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Barkbox Reviews – Is the price worth it?

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Today in our Barkbox reviews, we’re reviewing one of the most popular dog subscription boxes on the market.

Because humans aren’t the only creatures who enjoy getting subscription boxes…

We’ve really been looking forward to our Barkbox reviews because we here at The Unbox understand that your pup’s happiness is just as important as your own.

So check out our full Barkbox reviews below and decide if it’s the right box of goodies for the best good boy (or girl) you know.


What is BarkBox?

barkbox reviews - what is barkbox
BarkBox is a subscription box for dogs (that humans have to order) and was founded in 2012 by Matt Meeker, Henrik Werdelin, and Carly Strife after Meeker struggled to find a retailer in New York who sold products sturdy enough for his Great Dane, Hugo.

Since then, the three founders (or BARK as they’ve called the company), have created a successful business with not only one, but TWO subscription boxes (the other one is called SuperChewer and we may have a review for it later down the road.)

They also have their own web shop, and design and create their very own products, which – as of 2017 – can be found in Target stores nationwide.

According to the BarkBox website, a subscription to BarkBox will get you a box filled with $40 worth of all-natural dog treats, grooming products, and chewable toys delivered to your door each month for $21 per month.

The price per box depends on the subscription you buy, which is detailed in a table below.

Also according to the company’s website, at least 10% of all profits are donated to help dogs in need.

Doesn’t sound like a bad deal does it? But is it too good to be true? Find out below.

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Recent BarkBox Boxes/Items

Here’s a handy table that showcases some past BarkBox themes.

ImageProduct NameBest FeaturePrice
The Knights of the Hound TableA Medieval themed box with items like a squishy squirrel knight and squeaky flail toy$21-$29
barkbox reviews - chewrassicChewrassic BarkDinosaurs, volcanoes, and “Dinosaur Meat, Basically” treats are just a few items in this box$21-$29
barkbox reviews - new yorkNew York CityPlush dumpling toys, a lady liberty ball, and a pesky pigeon are just a few ways your dog can feel like a tourist in the Big Apple without having to worry about all that traffic$21-$29
barkbox reviews - bentoBento & BlossomsA Japanese-themed box dedicated to the Cherry Blossom Festivals celebrated all across Japan$21-$29
barkbox reviews - Sniffin' SafariSniffin’ SafariSend your dog on the safari of a lifetime with a rubber camera chew, Chewfasa the Lion plush, and plenty of tasty treats$21-$29

BarkBox Reviews

barkbox reviews - review
BarkBox can be purchased as a subscription for yourself, or as a gift for another dog you love.

And since we want you to get the most out of your money, here’s our full BarkBox reviews complete with the reasons we love BarkBox…

Along with the reasons it may not be the box for you and your pup.

Why We Love BarkBox: 4 Reasons

barkbox reviews - why we love barkbox1
Becoming a member of BarkBox has its perks. Some of them you’ll find in every subscription box you come across.

But they do some truly unique things over at BarkBox. Check them out!

Here are 4 reasons why we love BarkBox:

Reason #1: Allergies Aren’t an Issue

barkbox reviews - allergy
Just like humans, some dogs have allergies. And the folks at BarkBox are very accommodating to pups with restrictive diets as a result of such allergies.

Every BarkBox is wheat, corn, and soy free, but there’s also the special allergy-friendly BarkBox that is sensitive to dogs with beef, chicken, or turkey allergies. The allergy-friendly box contains none of the above ingredients.

Plus, if your dog is allergic to anything besides the 6 ingredients above, you can email [email protected] and they’ll make sure they send you a box your dog can enjoy without going into anaphylactic shock.

Simply select the allergy-friendly option on your account dashboard page after you sign up.

Reason #2: Consistent and (Slightly) Customizable Boxes

barkbox reviews - customizable
BarkBox is one of the more consistent boxes we’ve reviewed in that each box always contains at least 2 toys, 2 bags of treats, and 1 chew (you can add an extra premium item for $9/month when you sign up.)

Each monthly box (and the items in it) relate to a specific theme, such as cities, back to school, and camping, which means you’ll never receive a duplicate item.

