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Geek Fuel [2019] – Is this the best geek box?

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Geek Fuel has licensed merch from all your favorite fandoms. Find out how stocking up can give you the boost you need to maintain that (not so) secret identity.

After all, every hero has a source he or she draws on for strength: light from the yellow Sun, power from the spirit world, deep convictions, intelligence, or pure grit. Subscription boxes from Geek Fuel can give you the strength to find the remarkable in the mundane.

I know, it sounds a little lofty for nerd gear – but if you’re a subscription boxes geek you know that the right box is the ultimate tool in your utility belt. Possibly even more important than your Shark Repellent Bat Spray.


What is Geek Fuel?

geek fuel - what is geek fuel
Geek Fuel is the ultimate source of collectibles from every corner of Geekdom. Whether you’re into retro video games, cult cartoons, graphic novels, or pop culture film and fantasy, it has exclusive merch from all your fandoms.

They recently made the switch from monthly subscriptions to quarterly subscriptions, allowing them to fill your box with higher quality collectibles and merchandise – all licensed and 100% exclusive to Geek Fuel EXP.

That means each box has less filler and more goods you can’t find anywhere else. As you’ll see in the Recent Boxes section below, that results in some pretty awesome stuff.

So, rather than paying $30 a month, plus shipping, for a mixed bag of goods – you can pay $57 plus shipping every three months… and get a box filled with awesome loot guaranteed to be worth over $100.

Check out the three subscription plans:

  • Quarterly Plan – $57 + $8 shipping and handling. Renews every three months, cancel any time.
  • 2 Quarter Plan – $55 + $8 shipping and handling per quarter. Renews every six months.
  • Annual Plan – $53 + $8 shipping and handling per quarter. Includes a bonus exclusive collectible figure ($15 value) and, for a limited time, a bonus box worth $50. Renews every year.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?

Recent Geek Fuel Boxes/ Items

geek fuel - recent items
Geek Fuel only recently made the jump to Geek Fuel EXP, their quarterly subscription service, so we’ll take a look at the first box since the switch: Geek Fuel EXP vol. 1.

Check out the items in the table below for an idea of what they have in store for you. Normally we’d list the retail price of each individual item, but with every item being an EXP exclusive, there is no retail price to list. Still, if you’re any good at The Price is Right, you should be able to tell right away this box is worth at least $100.

ImageProduct NameBest FeaturePrice
geek fuel - wade-y bunch t shirtThe Wade-y Bunch T-ShirtThe Merc with a Mouth shows off his range in this cotton T.$15
geek fuel - burger makin apronBob’s Burger Makin’ ApronThe whole Bob’s Burgers crew can help you man the grill… without all the usual distractions.$20
geek fuel - pizza cutterCowabunga Pizza CutterRaphael couldn’t cut ask for a cleaner cut than this Sai-inspired pizza cutter provides.$15-20
geek fuel - night king titansNight King Titans Vinyl FigureBe ready for Winter with this exclusive glow in the dark Night King figure.$5-10
geek fuel - Wolverine #1 Comic Cover CanvasWolverine #1 Comic Cover CanvasDecorate your walls with the origin of one of Marvel’s most beloved characters… don’t worry, it’s not X-Men Origins.$15-20
geek fuel - chronicle of the forceLEGO Star Wars “Chronicle of the Force” Collectible Book and FigureLEGO and Star Wars just go together. Now they can go on your bookshelf.$12-17
geek fuel - pin palzPlanet of the Apes Pin PalzDecorate your jacket or book bag with high-quality enamel pins.$15-20

Geek Fuel Review

geek fuel - review
Before you subscribe, you need to be sure what you’re getting is worth the investment.

In our in-depth Geek Fuel Review we’ll tell you the things we loved most about this box, as well as the stuff we don’t love about the service. Ultimately decide if it is worth the price and give you all the information you need to make that decision for yourself.

For an overview of our in-depth review, check out the pros and cons in the table below.

Pros vs Cons of Geek fuel

Spreeza Box - Pros Vs Cons Of Sprezzabox
Compare their pros and cons with your own priorities to help you decide if Geek Fuel EXP deserves a spot in your secret lair.


  • It has an incredible variety of items from every universe, dimension, and reality.
  • With the quarterly subscription they focus on high quality items and eliminate the filler that dominates so many monthly subscription boxes.
  • Their $100 value guarantee and EXP exclusive items means you’re getting the most bang for your buck.


  • From a purely financial standpoint, $57 can seem like a lot to spend on one box. It helps knowing the quality of the items, but if the bottom line is important to you this can be a con.
  • Although we love the variety, nerd culture is so vast you’re sure to get merch from franchises you’re not interested in. We wish there was an option to customize a profile and select interests.

Geek Fuel Coupon or Promo Code

Spreeza Box - Sprezzabox Coupon Or Promo Code

There are no promos currently for this box. 

How to Join the Geek Fuel: 4 Steps

geek fuel - how to join
Joining is super easy, even if there are several steps. We believe in you.

Here are 4 steps to join this box:

Step 1: Select a Plan.

geek fuel - select a plan
Choose from a Quarterly, 2-Quarter, or Annual Subscription.

Step 2: Select T-Shirt Size.

geek fuel - t shirt size
This geek box also includes a lot of sweet shirts, and you need to be sure they fit!

Step 3: Enter Shipping and Billing Details

geek fuel - shipping and billing details
Standard online-shopping type stuff.

Step 4: Geek Out.

geek fuel - geek out
Once your Geek Fuel box arrives you can start decorating your home, office, or self with merch from your favorite books, movies, games, and cartoons.

More Great Geek Subscription boxes

Check out these other great geek subscription boxes and see how they compare to this box.

  1. 1UP Box has geek gear from various media with a particular focus on gaming.
  2. Loot Crate has a subscription for whatever aspect of nerd culture you’re into.
  3. Imagine coming home from Comic Con with a box of goodies… that Super Geek Box.

In Conclusion

Even with all the subscription boxes on the market, the exclusive items and great value of Geek Fuel make it stand out from the crowd.

Sure, its not perfect…But from one subscription boxes geek to another – actually, from one plain old geek to another – Geek Fuel is a really sweet collection of merchandise from everything you nerd out over.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?



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