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Bombfell – Check this awesome clothing box for men!

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Bombfell is a handpicked clothing subscription for guys that want to look good but have no idea where to start looking.

Having started in 2011, Bombfell is one of the more mature subscription boxes for men. But just being around a long time doesn’t mean it is necessarily your cup of tea. Let’s take a look and see if it is going to find its way into your rotation of subscription boxes.


What is Bombfell?

bombfell - what
Bombfell isn’t one of your typical subscription boxes. They take a slightly different tack that provides a bit more value and makes you look better in the process.

When you sign up with them, what you’re actually doing is hiring your own personal stylist.

The first thing you do when you subscribe is to take a quiz. This tells your stylist where you typically shop, how much you’re willing to spend on accessories, how you like your clothes to fit typically, and a few looks that you’d be into.

Then each month, your stylist goes out and finds you an outfit that they think you’d like. Jackets, hats, shirts, sweaters, vests, pants, belts, socks, and accessories all find their way into your look. The only thing they aren’t currently curating is shoes.

Each box that comes to your door will have four to five items, and each look is submitted for your approval before it ships. So, if your stylist missed the mark on, say, a shirt, they can replace it with something that still works with their vision. That’s pretty convenient considering most subscription boxes just show up at your door with a bulk discounted set of items.

If you find your stylist is consistently missing the mark or just isn’t jiving with your look, you can always switch up stylists. They aren’t using AI, they’re employing actual people, so sometimes you just won’t be compatible.

They give you a week from delivery to try everything on and decide what you’re going to keep from the look. So, even if you approve the look they send you before shipping, there’s no obligation to keep every item once you see it in person. That’s nice.

That said, there is a financial incentive to keep more items. If you keep a couple of the items, you get 10% off the retail price. Keep four or more and that discount doubles to 20% off retail.

The stylists are filling your clothing requirements between sitting on the couch watching the game and a full suit. So you aren’t going to find anything cheap or ratty in your box, and the pricing reflects that. The average price of an item is around $85 and an average box is in the $250 range. So, that is pretty steep for a monthly box.

Luckily another nice feature is the ability to change the frequency of delivery. Monthly is the default, but you can also do bi-monthly, quarterly, or as infrequently as on-demand. So, maybe you just get a couple boxes a year for the season change. That’s nice to have.

There’s a ton of custom options… which is nice to have in a custom clothing service.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?

Recent Bombfell Boxes/Items

bombfell - items
While what’s in every box is somewhat of a collaboration between you and your stylist, there certainly is a niche the stylists are trained in. High end, high quality, dressed up casual wear is the norm. These are pieces and outfits that would be perfect for a date, a night out, or a nice dinner.

Let’s take a look at some of the recent outfits the stylists at Bombfell have put together.

ImageProduct NamePrice
bombfell - 5 itemPerfect for the fall, Greg received a perfectly upscaled layered look with vest, sweater, and shirt that pairs perfectly with denim.$287
bombfell - 5 item boxExcellent autumn look with jacket and suede tote.$362