Of course… If your pup loves a BarkBox item TOO much to the point it becomes destroyed, you can order a new item directly from their shop page.

But sometimes it’s better to avoid that problem in the first place and select BarkBox’s customization option that ensures the plush toys in your boxes are a little sturdier than normal. You can opt in or out of the customization option at any time on your account dashboard page.

Plus at sign up, you start by selecting your dog’s size, which determines the sturdiness and size of your BarkBox items. This is also adjustable each month.

Reason #3: Uniquely Designed Items are Dog-Tested and Approved

barkbox reviews - dog tested
The treats inside a BarkBox box are sourced from the USA and Canada, while the chews are sourced from the USA, Canada, South America, and Australia.

Some items are BARK branded and designed while others come from quality brands you’ll often find in specialty pet stores.

The BARK offices are always filled with dogs, who are basically unpaid interns (unless you count treats and chew toys as an acceptable form of payment.)

And these employees test each item. So if a treat or chew toy isn’t up to their standard, it doesn’t get shipped.

However… Just like humans, dogs have preferences and favorite toys.

So if you receive an item that your best friend doesn’t LOVE, you can send the folks at BarkBox (AKA the Happy Team) an email at [email protected] and they’ll get you started on an exchange or credit to your account (they call this their Scout’s Honor Policy.)

Reason #4: Referrals Get you Free Boxes

barkbox reviews - free box
If you end up subscribing to and enjoying BarkBox, you can refer your friends and get free boxes!


For every person who signs up for a 6 or 12 month subscription to BarkBox using your referral link… You get one free month of BarkBox at the end of your subscription period.

Because who doesn’t love free stuff?

However, there are some stipulations… According to BARK’s terms and conditions with this program:

“…you cannot participate in this program if two other accounts in your household have participated in this program. This also means that you cannot participate in this program by referring new accounts in your household if another account in your household has participated in this program.”

While we LOVE this program (and quite frankly, don’t see it very often among other subscription box services), if you’re thinking about taking advantage of it, we recommend you click here for the full details.

Things We DON’T Love About BarkBox: 2 Reasons

barkbox reviews - things we dont love
The perfect subscription box doesn’t exist… Which is why we like to include this section in our review.

Take a look below at some of the reasons BarkBox might not be your favorite box of goodies.

Here are 2 things we don’t love about BarkBox:

Reason #1: Your Subscription is Automatically Renewed

barkbox reviews - subscription
This is something that A LOT of consumers seem to miss when trying out new products.

When you sign up for BarkBox, you choose your subscription plan (monthly, 6-months, 12-months) and that subscription is automatically renewed at the end of your subscription cycle.

So if you sign up for a 6-month subscription… YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR ANOTHER 6-MONTH SUBSCRIPTION IN 6 MONTHS.

You can uncheck this renewal option on your subscription dashboard, but once you’ve paid for a subscription, getting a refund is not something BarkBox allows.

So if you’re still a bit iffy about whether or not BarkBox is right for you and your dog, it’s a good idea to give the 1-month subscription a go before committing to anything longer.

Reason #2: Item Durability Varies

barkbox reviews - durability
Dogs love chewing things… That’s why subscription boxes like BarkBox exist.

Unfortunately, some dogs like chewing things using a little more force than others, which means the items in your BarkBox can be completely destroyed the instant they come out of the box.

We’re not entirely sure if the customer complaints we’ve read about item durability are dog-related or an actual design flaw of the products, but we want you to know that plush chew toys tend get chewed up quicker than their sturdier rubber counterparts and some customers have reported that item durability isn’t always what they expected.

Pros vs Cons of BarkBox

barkbox reviews - pros cons
Here’s a simple breakdown of BarkBox’s pros and cons:


  • According to customer reviews, the prices of items found in a BarkBox are less than the price they would be if you bought each item individually
  • Free Shipping throughout the US. and Canada
  • The option to add another item to your monthly box ($9 extra)
  • Dog-tested toys and treats (free from those weird ingredients you can’t fully pronounce)
  • Helpful customer service


  • According to some customers, item durability isn’t always the greatest
  • Packages aren’t fully customizable
  • Subscriptions automatically renew
  • Gift Subscriptions are more expensive than buying them for yourself

BarkBox Price

Like most subscription boxes, the price decreases the longer you subscribe. And oddly enough, BarkBox has two different price points depending on whether you buy it as a gift or for your yourself.

