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Mouth Review - Is this a great food subscription box?

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This Mouth review answers the question on everyone's lips: Is there one food subscription box that's perfect for everyone? After all, with the huge number of snack subscription box possibilities out there today, shouldn't you be able to find the exact right subscription for you?

In this article, you'll learn everything there is to know about Mouth, the box that promises to deliver unforgettable goodies for every type of mouth. From learning about the subscription to checking out their recent items and a list of pros and cons for the service, you'll be fully prepared to decide whether it's the best possible subscription box for you.

Time to get started!


What is Mouth?

Offering the widest variety of flavors, textures, and types of food possible in a single subscription box is a great challenge, indeed. That's why it's all the more amazing that Mouth is able to offer a huge variety of different foods, all made in small batches by inspiring makers from across the United States.

Dedicated not just to satisfying your taste buds, but to helping small foodie businesses grow and thrive, Mouth is a subscription box that you can feel great about supporting. Heralded by the New York Times as "the gastronomic equivalent of an indie record shop", you just know that you'll be getting some truly unique foods in every month's delivery.

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Recent Mouth Boxes/items

Check out a few of the recent featured Mouth boxes, all full of snacks and condiments from American artisans:

ImageProduct NameBest FeaturePrice

Cookies BoxPerfect for anyone with a sweet tooth$60

Best of Mouth BoxThe best variety box around$54

Pickles BoxIdeal for cheese board and sandwich lovers$47.75

Jerky BoxSmall-batch and super flavorful$60

Indie States of America BoxA gastronomic exploration of the 50 states$54

Snacks BoxThoughtfully curated small bites$54

Mouth Review

Thinking you might want to sign up after looking at those awesome boxes, but still not 100% sure? Check out this Mouth review to see all the benefits and a couple of drawbacks you'll find in a Mouth subscription.

5 Things To Love About Mouth

Five reasons come to mind immediately for why you'll love Mouth.

1. Awesome variety of boxes

For a company that advertises "something for every mouth", you just know they'll have an amazing variety of tastes and flavors to choose from. And with boxes for sweets, cocktail mixers, pickles, jerky, vegan snacks, protein-packed options, gluten-free boxes, and more... They really deliver on variety!

2. Foods from American makers

Every Mouth box that you get helps to support American artisans as they pursue their small business dreams. It's a great-tasting food box experience that you can feel great about, too.

3. Perfect as a gift for foodies

Since each product in every Mouth box is unique and handmade, they're sure to delight anyone you know who considers themselves a gourmet.

4. Discounts for longer subscriptions

Really enjoying what you're getting in your monthly boxes? Good! Because the longer of a subscription you commit to, the less expensive each individual box is.

5. Perfectly timed seasonal boxes

No matter what holiday or special event is coming up next, Mouth will have a box for that. Just another reason why Mouth makes a perfect gift for almost anyone, any time of year.

2 Things Not To Love About Mouth

There are only two things not to completely love about the subscription.

1. No free shipping

Depending on where you live in the U.S., you may end up paying quite a bit more for shipping this food subscription box. With many food subscription boxes offering free shipping, this can be a little bit disappointing.

2. On the expensive side for a food subscription box

All of those handmade, super high-quality items can really add up quickly. While the taste is definitely worth the cost, you'll need to get your wallet out for this box.

Pros vs Cons of Mouth

Still not sure whether this is the right subscription box for you? Try comparing the pros and cons:


  • Amazing variety of high-quality items
  • Every box purchased supports American-owned small businesses
  • Perfect gift for foodies and gourmets
  • Big discounts on long subscriptions
  • Seasonal boxes available for every holiday and special occasions


  • No free shipping
  • On the expensive side

Mouth Shipping Breakdown

As long as you live in the United States, Mouth can ship to you without issue. You can choose from standard, expedited, or delayed shipping as you need. They do not offer international shipping at this time.

Mouth Price

Here's a look at how much subscription plans for Mouth can cost:

ImageSubscription PlanPrice

Jerky Box or Cookies BoxFrom $60/month

Snacks Box, Best of Mouth, or Indie States of America BoxFrom $54/month

Pickles BoxFrom $47.75/month

Is Mouth worth it?

Considering their awesome variety of foods, commitment to supporting small American businesses, and fantastic quality of items, Mouth is absolutely worth it. There's sure to be something for everyone to love in a subscription to Mouth!

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Mouth Coupon or Promo Code

Currently, there is no coupon or promo available.

How to Join Mouth

Ready to get signed up for Mouth? Just follow these five simple steps to get started today.

1. Head to the Subscriptions page on Mouth's Website

You'll see a wide variety of boxes available here.

2. Choose which box you want

As of the time this article was written, there are six awesome boxes to choose from. Pick your favorite and click on it.

3. Choose your subscription length

The more months of Mouth boxes you commit to, the greater the savings. Start with at least three months to get a good feel for the service, then follow the directions on screen.

4. Enter your shipping and payment info

You know the drill on this one; just choose a debit or credit card to use, and enter the address where you'd like your Mouth boxes delivered to.

5. Wait patiently!

Your order will be processed in 1-3 days, and shortly after that you'll receive a specialized welcome box to introduce you to your Mouth subscription! It's filled with all sorts of bonus goodies, so don't miss out.

More Great Food Subscription Box reviews

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In Conclusion

Thanks for taking the time to read this Mouth review! As one of the most artisan food subscription box options available today, it's definitely worth checking out or getting as a gift for any foodie you know. Plus, it's a snack subscription box that supports small American businesses -- so what's not to love?

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?


$60 @

Subscription Type

Small-batch food subscription box

Artisan goods

Supports American makers with every box purchase

Huge variety

More taste and flavor options than any other subscription box

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Brian is the ultimate foodie, expert chef, and barbecue master. He grew up watching his dad work in the kitchen of a restaurant that their family previously owned. Out of this, he has a deep love for the food, wine, beer, spirits… and all things that taste good and bring people together.


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