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Wantable Review - Is this clothing subscription worth it?

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Check out this Wantable review to learn everything you need to know about what might be the hottest designer clothing subscription box available today! In it, you'll discover why this personal styling service is making it easy to look your best wherever you go -- without breaking the bank.

With options for top-of-the-line everyday clothing or ultra-comfortable active wear, Wantable simplifies choosing clothes that fit your personal style, size, and budget. So when you're ready to find out whether this custom styling service is right for you, read on to find out more!


What is Wantable?

Wantable is the latest individualized styling service that combines expert advice from outfit designers with a clever streaming technology. With just a little bit of information from you, Wantable will curate a whole list of options for everyday apparel or gym-ready active wear.

By offering a styling quiz combined with a constantly-updating clothing Stream, Wantable makes updating your wardrobe as easy as browsing through the gram. Just pick out a few pieces of clothing that catch your eye, wait about a week for delivery, and try on your new clothes -- if you don't like any of them, send them back free of charge and start looking for new styles!

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Recent Wantable Boxes/items

Curious to see what's available in Wantable? Here are some of their latest featured clothing items:

ImageProduct NameBest FeaturePrice

Kut From The Kloth Jasmine Floral Blouse in Terni WhiteLightweight and modern style for spring and summer$68

Dear John Corey High Rise Denim SkirtStunning optic white denim$68

Beyond Yoga Spacedye Caught In The Midi High Waisted LeggingAnkle length and buttery soft, with no external seams$97

Wantable Review

Are you dying to know whether this is the right clothing subscription service for you? Then you'll want to read this carefully curated Wantable review of everything there is to love about them -- as well as a couple things that aren't great, but aren't quite deal breakers either.

Things To Love About Wantable

This clothing subscription service really is on-point. Just look at all these 5 things they do especially well.

1. Perfect combination of technology and experienced stylists

Clothing services that rely entirely on expert stylists tend to be too expensive, while those that use algorithms to choose your clothing rarely give great suggestions. By combining the two, Wantable consistently picks out awesome clothes for you without being overly pricy.

2. Sizes to fit every body

Wantable offers size-inclusive personal styling from size XS to 3x. With every Style Edit personalized to support and inspire you, this subscription service goes out of their way to make sure everyone is included.

3. Every styling cost is applied towards any purchase you make

Any time you request a Style Edit from Wantable, there's a $20 flat fee for styling. However, if you choose to keep any article of clothing in your Edit, that $20 fee is applied directly to your purchase. It's an excellent way to get personalized styling on a budget.

4. Big discounts on larger Style Edits

Any time you buy 5 or more pieces of clothing in one shipment, Wantable applies a 20% discount on your entire purchase. And that's in addition to waiving the styling fee, making this subscription service a great option for anyone looking to revamp their whole wardrobe.

5. 100% no obligation to buy

With every Wantable Style Edit you receive, there's no pressure at all to buy anything that you don't absolutely love. And with free shipping and returns, you won't have to pay for anything as long as you keep at least one item to apply your styling fee towards the purchase of.

Things Not To Love About Wantable

Based on this Wantable review, there are just a few things that doesn't do as well as other clothing subscriptions.

1. Shipping isn't always the fastest

When you decide on a selection of clothing to try on, it will take up to a week to receive your new items. Waiting that long can be inconvenient if you need the clothes for an event.

2. Anything you don't want has to be returned right away

For any Style Edit items that you're not thrilled with, you'll need to send them back within 5 days. That said, they also offer a one-time 3-day extension if you're having trouble getting to the post office that quickly.

3. Not available in petite, tall, or maternity sizes

While Wantable has done a great job of making their service available to a wide range of body shapes and sizes, they don't yet offer clothing in more specialized fits like petite, tall, or maternity.

Pros vs Cons of Wantable

If you're still on the fence about whether Wantable is right for you, take a look at these pros and cons to get a better idea.


  • Combines the best of personal styling and algorithmic suggestions
  • Sizes from XS to 3X
  • Styling cost is applied towards purchases
  • Great discounts on buying 5+ items
  • No obligation to keep any piece of apparel
  • Free shipping


  • Shipping takes up to a week
  • Returns have to be completed within 5 days
  • No clothes available in petite, tall, or maternity sizes

Wantable Shipping Breakdown

As long as you live within the United States -- including U.S. territories and military addresses -- shipping from Wantable is totally free!

Unfortunately, Wantable does not offer international shipping at this time.

Wantable Price

Clothes from Wantable come in a variety of prices depending on the item, but there's just one flat fee for every Style Edit that's sent to you.

ImageSubscription PlanPrice

Styling fee for any Style Edit$20

Is Wantable worth it?

After looking at everything that they have to offer, and comparing its benefits to a handful of small drawbacks, it's obvious: based on this Wantable review, it is definitely worth it! Their excellent variety of clothing options combined with free shipping and big discounts for larger wardrobe changes make it an attractive option for anyone looking to refresh their everyday or active wear wardrobes.

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Wantable Coupon or Promo Code

No coupon or promo code currently available.

How to Join Wantable

Ready to get started with Wantable? It's easy, just follow these 4 simple steps

1. Choose a Plan and Take the Quiz

In the top right of their homepage at Wantable, click on "Plans", then choose from a women's Style Edit or Active Edit, or a men's Active Edit. This will take you to a quick quiz that gets Wantable's stylists started choosing items for you.

2. Choose Items from the Stream

Choose from a constantly rotating selection of items from the Wantable Stream, all curated to match your style quiz. Any items you select will be added to your next automatic shipment.

3. Wait for Your First Order

After choosing a few items to try on and setting up a recurring order date, your items will be shipped. Expect to wait 3-7 days for the first shipment to arrive

4. Try on Your Clothes and Choose What to Keep

Once your order arrives, it's time to try on your new Style Edit! Keep any clothes you love, and simply send back anything you're not thrilled with in the included mailer.

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In Conclusion

Thank you for taking the time to read this Wantable review! It's one of the most well-designed clothing subscription box services available today, and sure to impress anyone who gives it a try.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?


$17 @

Subscription Type

Flexible clothing subscription box

Sizes for almost every body type

Clothing available from XS to 3X

Big discounts available

Save 20% any time you buy 5 or more items

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