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Green Chef Reviews [2020] - Is it worth the price?

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This Green Chef reviews, will help you determine whether this food subscription box is worth the price.

Across cultures and traditions, home cooked meals build communities and bring people together. Unlike eating out or making an instant dinner, home cooking is a chance to slow down, connect, and care for one another.

That's where a meal subscription box from Green Chef can be so helpful. With fresh, high quality ingredients and step-by-step instructions delivered right to your door...

You can make great food for the ones you love regardless of your busy schedule or cooking experience.

Not only that, Green Chef has subscription boxes to suit every dietary need. With everything from a Carnivore Plan to a vegan subscription box, Green Chef has everything you need to make delicious meals that will bring the family running to the table.

Read this Green Chef reviews to see how easy and delicious feeding your loved ones can be.


What is Green Chef?

As the name implies, Green Chef wants to make delicious cooking sustainable. Working closely with farmers, ranchers, fisherman, and artisans, Green Chef selects the highest quality organic ingredients from sustainable producers. In fact, Green Chef uses more organic ingredients than any other meal subscription service.

Not only are Green Chef's ingredients sustainable, their packaging is too. In other words, everything you receive from Green Chef can either be consumed, composted, or recycled.

Knowing you’re supporting green agriculture feels good, but how does it taste? Green Chef’s recipes are created by expert chefs to bring out the gourmet in every chef… Regardless of experience.

Keep reading to find out how Green Chef makes responsible dining easy and delicious.

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Recent Green Chef Meals

Although there’s no way to communicate the taste of Green Chef’s quality ingredients and recipes, you can check out some recent meals from different plans in the table below.

ImageProduct NameBest FeaturePrice per meal

Grilled Eggplant GyrosA vegan twist on a Greek classic. Swap the meat for grilled eggplant and a drizzle of tahini sauce.$11.99

Pan-Seared Salmon FilletsA paleo meal with flaky fresh salmon and sweet potato mash.$12.99

Mozzarella Stuffed MeatloavesAn old-fashioned American favorite gets a gluten-free, keto kick. Flavor-filled ground beef stuffed with mozzarella and topped with caramelized onions.$12.99

Black Bean Posole with PestoMake your own masa cakes to go with this Mexican style vegetarian stew and cilantro-pepita pesto.$11.99

Quesadilla with Jerk ChickenDirect from the omnivore menu, this Mexican-Jamaican fusion is great with the mango salsa.$11.99

Apricot-Glazed Curry SalmonEven the carnivore meals come with plenty of fresh veggies. This sweet and savory dish is served over stir-fried black rice.$11.99

Green Chef Reviews

To help you best spend your money, this Green Chef reviews dives deep. Explore all the most important features, especially since Green Chef is one of the more expensive meal subscription boxes.

Be sure to check out the Green Chef pros and cons below to decide if this is the right box for you.

3 Things To Love About Green Chef

Green Chef has all the convenience and excitement that you’d expect from a meal subscription box. But, our Green Chef review also turned up some things that Green Chef does better than any other company on the market.

1. Flexibility

Their flexibility makes this one of the most adaptable food subscription boxes available. In other words, Green Chef is just as able to roll with the punches as you are:

  • Need to feed the in-laws for a week? Add meals to your subscription with no hassle.
  • Heading out of town? Skip a week without penalty.
  • Trying out a new diet? Switch between any of the dietary plans any time.

Not only can you change your subscription on the go, you can also choose between weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly delivery options to find the plan that gets you fresh food when you need it.

2. Plan Options

Whether your dietary restrictions are voluntary or medical, Green Chef has a subscription plan to suit your needs. The fact is everyone cares about what they put into their body.

It is one of the few food subscription services that give you the plans to treat your body right.

Whether you eat vegan, paleo, keto, or gluten-free, they offer delicious meals that fit seamlessly into your diet. What’s more, because of their flexibility you can try out a diet plan before fully committing.

3. Sustainability

Sustainability is the factor that really sets Green Chef apart from other meal subscriptions boxes. As more and more people think critically about where their food comes from, they are ready to provide fresh ingredients from responsible, ethical farmers and ranchers.

What’s more, Green Chef’s sustainable packaging eliminates much of the waste of other meal subscriptions. Reuse, recycle, or compost your packaging to eat farmer’s market fresh no matter where you live.

Things Not To Love about Green Chef

Even though Green Chef is leading the charge with sustainability, flexibility, and dietary options, there are a few things not to love about this food subscription box. Before you buy, decide for yourself how important these items are to you.