ImageSubscription PlanMonthly Price
barkbox reviews - 1 month subscription1 Month Subscription (Billed Monthly)$29
barkbox reviews - 6 month subscription6 Month Subscription (Billed Monthly)$25
barkbox reviews - 6 month subscription 26 Month Subscription (Billed Immediately)$23
barkbox reviews - 12 month subscription12 Month Subscription Billed Monthly)$21

Gift Prices (All billed immediately)

ImageSubscription PlanMonthly Price
barkbox reviews - 1 month gift subscription1 Month Gift Subscription$35
barkbox reviews -3 month gift subscription3 Month Gift Subscription$30
barkbox reviews - 6 month gift subscription6 Month Gift Subscription$25
barkbox reviews - 12 month gift subscription12 Month Gift Subscription$21

BarkBox Shipping Breakdown

barkbox reviews - shipping
When you sign up for BarkBox, your first box will ship immediately. Every box after that ships on the 15th of each month.

BarkBox offers FREE shipping to all 50 US States and Canada. It also ships to Guam. International shipping does not seem to be an option.

Boxes are shipped via DHL with final delivery shipped by the USPS.

You can expect to receive your BarkBox in 2 to 8 business days if you live in the US and 4 to 12 business days if you live in Canada.

When packages are shipped, US members will receive an email containing the tracking number of their package. Canadians do not get tracking numbers.

Keep in mind, USPS might hold your package at the Post Office if you’re not home to accept it (but you can usually opt out of that on the USPS website after you get your tracking number.)

Is BarkBox worth it?

barkbox reviews - worth it
At the end of the day, is BarkBox really worth what you get inside?

Yes, that seems to be the case.

While there are a few minor complaints from consumers, the price of BarkBox justifies the purchase simply because of the perceived savings over buying each item individually (we say ‘perceived savings’ because lots of BarkBox items are BARK branded so they can charge whatever they want.)

But in the end, BarkBox is a reasonably priced subscription box service that your dog is almost certainly going to love.

And after all… BarkBox isn’t for you. It’s for your best friend!

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?

BarkBox Coupon or Promo Code

barkbox - coupon
No coupon currently available.

How to Join BarkBox

barkbox - steps
Becoming a member is SUPER easy and can be completed in 2-3 minutes.

Here is how to join BarkBox:

1. Select Your Dog Size

barkbox - dog size
It doesn’t matter if you have a tiny Yorkie, a reasonably-sized Shiba Inu, or an enormous and slobbery Great Dane, the first step of signing up for the subscription simply requires you to select the size of your dog.

2. Choose Your Plan

barkbox - choose your plan
Choose between:

  • The 1 month subscription billed monthly
  • The 6 month subscription billed monthly
  • The 6 month subscription you immediately pay in full
  • The 12 month subscription billed monthly

The longer you subscribe, the cheaper the cost.

3. Select Whether you Want an Extra Gift

barkbox - extra gift
For $9 extra per month you can receive an extra gift in every box! If that doesn’t sound like something your pup would like, feel free to opt out.

4. Enter Your Info and Create an Account

barkbox - account
Billing, shipping, you know the drill. Don’t forget to tell them your dog’s name!

5. Check Out the Dashboard

barkbox - dashboard
Once you’re a member, be sure to visit your Dashboard to learn about what you’ve signed your dog up for. Remember: Subscriptions renew unless you opt out!

More Great Subscription Boxes

Still don’t know if BarkBox is your pup’s next subscription box? Check these out!

  1. Loot Pets is a currently inactive pet subscription service for the nerdy and geeky
  2. Super Chewer is another box by BARK tailored to dogs with a bigger bite.
  3. Bullymake is another subscription box for dogs with a bigger bite.
  4. For toys, treats, and training tips in a monthly box, check out pupbox.

In Conclusion

So there you have it. The BarkBox reviews that has all of the information you need to make an informed purchasing decision. Are you already a member of BarkBox? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?



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