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Degustabox Review - Is this snack box the best?

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Alrighty friends, here's Degustabox review. Another snack subscription box to whet your appetite. You just can’t get enough of subscription boxes, can you? Maybe it's because it gets tiring snacking and putting the same old things into your lunch box.

Whether you’re a seasoned food delivery service subscriber considering other options or are just getting started, finding the right food subscription box can be a daunting task. Today, it's all about unpacking the Degustabox. You’re just about to find out whether a mouthful of Degustabox goodies delivers the rainbows and unicorns it promises.

Sit tight for this finger-licking review.


What is Degustabox?

Degustabox is a UK-based monthly food subscription box that delivers your favorite snacks and foods to your doorstep at only £12.99 per month. The box comes with 10 to 15 goodies from a variety of high-quality brands. It has a recurring subscription model where you’re billed on the 19th of every month.

The Degustabox selection of goodies can include jams, popcorn, beverages, snack bars, nut butters, condiments, nuts, candies, and more. The goal is to get you to try out new products and brands for less than you’d pay for them at the store. The company works with more than 1000 brands with over 8000 products on their roster, many of which are new to the market.

And here’s the best part - the total value always exceeds the total cost of the subscription. You might want to give Degustabox a try if you’re a bargain hunter.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?

Recent Degustabox Boxes/Items

Degustabox is a splendidly delicious surprise in a box. They have a great selection of goodies for everyone. So, what can you expect in your box after you subscribed. Here are some recent subscription items to give you a clue.

ImageProduct NameBest FeaturePrice
Degustabox Review TREK Cocoa Oat Protein Flapjack Multipack A pack of 3 vegan-friendly, gluten-free flapjacks£2.50
Degustabox Review Livia’s Million Salted Caramel Million SquaresUnbelievably tasty, gooey, all-natural, gluten-free salted caramel£1.50
Degustabox Review Very Lazy Slow Cook Paste3 pots of slow cooker pastes that you can throw in the oven.£1.99
Degustabox Review Lost Coast Drinks Fruit Spritzer + ACVA one-of-three (mango, turmeric and ginger) gut-friendly apple cider vinegar juice£2.49
Degustabox Review KITKAT Milk Chocolate Filled BunnyNo artificial colors, no flavors and no preservatives. The perfect gluten-free snack for Easter£0.65
Degustabox Review Jacked Foods Jackfruit ChunksDried jack-fruit chunks packed with minerals and vitamins. It's delicious and healthy.£1.89
Degustabox Review Shaken Udder MilkshakesA free Shaken Udder Milkshake with a selection of 3 flavors. £1.40£1.40
Degustabox Review Galaxy Vegan Chocolate Bar3 varieties of vegan chocolate - Smooth Orange, Caramelised Hazelnut, or Caramel & Sea Salt£3
Degustabox Review My Sweet Chickpea Dark ChocolateFiber- and protein-rich roasted chickpeas covered in coconut and dark chocolate.£1.25
Degustabox Review Mug Shot High Protein Roast Chicken PastaLow fat and low calorie chicken pasta that's ready in 5 minutes.£1.29
Degustabox Review Heinz Paw Patrol and Frozen No Added Sugar Pasta ShapesNo sugar pasta shapes are a great treat for the whole family.£0.55
Degustabox Review Grey Poupon Dijon MustardWholegrain mustard and French Dijon mustard made with white wine.£1.50

Degustabox Review

Now that you have an idea what Degustabox is, you’re probably wondering… is it worth a try?

Well… this review will try and save you the trouble of making an uninformed purchase. It will go over everything you need to make the right decision. You’ll discover what makes the Degustabox really special, the cost, shipping, as well as tips for making the most out of your subscription.

Enough yammering… time get right into it.

5 Things To Love About the Degustabox review

There’s definitely lots to love about the Degustabox. The thing is, it’s easy to get caught up in a vicious cycle of sameness when shopping for food stuff. After all,you tend to buy what you love and stick to it. The Degustabox gives you the opportunity to try out new and exciting products every month at one low price. No fuss. No drama.

1. Wide Selection of Products

With more than 1000 brands available, you have a wide selection of products to sample. You can go months without a repeat of a product in your subscription box.

2. A Variety of Vegetarian Options

The subscription box comes with a variety of veggie-friendly snacks. You can be sure to find something that suits your dietary requirements.

3. Good Value for Money

Trying out new products can be expensive and time consuming. Degustabox delivers a variety of new products right to your doorstep at a discounted fee. You’ll discover new, amazing products that you can add to your monthly shopping list.

4. Kid-Friendly Snacks

Your kids won’t feel left out. You’ll receive goodies that you and your children can enjoy.

5. Half-Off Coupon

You get a discount right off the bat when you sign up.

2 Things Not To Love about Degustabox review

It can’t all be rainbows and butterflies. Like with everything else, Degustabox has a few things that are less than stellar.

1. Hard to Understand the Niche

It’s hard to tell what you’re going to receive in the box. This is because the company’s range of products is too wide. This can be a problem if you’re looking for a subscription box that caters to a specific diet.

2. Only Ships To UK and A Few European Countries

Degustabox does not ship to the US or Canada.

Pros vs Cons of Degustabox

You’ve gone through this review and are still wondering whether you should get a Degustabox subscription. Taking these pros and cons into consideration might help make things clear.


  • Affordable
  • Free shipping
  • Free cancellation
  • Good quality products


  • No customization options
  • Low total value of products
  • You can receive products you don’t like

Degustabox Price

Check out Degustabox's different subscription plan below:

ImageSubscription PlanPrice
Degustabox Price - Degustabox 1 Month Degustabox 1 Month£12.99/month
Degustabox Price - Degustabox 1 Month Degustabox Give As A Gift 3 Months£12.99/month
Degustabox Price - Degustabox 1 Month Degustabox Give As A Gift 6 Months£11.99/month

Degustabox Shipping Breakdown

Degustabox offers free shipping to France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK. United States subscriptions were “paused” in 2019. They may make a comeback some time in the future, but there's no news saying when.

Degustabox Coupon or Promo Code

There is no current coupon or promo code.

Is Degustabox worth it?

The overall value of the goodies in your Degustabox is worth a little over the £12.99. So you need to make sure the value of goodies consumed is more than the cost of the package for it to make sense. But if you love trying out new treats and are not on an overly restrictive diet, the Degustabox is definitely worth a shot. It’s a versatile subscription that delivers new goodies to your doorstep every month. Their wide selection of products is one of their greatest selling points.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?

How to Join Degustabox

Singing up for Degustabox is easy-peasy. It’s only 4 steps and you’ll be done in no time.

1. Go to

On the homepage, navigate to the “Get Started” button. It’s midway through your screen. Click on it.

2. Enter Your Personal Details

On the next page, you’ll be required to enter your name and contact details. Once you’re done, accept the terms and conditions and click Continue.

3. Enter Payment Details

Enter your Visa/Mastercard details and then click on the “Yes, I Confirm Payment” button.

4. Fill in the Profile Survey

You’ll be required to fill in a short survey to create your profile.

Once you’re done, you can expect to receive your first Degustabox surprise package the following month.

More Great Subscription Boxes

Here are some more subscription boxes you can try out.

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In Conclusion

Love what you’ve heard and seen from this Degustabox review? Does it sound like something you’d want to give a shot? Give it a go. You just might enjoy the treats.


$13 @

Enjoy 10 to 15 products

Many of the products are completely new to the market

A variety of goodies for cheaper

The price is less than you would pay in the shops

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