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Carnivore Club Review – A subscription box for meat lovers.

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Carnivore Club is a food subscription box delivered monthly that knows a thing or two about meat. Specifically cured meats. One of the things they know is that you’ll love expanding your palate with gourmet, artisan meats that are truly works of digestible art.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to subscription boxes these days, so is one devoted to cured meat going to be enough for you to pull the trigger? Time to find out.


What is Carnivore Club?

They know that men (and carnivorous women of course) want to expand their meat experience beyond bacon and Slim Jims. Even beyond a gourmet summer sausage.

The club works, each month, with a single artisan to develop a theme for each box, delivering four to six cured meats for your consumption.

There are two levels of membership to sample and various delivery schedules that allow you to dial up your meat consumption to the maximum your ticker will allow.

The Snack Box

The smaller of the two box subscription choices, the snack box is geared to people on the go. It provides artisan jerky and pepperettes that can be eaten anywhere. The snack box will set you back $30 plus $10 shipping to try it out one time, or $24 plus shipping if you sign up for the subscription service.

The Classic Box

The classic box is the original offering of four to six meats. The classic box is $45 for a one off trial plus shipping, or $39 per box based on the subscription service. You’re getting 20 – 32 ounces of artisan meat for that price.

One cool thing they offer is the ability to upgrade your first box to a wooden crate that you can keep into perpetuity. That one time option will run you an additional $30 for your first order. They do recommend that you keep your meat refrigerated, so you’re not going to be storing your meat in the box, but you can frame up each delivery for Instagram before you put it away. Carnivore Club is very social media friendly.

What better way to sample some really high quality meats?

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?

Recent Carnivore Club Boxes/Items

ImageProduct NameBest FeaturePrice

Classic Box February 2019Bayonne Jambon (Delpeyrat)$1 / oz

Snack Box February 2019Peoples Choice Sriracha Beef Jerky$30 / lb

Carnivore Club Review

This is a pretty new service, so take a look at Carnivore Club review, but in the meantime, you’ll get started with the pros and cons of this delicious subscription box.

Pros Vs Cons of Carnivore Club

There’s a lot to like about this club. Take a look at the pros and cons to get a good idea of what you’re likely getting yourself into.


  • These aren’t meats you’re going to find at the local deli. These are truly works of art that will cause your taste buds to dance.
  • Multiple shipping schedules allow you to get a box per month, every two months, or even every three months. So, if you’re not a huge meat eater, you can still dip your toe in the water.
  • Price. Meat is expensive generally, so getting up to 32 oz of meat for the $40 per month isn’t bad at all.
  • The wooden crate option is pretty cool.
  • The Marketplace exists so you can buy prior offerings if they have some left over.
  • Shipping available in all 50 states, the EU (and the UK… thanks Brexit), and Australia.


  • Shipping is $9.99. Charging for shipping is a trend among subscription boxes these days, but we’re still spoiled in thinking it should be free.
  • You can’t choose what you’re going to receive. You are at the mercy of the meat gods at Carnivore Club when it comes to what they’re putting in your box.

Carnivore Club Coupon or Promo Code

There is no current coupon or promo code.

How to Join the Carnivore Club

So far, getting started is pretty simple as there aren’t too many options. Go over how to punch your ticket to the artisan meat train.

Here is how to join the Carnivore Club:

1. Snacker or Full Blown Meat Fiend?

Decide if you’re going to go with the snack box, or the classic box… or dare  say both?

2. Join the Club

Hover your mouse over “Join the Club” and select the box you chose in Step 1.

3. How Often?

Do you want your meat delivered once, once a month, bi-monthly, or quarterly? If you selected the classic box, decide if you want to spring for the Instagram friendly wooden crate.

4. Create Your Account

Set up your account. Since they are a subscription service, having your information in their system is going to be pretty integral to their business model.

5. Check Out

Check out as you would with most other online transactions.

More Great Food Subscription Boxes

Maybe this box isn’t quite your speed, but you’re still in the mood for a great snack option. Take a look at some of the other amazing food subscription boxes.

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In Conclusion

Carnivore Club is the new food subscription box on the block dedicated to gourmet cured meats. As subscription boxes go, they really seem to be going above and beyond to let the artists work their magic and deliver something designed to make you salivate before it even gets to your doorstep.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?


$40 @

Subscription Type

Monthly Curated Box

Number of Items

4 – 6 Artisan Cured Meats

High Ratings

14 Five Star Reviews thus Far

Join the Club


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