 for example, the Tracking Box. I’ll have a full breakdown of each product further down in this Battlbox review that shows how every item at every subscription level is geared towards teaching you tracking and outfitting you with the gear you need.

Things We Don’t Love about Battlbox: 2 Drawbacks

battlbox review - drawbacks 1
Experienced survivalists are able to take in their surroundings and quickly analyze the problems they’re facing.

I tried to take the same approach to Battlbox’s service and report back to you the problems I found. Just like in a survival scenario, I want you to have all the information you need to make the best decisions.

Here are 2 drawbacks of Battlbox:

1. Branding

battlbox review - branding
Recent studies show that women spend billions of dollars on outdoor and active gear every year, and are increasingly active outside.

Unfortunately, Battlbox is excluding themselves from that market. The home page proudly proclaims that this is “not your girlfriend’s box,” but I can’t help but wonder why. From a purely business perspective, excluding half the population seems like a misstep.

Women adventurers need knives, packs, sleeping bags, and first-aid kits – and based on my 5+ years working in the outdoor industry, products don’t need to be pink for women to buy them. If Battlbox tapped into that market they could afford to offer better shipping options and a better overall value to all customers.

2. Usability

battlbox review - usability
Another drawback I found with Battlbox was the usability of some of their items. While many of the items fall into the EDC category or have various practical uses, others seem destined for storage.

Subscribers want to receive items they can put to use immediately, and one of the drawbacks to Battlbox’s Mission setup is that some scenarios rarely… if ever… come around. Hardcore preppers and those with spacious gear closets may appreciate these items, but the average consumer might be disappointed with the amount of gear they rarely… if ever… use.

Pros vs Cons of Battlbox

battlbox review - proscons

If the things I loved and the drawbacks I found weren’t enough for you to make a decision, check out these Battlbox pros and cons.

Ultimately, the choice to subscribe is yours, but I hope this list of pros and cons helps you make an informed decision. Read through and decide how important each of these factors is for you.

Here are the pros and cons of Battlbox:


  • Online Store – Reorder items you love as a gift for a friend, or find the best items you missed from earlier boxes.
  • Mission Card – With equipment this technical it’s good to have a guide. Each Battlbox comes with a Mission Card with an explanation of piece of gear.
  • Skip Anytime – A Battlbox subscription can get pricey, especially at the higher levels. You can skip a box anytime to help offset the cost.


  • Shipping – Unlike many services that offer a flat rate (or totally free shipping), the cost of shipping with Battlbox depends on where you live, so some subscribers will pay more than others.
  • Value at Lower Tiers – Battlbox’s Basic subscription comes with 3-7 items whose total price is certainly greater than the $24.99 subscription price, but the worthwhile gear is only available at higher levels.
  • Variable Boxes – Even though I love the themed boxes, some Missions are so niche they are bound to go unused by many subscribers.

Battlbox Price

battlbox review - price1
With four different subscription levels, Battlbox has something for everyone from the adventurer on a budget to the big spending gear-head.

Check out the price breakdown and description of each level below.

battlbox review - BasicBasic3-7 items a month. Mainly manuals, first-aid supplies, and small tools.$24.99
AdvancedAll the items from the Basic box, plus 1-3 higher value items. Includes camp equipment, hiking gear, and EDC items.$49.99
ProAll items from lower tiers, plus 1-2 high value items like packs, bags, and tents.$99.99
Pro PlusIncludes items from lower tiers, plus the Knife of the Month.$149.99

Battlbox Shipping Breakdown

battlbox review - shipping
Battlbox ships to all 50 States and Canada. As noted in the Cons, the price of shipping depends on where you live. The only way to be sure is to enter your shipping information at checkout, but plan to play somewhere around $10 per shipment.

Is Battlbox worth it?

battlbox review - is it worth it
For many outdoorsmen, Battlbox is the ultimate subscription. The high quality survival gear and variety of Missions earn this box the high praise from survivalists, preppers, and EDC lovers.

That’s why I was surprised to realize that Battlbox really isn’t worth it.

My first issue is the items available at the Basic subscription level are not worth subscribing to. Some of them are cool and useful, but I wouldn’t spend money on many of them. The next subscription level is double the price, and comes with just one or two additional items.

Secondly, as an avid outdoorsman myself, looking through past boxes of Battlbox convinced me that I would never use most of the items. Sometimes that’s because the items are very niche, like accessories to specific firearms, and sometimes it’s because, as cool as they might be, they aren’t worth the added weight to my pack.

As an alternative to Battlbox, check out Crate Club. Their gear is hand picked by Spec Ops vets who understand what equipment is essential and which isn’t. Like Battlbox, they also have various subscription levels, but they offer discounts when you sign up for a 6 or 12-month subscription.

Battlbox suits me best as an online store. You can purchase the truly awesome gear they sell and bypass the unnecessaries.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?

More Great Survival Subscription Boxes

If you’re still looking for a box to meet all your survival needs, check out some of these great options below.

  1. Check out what the Spec Ops vets at Crate Club picked out for you.
  2. The ultimate subscription for cool pointy things: Knife Box

In Conclusion

Ultimately, I decided that Battlbox wasn’t worth the price, but I know that puts me at odds with many very experienced outdoorsmen.

Hopefully this Battlbox review helped you make up your mind about whether this survival box is right for you. With all the subscription boxes on the market, you can afford to be choosy.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?

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