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Home Chef Review - Is this meal plan the best?

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In this Home Chef review, you'll find out everything you need to know about one of the most exciting subscription boxes that provides you with tons of culinary options.

Homechef is a food subscription box that focuses on fresh ingredients, customizable meal options, and decadent, gourmet meals that are easy to cook up - even if you're an amateur chef.

Of course, Home Chef isn't the only food subscription box on the market right now, but it's one of the most intriguing options. Continue reading, and you'll find out what makes this option unique, including the meal subscription box's features, pros, cons, and options.

To find out the truth about this subscription box, all you need to do is keep reading this Home Chef review...


What is Home Chef?

Pat Vihtelic created Home Chef because he knew how busy people are these days. Sometimes, it just seems impossible to cook excellent food and juggle all your life's priorities at the same time.

That's where Home Chef comes in.

Since its founding, Home Chef has grown exponentially, and people all across the United States. Home Chef caters to people of all cooking ability levels. Subscribers get to try new meals and recipes on a weekly basis, and they can slowly challenge themselves to try out more elaborate meals over time.

Home Chef also caters to a wide variety of people because of the various options you're given. Whatever your dietary restrictions might be, you can bet that there's something on the Home Chef menu for you.

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Recent Home Chef Boxes/Items

ImageProduct NameBest FeaturePrice

Adventurous meal boxJapanese BBQ burger$6.99-8.99 per serving

Quick and simple boxChicken alfredo$6.99-8.99 per serving

Low-calorie boxRoasted salmon$6.99-8.99 per serving

Carb-conscious boxPretzel crusted pork chops$6.99-8.99 per serving

Vegetarian boxCrispy teriyaki tofu tacos$6.99-8.99 per serving

Home Chef Reviews

So what's the deal with Home Chef?

Is it worth your time? Will it really help you spice things up in the kitchen?

The only way to answer those questions is to read a comprehensive review. You can check out this Home Chef reviews for more information, or you can continue reading for more information.  

Things To Love About Home Chef

To start this Home Chef review with the obvious: what does Home Chef do right?

Here are 5 things to love about Home Chef:

1. So Many Options

It's actually hard to overstate just how many options you're given when you sign up for Home Chef.

First of all, you'll get to choose your dietary restrictions with a quick and easy quiz during the signup process. During this process, you can choose whether you're an omnivore, a carnivore, a vegetarian, a pescatarian, or a vegetarian.

Next, you can choose whether you want a low-carb diet, a low-calorie diet, or neither.

Finally, you'll have the chance to notify Home Chef of any foods you'd like to avoid. These might include dairy products, pork, soy, shellfish, wheat, or anything else. Home Chef offers great freedom of choice for anyone who has dietary restrictions or allergies.

Believe it or not, there are even more customization options waiting. Meals are further divided into categories like "Classic," "Quick Meals," "Grill Ready," and "Fresh Start." You can even grab "Protein Packs" that consist solely of meat varieties.

Still not satisfied? You can go into each individual meal and customize the individual ingredients.

Let's say you've got your eye on the lemon herb beurre blanc chicken. Well, you can customize that meal by choosing either mahi-mahi fillets, boneless skinless chicken breasts, antibiotic-free chicken breasts, or organic chicken breasts.

That's just one example, and each meal has similar customization options. In the end, you're left with a box of food that is completely customized to your preferences.

2. Quick and Easy

Another benefit of Home Chef is that it's super quick and easy to make their meals.

Even the most elaborate meals have a maximum cooking time of 30 minutes. That's not much time, and it should be easy for even the busiest people to take half an hour to cook up something tasty.

On the other hand, some of Home Chef's quick and simple meals take only 5 or 15 minutes to cook. These meals are obviously geared towards those who are seriously busy, and they ensure you can still eat healthy, delicious food even when your day is filled with other priorities.

3. You Can Pick Up Your Ingredients In-Store

For added convenience, you can also pick up your Home Chef meals at certain grocery stores. As of 2018, you can pick up your Home Chef meals at a Kroger owned grocery store.

This is a solid option if you're traveling or you've just returned from vacation.

