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Tacpack – Is it the best survival box for you?

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Tacpack is the original subscription box for survival enthusiasts and “2A” advocates who need to be ready to fend off invaders during the next apocalypse, zombie or otherwise, on a monthly basis. They negotiate bulk prices on firearm and survival accessories and deliver them right to your doorstep.

Is this one of the right survival boxes for you? Let’s take a look and see if this is the box that’s going to keep you alive during the next media hyped crisis situation.


What is Tacpack?

tackpack - what is tacpack
Tacpack is a monthly, no-frills, curated box of new and emerging tactical items, upgrades, and useful everyday carry (EDC) items for you to try out.

Each month the guys at Tacpack negotiate with manufacturers to deliver approximately $80 to as high as $130 worth of gear to your doorstep for $50. The value of the box varies because the manufacturers vary, and the gear provided will vary.

The company do all the negotiating, so there isn’t a ton of choice in what you receive each month. In fact, there’s no choice. You get what you get, but you can go back and buy a previous month’s box if you so desire, and they have the box in stock.

When I say it is a no-frills situation, I mean it. It seems to be part of the company’s philosophy.

We’re not going to insult your intelligence with little icons or pictures to explain it. Despite what the media says, you can be Pro-2A and be intelligent.

So you’re buying a bit into the company’s pro second amendment philosophy as well. Most of their tactical upgrades are focused on modifications to the ever popular AR-15 rifle.

With more than 15 million AR-15s in circulation in America and 20% of all firearm purchases being AR-15s, they’re able to get great discounts on emerging modifications.

If you don’t have an AR-15, they do have a contest to win one so that your box has more bang for the buck.

In addition to the meat of the box, the tactical gear, there are other pieces of survival gear like knives, tools, and cords. They also include everyday items that fit in with the 2A culture like branded coffee tumblers, novelty items, patches, shirts, etc.

One quick note on the monthly frequency before we dive right in. When going back through the past boxes, there aren’t any listed between June 2017 – June 2018. So, for a year, we’re not sure if no boxes were delivered or if they just aren’t listing any from that period on the website.

On the frequency consistency, your mileage may vary.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?

Recent Tacpack Boxes/Items

tackpack - items
With this box, you’re relying entirely on the negotiating skills of the team at Tacpack. To get an idea of their track record and what they’ve done with past boxes, take a gander at the table below to see if you’re into picking up what they’re putting down.

I’ve picked a smattering of boxes they still have available if you’re feeling like you’re in the buy before you try mood.

ImageProduct NameBest FeaturePrice
Tackpack - september 2018September 2018556 Tactical Muzzle Device – Minimal weight designed to reduce muzzle rise.$55
Tackpack - july 2018July 2018SOG Karambit Fixed Blade Knife – Super durable and concealable.$40
Tackpack - june 2018June 2018Complete AR-15 Modification Kit$68
Tackpack - may 2017May 2017Hexmag Blaster Pack$60
Tackpack - april 2017April 2017Armaspec Titanium TakeDown Pins$40

Tacpack Review

tackpack - review
The Internet is full of tactical gear and monthly tactical boxes, so it is important to know you’re getting your money’s worth.

Before dropping a dime on any tactical subscription box make sure you check out our in-depth review here. We break down everything we love about the box, and honestly, everything we could do without to make sure our readers are making the right tactical call.

Pros vs Cons of Tacpack

tackpack - proscons


  • High-quality, top of the line, gear for $50.
  • Heavily discounted wholesale prices. It looks like you really are getting steep discounts passed on to the subscriber with this box.
  • Past boxes available for purchase. If they’ve got the box in stock they’ll sell it to you.
  • Grab bags. When there is random gear left over, they package it together at pricing that must be close to losing money.
  • No contracts or commitments. Subscribe the month before, cancel with an email before you’re charged on the 20th. Simple.


  • Lack of choice. You get what you get.
  • Curated upgrades may not fit your stock gear. Since you don’t know what’s coming ahead of time, there’s no way to know if you should opt-out or cancel before your box arrives.
  • Recent boxes don’t have reviews or descriptions. Older boxes have reviews and pricing guides, so it’d be nice to see this on all boxes uniformly.

Tacpack Coupon or Promo Code

tackpack - code

There is no current coupon or promo code from Tacpack.

How to Join the Tacpack: 3 Steps

tackpack - how to
Sticking with the no-frills, no contract, no problem membership philosophy, joining is easy.

Here are the 3 easy steps to join Tacpack.

Step #1 Click Subscribe

tackpack - step 1
Click one of the yellow “Subscribe Now” buttons throughout the site or the “SUBSCRIBE” menu item on the site’s masthead.

Step #2 Enter Your Info

tackpack - step 3
Enter your shipping and billing formation. Remember you’re going to be billed on the 20th of each month.

Step #3 Unbox Your Gear

tackpack - step 3
The team at tacpack will ship your box in the middle of the month, so be on the lookout for your tactical and survival gear.

More Great Survival Box Reviews

Tacpack isn’t the only subscription box with tactical and survival gear, and it may not be your cup of tea. Check out these other boxes to see if they’re to your liking.

  1. Battlbox has four different subscription levels to help strike the right price for your wallet.
  2. Take a look at another survival box with our Crate Club review.
  3. The SHTF Survival box will send you gear that will keep you safe when it really hits the fan!

In Conclusion

The gang at Tacpack have spent a good deal of time and effort negotiating excellent wholesale prices on firearm accessories, everyday carry, and survival gear for their subscribers.

The subscription plan itself is pretty simple and straightforward, you get what they negotiate on your behalf. There aren’t any choices or different plans to complicate matters. This is kind of a double edged sword as we discussed earlier.

While we have a few concerns with the website’s interface, box valuation, and delivery questions, this very well could be the box for you. If you’re a firearm or 2A enthusiast, this is a great monthly box. If you’re not, it may make sense to look at one of the other survival boxes we’ve reviewed.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?



$50 @

Subscription Type

Monthly Tactical Box

Number of Items

Between 4 – 8 significant items per box

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AR-15 Giveaway Contest

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