1. Limits for Families

One of the things nice about Green Chef is the number of different meal plan options. Unfortunately, the full range of meals is only available in 2-person plans.

Family plans, meant to feed four people, are limited to Omnivore and Carnivore menus. Compared to the seven plans available for 2 people, the two plans available to families is noticeably lesser.

2. Shipping Cost

As mentioned earlier, it is one of the more expensive meal subscriptions, but much of that can be excused when you consider the quality of the ingredients and the service provided.

Nevertheless, when you’re paying top dollar for the food, an additional shipping charge is hard to stomach. Green Chef charges $5.99 per delivery. However, because Green Chef allows you to select the frequency of your deliveries you can limit shipping charges by opting for bi-weekly or monthly delivery.

Pros vs Cons of Green Chef

Now that you have a pretty good idea of what sets Green Chef apart from other meal subscriptions check out these pros and cons to see if Green Chef checks all your boxes.


  • Quality Ingredients. Green Chef uses more organic, non-GMO ingredients than any other subscription. All that quality results in a difference you can taste.
  • Adventurous Cuisine. With a huge variety of recipes, including many international dishes, the variety of flavors is a huge plus.
  • Easy to Prepare. All the ingredients are pre-measured and color-coded by meal. Meaning you’ll be cooking like a master chef no matter your skill level.


  • No Solo Plans. Green Chef is meant for 2 people or families of 4.
  • Can’t Choose Meals. Unlike some other meal subscription boxes, you cannot select the meals sent to you. Although the different plans guarantee you’ll get the ingredients you need, there’s no way to choose your favorite recipes.

Green Chef Price

Rather than charging a monthly rate for a subscription, Green Chef charges per meal. This allows subscribers the flexibility to change the shipment frequency or skip weeks without any messy refunds or payment mix-ups.

Check out the table to see a breakdown of the price per meal of each of Green Chef’s subscription plans.

ImageSubscription PlanPrice Per Meal

2-Person Vegetarian$11.99

2-Person Omnivore$11.99

2-Person Vegan$11.99

2-Person Carnivore$11.99

2-Person Gluten-Free$11.99

2-Person Paleo$12.99

2-Person Keto$12.99

Family Omnivore$10.99

Family Carnivore$10.99

Green Chef Shipping Breakdown

Green Chef ships to most of the continental United States, with the exception of some parts of Louisiana. As mentioned earlier, shipping is $5.99 per box.

Once you’ve created an account you can customize your deliveries. Green Chef allows you to choose the frequency of your deliveries and day of the week your package should arrive.

Is Green Chef worth it?

Green Chef’s sustainable meal subscription is definitely worth the price. With the flexibility to choose when and how often meals are delivered, it is a great way to get delicious, sustainable food when you need it.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?

Green Chef's Coupon or Promo Code

No coupon currently available.

How to Join Green Chef

Joining the box is quick and simple. Follow these three easy steps to get delicious organic meals shipped right to your door when it’s most convenient for you.

1. Choose a Plan

The first step to joining this meal box is choosing the perfect plan. Start by choosing how many people you’re cooking for (up to 4) and then choose the meal plan you prefer.

Because some of the plans are only available in 2-Person plans, they may suggest larger families double a 2-Person subscription.

2. Enter Delivery Details

After you choose the right plan, the second step is entering your shipping information. Now, normally entering your address doesn’t require its own step in the “How to Join” section, but there are a few features of the shipping that are worth mentioning.

First is your ability to choose between residential and business addresses. If you select a business address, they will work with your carrier to get your shipment delivered before 5pm.

Next, it allows you to choose the day of the week you’d like to receive your meals. This way you can always depend on your food being there when you need it. You can change your preferred delivery day anytime, just give them a week to get your deliveries on track.

3. Wait

Now that you know what day you can expect your first box, the waiting game is on. Soon you’ll be cooking gourmet meals with organic ingredients and easy to follow recipes.

More Great Meal Subscription Boxes

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In Conclusion

Now that the Green Chef reviews are in you can decide if this meal subscription box is right for you. If sustainability is important to you, this might be the food subscription box you’ve been looking for.

With everything from a vegan subscription box to a carnivore plan, and subscription boxes for every diet in between, Green Chef’s variety of plans and organic ingredients are sure to please foodies looking for convenience.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?


$12 @

Subscription Type

Weekly or Monthly

Meal Options

Wide range (keto, plant based, paleo, etc)

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