4. Fresh Ingredients

Another important benefit of Home Chef is its focus on fresh ingredients.

At its heart, Home Chef aims to provide healthy options for busy individuals, and you'll find that this is reflected in the ingredients.

You can avoid certain ingredients and choose low-calorie and carb options during the customization process.

Often, Home Chef will use organic and antibiotic-free ingredients in their meals.

Finally, Home Chef often offers something called a "premium meal." These meals often include fresh meat and seafood sourced at market value.

5. The Table

Last but not least, it's worth mentioning Home Chef's online blog, The Table.

This blog offers tons of useful tips and tricks, and you can learn how to cook all kinds of new things with their simple recipes and guides.

It's an excellent resource, especially if you're approaching Home Chef with the goal of improving your cooking ability over time.

Things Not to Love  about Home Chef

There are some drawbacks you may not enjoy about Home Chef.

1. Not Many Vegan Options

One thing that stood out was the apparent lack of vegan options. Home Chef does offer vegan meals, but there's often not enough of them to make up a full box.

2. Not Always Organic

While some of Home Chef's food is organic, it's not 100% GMO-free. This could deter some potential subscribers.

Pros V Cons of Home Chef


  • Many customization options
  • Meals are quick and easy to make
  • In-store pickup available
  • Fresh ingredients
  • Helpful educational blog


  • Lack of vegan options
  • Not 100% organic

Home Chef Price

ImageSubscription PlanPrice

6 meals per week for 6 people$323

3 meals per week for 4 people$107

2 meals per week for 2 people$35

Home Chef Shipping Breakdown

Currently, Home Chef ships to "98 % of the US."

If you're wondering whether they ship to you, simply enter your zip code to see whether shipping is possible.

Home Chef Coupon or Promo Code

No current coupon and promo code available.

Is Home Chef worth it?

Home Chef is an excellent way to make an effort to eat healthier with plenty of tasty options.

If you find that you're too busy to make good food for yourself (and perhaps your family), then it's all too easy to start settling for unhealthy options that are quick and easy. Home Chef means that you can eat delicious, healthy food that's still quick and simple to make.

For this reason, Home Chef is definitely worth it for a wide range of people.

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How to Join Home Chef

Joining Home Chef is a pretty simple process.

The entire signup process is streamlined by a quick and easy quiz. During this quiz, you'll have a chance to pick out your diet type and any ingredients you'd like to avoid.

You'll also have the chance to choose low-carb or low-calorie meal options during this initial phase.

Once that's out of the way, you can choose how many people you're cooking for, and how many meals you'd like to cook each week.

You can choose meal plans that cover 2, 4, or 6 people.

You can also choose meal plans that provide 2 to 6 meals per week.

Obviously, the price of your food box will increase depending on how many people you're cooking for and how frequently you're planning to cook these meals.

Once that's out of the way, you'll choose your payment and shipping options before finally choosing the specific meals you want in your upcoming box.

More Great Meal Subscription Box Reviews

If you're trying to narrow down your options to just a few food boxes before you make your final decision, consider these other choices.

After you read these reviews, you should be able to make a more informed decision about which subscription box is the right choice for you:

  1. Hello Chef is very similar to Home Chef, with a few key differences. First off, they're more vegan-friendly, and they focus on 20 fresh recipes each week to choose from. You can find out more in this Hello Chef review.
  2. Purple Carrot is an entirely plant-based food box that is geared towards vegans. They also give subscribers tons of customization options. Learn more in this Purple Carrot review
  3. Urthbox is all about GMO-free, natural, and organic snacks. You can also choose gluten-free boxes and vegan boxes. Learn more with this Urthbox Review

In Conclusion

Part of what makes eating healthy so challenging is the process of actually cooking decent meals.

Hopefully, this Home Chef review has shown you that eating delicious, healthy meals is easier than you thought.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?


$107 @

Ready in 15 Meals

Quick and easy meals that are easy to cook

Low-Calorie Meals

Meals geared towards those who are watching their caloric intake

Premium Meals

Meals with fresh, high-quality meat or seafood sourced at market value

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