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Sports Crate [2019] – Is it the best sports box for you?

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Hello subscription box fans! You’ve found our quickfire review of Sports Crate, the only licensed subscription service for MLB and NBA branded items.

And since we know how hard it can be to understand which subscription boxes are right for you, we’ve compiled everything you need to know into this handy, little article.

So whether you’re looking for your next new subscription box for yourself, or you’re just trying to find the perfect gift for your sports-loving dad, take a look below and decide for yourself whether or not Sports Crate is the subscription box you’ve been searching for.


What is Sports Crate?

sports crate - what is sports crate
Sports Crate is a subscription box service from the ever-popular Loot Crate Inc., who specialize in subscription boxes for all areas of fandom from Sci-Fi to video games to, well… Sports!

Each box comes with officially licensed professional sports memorabilia (specifically MLB and NBA only) with items such as apparel, collectibles, accessories and more.

Once you pick the team or league you root for and sign yourself up for either the MLB Diamond Crate or the NBA Courtside Crate (or both), you’ll receive a box of unique and sometimes limited-release items delivered directly to your door every other month. Some of them you won’t even find at your local stadium’s merch shop.

And plus, if you like an item from a previous crate SO much that you want a second or third one… You can order it again (based on availability) from the Sports Crate Vault.

Like most of Loot Crate’s subscription boxes, the Sports Box is shipped and charged bi-monthly for a starting price of $29.99. The price decreases depending on how long you subscribe.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?

Recent Sports Crate Box/items

sports crate - Recent Sports Crate Boxitems
Here’s a table of just a handful of items you can expect to receive when subscribed to Sports Crate.

All of the items listed are available for purchase in the Vault, where you can buy items from previous crates (all items are based on availability. Some may have been sold out for specific teams and generally won’t make a return to the shop)

ImageProduct NameBest FeaturePrice
sports crate - apronStadium ApronRepresent your team while keeping the party fed chugging along.$14.99
sports crate - coasterBottle Opener CoastersProtect your surfaces and open bottles with this handy team-branded combo.$9.99
Spring Training T-ShirtSpring Training T-ShirtShow the other team who’s boss with this shirt with your favorite player’s autograph!$14.99
 team flagTeam FlagAdmit it, you’ve always wanted a flag for your favorite team.$12.99
 coolerCoolerBranded cooler bags that clearly represent your team spirit.$12.99
 Cornhole gameCornhole GameOne branded cup, some ping pong balls, and a couple pieces of chalk.$9.99
sports crate - Bringin' the Heat ShirtBringin’ the Heat ShirtA uniquely designed shirt that you probably won’t find in the merch shop.$19.99

Sports Crate Review

sports crate - Sports Crate Review
Some of the brands featured in the boxes include Tervis, Mitchell & Ness, ’47, and Stance, which are all trusted brands in the sports merchandise industry.

You’ll also receive a featured item in every crate that’s branded with your team’s logo and/or colors. For example, the November NBA Courtside Crate comes with branded shoelaces so you can rep your team every time you throw your favorite pair of sneakers on.

It offers three different subscription frequencies at three different price points:

  • Pay bi-monthly – $29.99 per crate
  • Pay every 6 months – $28.50 per crate
  • Pay yearly – $27.00 per crate.

So if you pay for a yearly subscription instead of paying bi-monthly, you’ll save about $18 for 6 boxes (a year’s worth of boxes.)

Pros vs Cons of Sports Crate

sports crate - Pros vs Cons of Sports Crate
For the most part, the crate has some fantastic benefits, and only a few minor hiccups.

Here are the pros and cons of Sports Crate:


  • 5-7 Unique and exclusive, high-quality items branded with your #1 team’s brand and colors at $50 actual retail value for only $29.99.
  • Shipping is included in the cost of the box, so it’s technically free shipping.
  • Refer-A-Friend Rewards program allows you to gain a $5 credit whenever a friend of yours with a new account uses your referral code to buy something from These credits can be applied to renewals/rebills.
  • FREE annual subscription to Sports Illustrated if you buy the MLB Diamond Crate (on purchases of $20.01 or more)
  • NBA Courtside Crate subscribers receive specials offers from the NBA and partners of your chosen team.
  • Special discounts on future limited edition boxes and 10% savings when you purchase an annual subscription box.
  • Automatic entry into “Golden Ticket Sweepstakes” (with the purchase of an annual subscription.)
  • Access to the Vault, a selection of items from past crates.


  • At the time of this writing, your team might not be included in Sports Crate. There are only 20 MLB teams and 13 NBA teams, but more will be available in the future. (Minor discrepancy: The website says there are 10 MLB teams you can choose from, but the dropdown that allows you to pick your team lists 20. According to our research, you should be able to subscribe to any of them.)
  • Refer-A-Friend credits CANNOT be applied to new purchases. Only renewals/rebills.
  • No international shipping.
  • Crates are not customizable (unless you count choosing your team.)
  • Items are not returnable or refundable if you don’t like them. You can return items that don’t fit though, (although this depends on the customer service rep you’re talking to.)

Sports Crate Coupon or Promo Code

sports crate - Sports Crate Coupon or Promo Code
No coupon currently available.

How to Join the Sports Crate: 5 Steps

sports crate - How to Join the Sports Crate # of Steps
To become a member, you’ll only need about 5 minutes and your credit card.

Here are 5 easy steps to becoming a member:

Step #1: Choose Your Box and Team

sports crate - Step #1 Choose Your Box and Team
Choose between the MLB Diamond Crate or the NBA Courtside Crate, and select your team from the dropdown menu.

Step #2: Pick Your Plan

sports crate - Step #2_ Pick Your Plan1
Choose between:

  • Bi-monthly Subscription – $29.99 per crate
  • Half-Year Subscription – $28.50 per crate
  • Yearly Subscription – $27.00 per crate.

Step #3: Size Me Up

sports crate - Step #3_ Size Me Up
Choose your shirt and pants sizes since you’ll usually receive clothes in your boxes.

Step #4: Create an Account and Enter Your Details

sports crate - Step #4_ Create an Account and Enter Your Details
Shipping, billing, etc. are all handled in this step. If you don’t want a subscription to Sports Illustrated (MLB Diamond Crate only), be sure to uncheck the box as it’s automatically selected for you.

Step #5: Relax and Await Your New Swag

sports crate - Step #5 Relax and Await Your New Swag
Don’t worry. In 1-2 months (depending on when you order), your exclusive, officially licensed gear will be at your door.

More Great Sports Subscription Boxes

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  3. Wham, bam, and body slam into the official WWE Slam Crate.

In Conclusion

So there it is. A quick rundown of all things Sports Crate. Hopefully you now have a stronger understanding of what comes inside a subscription and you’ve decided whether you like it or not.

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