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The Beard Club Reviews – Is this box worth it?

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The Beard Club reviews provide a closeup look into one of the trendiest and most useful subscription boxes for men in order to help you determine if this if the subscription box for you.

Nowadays, men everywhere are intentionally fluffing up their facial profile with scruffy beards, but they need some professional help keeping their beards gleaning with illustrious shine.

The Beard Club has craftily stepped up to the plate and created the most intelligent and comprehensive solution.

Did you grow out your beard because you just needed a change? Or maybe you’re a little anti-establishment? Or perhaps you’re just plain tired of shaving everyday?

Whatever the reason, The Beard Club is the most economical and effortless way to ensure your beard stays looking sharp and healthy.


What Is The Beard Club?

The Beard Club is a subscription box for men that delivers high quality, all-natural beard care products directly to your door every month.

The Beard Club offers products to help you grow and maintain a luscious, healthy beard. Would you rather not have to waste your time shopping for men’s grooming products?

Have you ever been rushing to get ready for work or a date and realized that you ran out of a key grooming product or lost an essential accessory?

In this The Beard Club reviews you’ll see that they solve all your beard maintenance needs by saving you loads of time, energy, and money that you would otherwise be spent researching, shopping, and paying brick-and-mortar retail prices for beard maintenance products.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?

Recent The Beard Club Items

Want to see what current Beard Club members are receiving? Check out the examples below to see what you’re missing.

ImageProduct NameBest FeaturePrice

Sandalwood OilProvides softer, smoother beard and eliminates beard itch$5

Sandalwood BalmReduce patchiness and soften whiskers$10

Beard SprayFreshens and invigorates hair$10

ShampooCleanses beards and eliminates beard flaking$12

Growth Vitamin SprayNourishes beard with essential vitamins$14

Stainless CombStainless steel with bottle opener$10

Travel BagBrown tweed fabric with nylon inner lining$15

The Beard Club Reviews

The Beard Club reviews summarize why you will love the Beard Club and maybe a few things not to love about it.

So you finally let your manhood loose and stopped the ridiculously insane habit of daily shaving. But then what? Where’s the guide for managing your unwieldy facial mange?

Let this The Beard Club reviews be your guide. Stop winging it, and sign up with the best bunch of bearded experts around.

Not sure if you want high quality and affordable solution to your everyday beard care needs?

Check out the Beard Club reviews to see if this is the right subscription box for you.

Things To Love About The Beard Club

With a complete portfolio of super affordable beard care products and swag and premium quality standards, there are plenty of reasons we absolutely love The Beard Club.

Here are 5 things to love about the Beard Club:

1. All Natural Ingredients

The Beard Club products are made exclusively with all natural products.

2. Full Range of Products

The Beard Club subscription boxes contain a full range of beard care products including oils, creams, pomades, shampoos, growth supplements, accessories, and swag.

3. Easy Signup and Cancellation

Signup is easy and painless, and you’re free to cancel at any time.

4. Modify Your Plan

Modify your plan at any time, hassle-free.

5. Flat Rate Shipping

With flat rate shipping, you won’t have any hidden costs or surprises.

Things Not To Love about The Beard Club

While we love the Beard Club for many reasons, there are a couple opportunities to note.

Here are 2 things not to love about the Beard Club:

1. Signup

Though signup is easy with our signup steps outlined below, the process is not exactly smooth and intuitive. You’ll have to go through some backtracking through screens to complete the process.

2. Shipping

Shipping is not included; though, shipping is a standard, flat rate.

Pros vs Cons of The Beard Club

The Beard Club has a ton to offer, but no subscription box is totally perfect.

Wondering if the Beard Club is worth it? Check out the Pros vs Cons of the Beard Club subscription.


  • High-quality products made from all-natural ingredients
  • Affordable subscription plan
  • Complete beard care product kits
  • Painless signup and cancellation


  • Less than intuitive signup process
  • Shipping not included

The Beard Club Shipping Breakdown

The Beard Club charges a flat rate shipping fee of $3.99 for shipping to all U.S. states and territories including Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico and a flat rate of $6.99 for shipping to Canada.

International shipping outside the U.S. and Canada is not available at this time.

the beard club Price

The Beard Club has price point options for every bearded man’s budget.

Check out these subscription plan boxes below to see how affordable it is to manage your beard care needs.

ImageSubscription PlanPrice

Starter Beard Growth Kit$31

The Epic Kit$43

The Advanced Kit$57

Is The Beard Club Worth It?

As one of the most comprehensive subscription boxes for bearded men with refreshingly high-quality standards, the Beard Club is definitely worth it.

The Club is part personal shopper and part online retail solution all in one. It’s a worry-free and hassle-free option that successfully meets the rising demand for complete men’s beard grooming solutions.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?

The Beard Club Coupon or Promo Code

No coupon or promo code currently available.

How To Join The Beard Club

Joining the Beard Club takes just a few simple steps.

Follow these 5 steps and sign up for the Beard Club today.

Here is how to join The Beard Club:

1. Join Now

On the top right-hand corner of The Beard Club home page, click the Join Now link.

2. Build Your Kit

Start building your kit by selecting a premium beard oil, select Add to add your premium beard oil preference to your cart, and click Continue Building Your Kit to continue.

3. Continue Building Your Kit

Repeat step 2 and add a shower item, a beard growth accelerator, and a beard grooming accessory to your kit.

4. Provide Shipping Address

Fill out your mailing address information and click Continue to Payment.

5. Settle Up

Fill out your payment information, and you’re done! Just wait patiently by your mailbox for your first box to arrive.

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In Conclusion

This  Beard Club reviews hope it satiated your manly curiosity and thoroughly piqued your interest in one of the most impressive subscription boxes for men.

After all, you’ve been working hard, and you’re beard shows it. Isn’t about time you take care of number one?

The Beard Club has your back with its full array of beard care products and accessories that every lumberjack needs.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?


$31 @

Subscription Type


Subscription Options

Multiple and customizable beard kit options

Product Type

High quality products made from all natural ingredients

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