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Three Jerks Jerky - Is it a great meat subscription box?

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For all those meat-loving snack enthusiasts, those paleo warriors, those hunter gatherers wandering around in society disguised as civilized humans, Three Jerks Jerky has risen the bar and totally changed the jerky game. If boxes of dry, grainy granola bars are not your snack of choice, this food subscription box might be the one for you.

Three Jerks Jerky auto-delivery option will keep your pantry stocked with the highest quality, dankest tasting beef jerky on the market. If you've passed up jerky as the perfect meal-on-the-go solution before, this jerky will give you a slew of reasons to reconsider.

Do you think meal replacement bars taste like carefully disguised chunks of chalky cardboard? Does gluten make your tummy rumble, not in a good way? Do you spend more time reading ingredient labels than the daily news? This jerky has created the ideal snack option for not only the chronic snack eater, but the jerky connoisseur, as well.

Not convinced? Read on to find out more.


What is Three Jerks Jerky?

Three Jerks Jerky is a brand of beef jerky cut from the finest cloth. This tasty jerky is made exclusively from filet mignon, the most tender, most valuable cut of beef. With six incredible flavors, this food subscription box will keep you amply supplied with an automatic, regularly scheduled delivery to brighten up the dullest lunchbox.

The jerky is always gluten-free and free of artificial ingredients, so you can enjoy the finest meat treat available without the usual, nasty additives. No road trip, no camping excursion, no daily snack routine will ever be the same.

Gourmet jerky? Um, yes please.

Your subscription box is completely customizable: the delivery frequency, quantities, and flavors. Signing up is risk free, and making changes is hassle-free. You can schedule automatic deliveries of your favorite high-quality jerky weekly, monthly, or however often you want.

Each bag is made from 5oz of filet mignon, which yields precisely 2oz of jam-packed jerky goodness, and you can schedule regular deliveries of as little or as much jerky as your jerky-loving belly desires.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?

Recent Three Jerks Jerky Items

Wondering what a typical subscription might provide? This isn't your average food subscription box, and each box is customizable. But here are just a few options to entice you, so check out these tasty examples of what you've been missing.

ImageProduct NameBest FeaturePrice
three jerks jerky - 5 bag variety pack 5 Bag Variety PackFive 2oz bags of your favorite flavors.$45.85
three jerks jerky - 10 bag variety pack 10 Bag Variety PackTen 2oz bags of the finest jerky$86.31
three jerks jerky - 10 bag variety pack 3 Jerks Jerky Wood Gift CrateTen 2oz bags of high quality jerky with crate$106.15
three jerks jerky - One 2oz bag One 2oz BagJust your favorite 2oz bag of jerky$10.79
three jerks jerky - 3 pack (3 X 2oz) 3 pack (3 X 2oz)Three 2oz bags of filet mignon jerky$28.32
three jerks jerky - 12 pack (12 X 2oz) 12 pack (12 X 2oz)Twelve 2oz bags of all your favorite flavors$102.49
three jerks jerky - 6 pack (6 X 2oz) 6 pack (6 X 2oz)Six 20z bags of delicious jerky, one of each flavor$64.74

Three Jerks Jerky Review

This review highlights all the fantastic, customizable, hassle-free reasons we love this food subscription box.

Say goodbye to the typical monthly deliveries and customize your automated delivery schedule with up to nine different delivery options. With boxes ranging from the double digits to the triple digits, there are seemingly unlimited options and price points. The gift crate option makes this food subscription box a no-brainer gift item for the jerky connoisseur in your life.

With six varieties boasting six distinct and unique (the hamburger?) flavor profiles, all of which are gluten free and free of artificial preservatives and additives, 3 jerks jerky is the perfect grain-free snack for any health-conscious carnivore.

Signing up is relatively easy, with few steps, and a painless cancellation policy. By choosing automated deliveries, you save up to 10% on all products.

Pros Vs Cons of Three Jerks Jerky

Is this food subscription box for you? Check out these pros and cons to see how this gourmet jerky plan stacks up.


  • Nine different automated delivery schedules to choose from.
  • All products are gluten-free and free from artificial additives.
  • Save 10% by choosing automated deliveries.
  • Six distinct, unique flavor profiles to choose from.
  • Jerky is made from filet mignon, the most tender and desirable cut of beef.
  • Build your own box, choose a variety pack, or even choose the gift option.


  • Signing up online for automated deliveries is not the most intuitive process (but don't sweat it 'cause we've got you covered below with the step-by-step process).
  • You can't view all the subscription options in one place or view; it takes a bit of clicking around to discover all the tasty choices.
  • Depending on whether or not your signed in and what browser you're using, the cart building feature may or may not be fully functional.

Three Jerks Jerky Box Coupon Code

Three Jerks Jerky Box is currently offering the following coupon codes:

1) SAVINGS15 for 15% off Gift Crates & Variety Packs

2) SAVE 10% on all Auto Delivery items

3) Save 10% by joining their mailing list

How to Join Three Jerks Jerky

Signing up for a subscription box is relatively painless and takes just a few simple steps.

1. Create your account

Choose your username and enter your password. Confirm your password and you're done. (If you're not signed in, you may experience trouble building your cart.)

2. Choose Auto Delivery

Click the Auto Delivery link from the main Home page and click the Let's Get Started button.

3. Name your box

Choose a name to identify your subscription box (We named ours "Granola? NOPE! Jerky? YEP!") and select your preferred delivery schedule from the dropdown menu. Select "create auto delivery," and you're well on your way.

4. Start shopping

Start building your custom box from the available options, or choose the variety packs option if you need some help narrowing down your choices.

5. Build your cart

Select your desired quantity and hit "add to cart".

6. Checkout

Review your cart (click the cart icon on the top right corner of your screen) and checkout.

7. Shipping details

Fill in your shipping address information.

8. Payment details

Fill out your payment information, hit submit, and you're done!

More Great Subscription Boxes

Looking for more interesting food subscription box ideas for the difficult-to-please foodie in your life? Check out a few of our other favorites:

  1. Try The World is a Food Subscription Box built for the well-traveled, worldly food connoisseur. Aptly named, this box samples the best gourmet foods from around the world.
  2. Universal Yums is sure to scratch your itch for international treats with a selection of the most popular snack items from all corners of the globe.
  3. Carnivore Club satisfies every meat eater's fantasies by delivering a carnival of artisan cured meats directly to your door.

In Conclusion

Three Jerks Jerky offers the highest quality, premium beef jerky with some truly interesting flavor profiles (have we mentioned the hamburger flavor?). If you're interested in a food subscription box with lots of customizable options, flexible signup and cancellation policies, this is probably one of the better subscription boxes to choose from.

If you're looking for a clean, grain-free snackable alternative to the usual grainy, nutty concoctions laden with food byproducts and weird additives, search no more. 3 Jerks Jerky offers premium beef jerky with anything-but-boring flavors to tantalize even the hardest-to-please taste buds.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?


$45 @

Delivery schedule options

Nine different delivery schedule options


Six different flavors, including hamburger

Quality beef

Jerky maded exclusively from premium filet mignon

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Brian is the ultimate foodie, expert chef, and barbecue master. He grew up watching his dad work in the kitchen of a restaurant that their family previously owned. Out of this, he has a deep love for the food, wine, beer, spirits… and all things that taste good and bring people together.


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