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Super Geek Box – Is it a great geek monthly box?

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Super Geek Box is one of the little subscription boxes that could. It is a subscription box designed by geeks and designed for the subscription boxes geek in your life.

But do they hit their mark? There are certainly enough nostalgia arcades popping up begging for your gaming budget. Is this box a must?

To be fair, they’ve had some fits and starts with their business model, so let’s take a deeper dive and see if this is the right subscription box to highlight your inner nerd.


What is Super Geek Box?

super geek box - what is super geek
Super Geek Box is a fairly straightforward subscription box centered around games, movies, comics, and just about anything else you might find a panel discussing at Comic-Con. That is to say, it’s for nerds and by nerds.

Each quarter, or thereabouts (their website suggests generally every three months), they aim to ship you a box of accessories worth around $100. One big caveat, they’re picking everything in the box. You’re getting everything blind. So, be forewarned.

The “Prime” box will set you back $56 plus $10 shipping and handling. So you should be getting roughly 40% off retail, which isn’t bad, assuming that retail price checks out.

The items in the box range from wearable clothing, to games, puzzles, plush collectibles, key chains, water bottles, and generally quite a bit of swag that may or may not be worth it. You’re really looking at a hodgepodge of items, both in terms of quality and collectibility.

The quality of the items included is an interesting question to explore. The box includes both licensed items that you’d expect, as well as some off license items that you may not expect to be in a box described as “prime.” Not that there’s anything wrong with off license goods, but in terms of collectibility, off license is certainly not going to fetch premium value.

That said, the off license items in the box we explored were pretty cool wearables. Two pairs of socks modeled after the ghosts from Pac Man aren’t going to fetch a pretty penny at resale, but, speaking as a sock guy, they are certainly going to find their way into my normal rotation. So, as for off-license items, as with most anything else, your mileage may vary.

The licensed items are pretty standard fare and should be easy enough to price out to determine retail value. So, are you really getting $100 worth of stuff? Maybe. The box we looked at was at least $80, when looked at through a conservative lens.

Each box is only open for order for a certain period of time. It looks like this is so they know how many orders they have and can then go and negotiate prices for the items that will eventually find their way into the box. They seem to need about a month’s lead time to make this project happen.

One quick note on the quarterly delivery. It looks like there used to be $30 monthly box, but has since scaled back to quarterly. The monthly box is no longer on offer and only the “prime” quarterly box is available. Which is probably okay. I’m not sure, outside the couple big items in the box, you’d really want all the extra fluff that fills out a box on a monthly basis.

Not sure if there wasn’t enough interest, or the numbers didn’t work, or what, but now we’re looking at just the quarterly delivery.

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Recent Super Geek Box Items

super geek box - items
Now, with Super Geek Box, you’re relying on the team to pick out what goes into your quarterly box. It feels a bit like you’re getting a swag box that celebrities would get at an awards show. Except its for nerds. And it costs $60.

But it is what it is, so let’s look at some of the recent items we could find. They seem to just be starting out with their quarterly delivery, so past boxes are a bit sparse at the moment.

ImageProduct NameBest FeaturePrice
super geek box - tritanTritan 20 ounce Water Bottle – Star Wars (Fall 2018)20 ounce branded water bottle with straw.$11
super geek box - puzzlePOP! Marvel Puzzle (Fall 2018)1000 piece puzzle featuring marvel characters.$9
super geek box - mini plushiesFunco Mystery Starwars Mini Plushies (Fall 2018)Mystery plush collectible keychain.$2

Super Geek Box Review

super geek box - review

The internet abounds with places for nerds to drop their coin, so we want to make sure that you’re getting every penny’s worth.

Let’s take a high-level look at this geek box with the list of it’s pros and cons.

Pros Vs Cons of Super Geek Box

super geek box - proscons

If rom coms have taught me anything its:

  1. Never bet against Tom Hanks, and
  2. A good pros and cons list can solve just about any question, so let’s take a look.


  • Some solid collectible items.
  • Quarterly delivery feels about right.
  • Excellent brands and franchises represented.


  • Lack of choice in what you get.
  • Some items really do feel like filler. Super Geek Box branded buttons with video game characters on them. I’m not even sure how they get around the copyright issues there.
  • Off license items are hit or miss and aren’t of real monetary value.
  • No Free Shipping (Call it the Amazon factor, but we’re spoiled on shipping these days).
  • Kind of expensive.
  • Website felt kind of janky.

Super Geek Box Coupon or Promo Code

super geek box - promo code

There is no current promo or coupon code.

How to Join Super Geek Box

super geek box - how to

Since they seem to just be starting up again with the quarterly delivery, getting on-board is extremely simple and straightforward. There aren’t any bells, whistles, or frills to get in between you and your box of swag.

Here’s how to join Super Geek Box:

1. Click “Select” or “Subscribe.”

super geek box - step 1
The inconsistency here is another issue with the website. It just doesn’t feel well built. I feel like a half an hour with a WordPress theme would have been a better execution. Either way, click the big Select or Subscribe button. Either one will get you to the next step in the process.

2. Create Your Account

super geek box - step 2
Enter your email and create a password to create your account.

3. Checkout

super geek box - step 3
Pretty simple checkout process. Enter your payment details (there is an SSL Certificate on the website, so at least I feel a little better about entering payment details), as well as your shipping information.

That’s it. There really isn’t much more to it than that. Perhaps in the future, there will be more options if they grow, but right now, it’s pretty spartan.

More Great Subscription Boxes

We’re not quite sure if Super Geek Box is really ready for prime time just yet. Well, considering they went from monthly to quarterly, I’m not sure they are either. Anyway, if they aren’t the box for you, we’ve taken a look at several other boxes with similar offerings that might be up your alley.

  1. Zox is an established monthly box for tv, gaming, and other nerdly memorabilia.
  2. Lootaku is a box that has a variety of collections to choose from.
  3. Do you like the internet’s most adorable cat? Well, Pusheen box has you covered with collectible items quarterly.

In Conclusion

As subscription boxes go, Super Geek Box is pretty straightforward. They are aiming to be the box for nerds, by nerds, and in that mission, they largely succeed. With their mix of licensed and off license items, they are really creating a pretty good mix of collectibles you won’t touch, and cool items you can actually use regularly.

As I said, those ghost socks are going to find their way into my regular rotation. Solid conversation piece.

So, if you are a subscription boxes geek, or have one in your life, this geek box is worth a look. We’d certainly like to see some course corrections as their business progresses, but at least the core philosophy is there.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?



$56 @

Subscription Type

Quaterly Curated Memorabilia Box

Item Mix

Mix of licensed collectibles and off license items

Brands and Franchises

Major brand and franchises represented

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