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Bombfell – Check this awesome clothing box for men!

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Bombfell is a handpicked clothing subscription for guys that want to look good but have no idea where to start looking.

Having started in 2011, Bombfell is one of the more mature subscription boxes for men. But just being around a long time doesn’t mean it is necessarily your cup of tea. Let’s take a look and see if it is going to find its way into your rotation of subscription boxes.


What is Bombfell?

bombfell - what
Bombfell isn’t one of your typical subscription boxes. They take a slightly different tack that provides a bit more value and makes you look better in the process.

When you sign up with them, what you’re actually doing is hiring your own personal stylist.

The first thing you do when you subscribe is to take a quiz. This tells your stylist where you typically shop, how much you’re willing to spend on accessories, how you like your clothes to fit typically, and a few looks that you’d be into.

Then each month, your stylist goes out and finds you an outfit that they think you’d like. Jackets, hats, shirts, sweaters, vests, pants, belts, socks, and accessories all find their way into your look. The only thing they aren’t currently curating is shoes.

Each box that comes to your door will have four to five items, and each look is submitted for your approval before it ships. So, if your stylist missed the mark on, say, a shirt, they can replace it with something that still works with their vision. That’s pretty convenient considering most subscription boxes just show up at your door with a bulk discounted set of items.

If you find your stylist is consistently missing the mark or just isn’t jiving with your look, you can always switch up stylists. They aren’t using AI, they’re employing actual people, so sometimes you just won’t be compatible.

They give you a week from delivery to try everything on and decide what you’re going to keep from the look. So, even if you approve the look they send you before shipping, there’s no obligation to keep every item once you see it in person. That’s nice.

That said, there is a financial incentive to keep more items. If you keep a couple of the items, you get 10% off the retail price. Keep four or more and that discount doubles to 20% off retail.

The stylists are filling your clothing requirements between sitting on the couch watching the game and a full suit. So you aren’t going to find anything cheap or ratty in your box, and the pricing reflects that. The average price of an item is around $85 and an average box is in the $250 range. So, that is pretty steep for a monthly box.

Luckily another nice feature is the ability to change the frequency of delivery. Monthly is the default, but you can also do bi-monthly, quarterly, or as infrequently as on-demand. So, maybe you just get a couple boxes a year for the season change. That’s nice to have.

There’s a ton of custom options… which is nice to have in a custom clothing service.

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Recent Bombfell Boxes/Items

bombfell - items
While what’s in every box is somewhat of a collaboration between you and your stylist, there certainly is a niche the stylists are trained in. High end, high quality, dressed up casual wear is the norm. These are pieces and outfits that would be perfect for a date, a night out, or a nice dinner.

Let’s take a look at some of the recent outfits the stylists at Bombfell have put together.

ImageProduct NamePrice
bombfell - 5 itemPerfect for the fall, Greg received a perfectly upscaled layered look with vest, sweater, and shirt that pairs perfectly with denim.$287
bombfell - 5 item boxExcellent autumn look with jacket and suede tote.$362
bombfell - item boxBusiness casual look with blue shirt and high contrast orange tie.$217

Bombfell Review

bombfell - review
These days, there are a ton, literally dozens, of subscription boxes aimed at making men look less like they just walked out of the gym. That means it is more important than ever to make sure that the coin you’re dropping on clothing is going to, well, actually make you look better.

Bombfell has been making men look more upscale since 2011, so you’d think they’d have the system down to a science. But with personal stylists assigned to each account, they treat your look like an art. Before spending too much money, take a look at our in-depth Bombfell review and see if you’re the right canvas for their brush.

Pros vs Cons of Bombfell

bombfell - proscons


  • Access to a personal stylist.
  • Robust onboarding quiz to get your stylist up to speed.
  • High quality clothing items.
  • Free shipping.
  • Free returns.
  • Seven-day clothing try on period before you’re charged. Just make sure you send anything you don’t want back within a week.
  • No need to keep every item in the box. Increased discounts for keeping more of what was curated.
  • Outfit approval before shipping.
  • Flexible ordering – Monthly outfits are the default, but you can change this to as infrequently as on-demand.


  • Expensive – The average cost per item is $85.
  • Can take some time to find a groove with your stylist.
  • Not currently offering shoes… which can really make or break an outfit.
  • Limited to upscale causal wear.

Bombfell Coupon or Promo Code

bombfell - promo
There is no current coupon or promo code from the Club.

How to Join the Bombfell: 6 Steps

bombfell - how to
Getting started with Bombfell is intuitive and straightforward. Since you’re working with a human and not AI, the biggest hurdles are just getting to know you.

Here’s how to join Bombfell:

1. Click Get Started

bombfell - step 1
Click one of the blue “Get Started” buttons on the main page, or in the masthead.

2. Take the Style Quiz

bombfell - step 2
After you click “get started,” you’ll be taken to a style quiz about what you currently wear, and when you wear it. They ask you questions about what you wear to work (casual, formal, business causal?), how you like your clothes to fit, as well as you’re measurements, height and weight. This helps dial in your personal style.

3. Take the Vendor Quiz

bombfell - step 3
Next, they provide you with a matrix of 16 popular menswear brands and ask you to choose where you shop, or would like to shop. These run the gamut between sportswear companies like Nike to high-end formal wear like Brooks Brothers.

4. Take the Outfit Quiz

bombfell - step 4
Similar to the vendor quiz, you’re presented with a matrix of 16 outfits and asked to select which you would see yourself wearing. Choose as many as you’d like. They don’t offer all of these styles, but this is all useful to helping your stylist match you to your look.

5. The Budget

bombfell - step 4
Now you’re presented with some budget options for each of the categories of clothing you will find in your box. How much are you willing to spend on pants for instance. They offer three pricing levels for each category, so if you’re willing to throw down a wad of cash on a nice shirt, but not so on socks, you can let your stylist know.

6. Account Details

bombfell - step 7
Last, but not least, set up your account. First name, last name, email and a password are all you need to get started with your stylist. You’ll need to set up billing before they ship your first box, but not having to do so before getting to know your stylist is a nice touch.

More Great Clothing Subscription Boxes

As mentioned, Bombfell isn’t a typical subscription box, it is more of a stylist service. Having a stylist is a personal experience, so it may not be the right one for every guy. Take a look at some of the other clothing subscriptions and see if one of those may be a better fit. See what I did there?

  1. Trunk Club is a stylist service like Bombfell, but it is under the Nordstrom banner.
  2. If the steep pricing is giving you pause, you might try Le Tote. They offer personal styling, but the clothes are rented. 
  3. Trendy Butler is a little bit edgier with bold, as well as more casual, offerings.

In Conclusion

Bombfell was one of the earliest companies to get into offering curated clothing for men picked out by professionally trained stylists. While a ton of companies have stepped into the space since the fact that it is still shipping out excellent subscription boxes for men proves they got a lot right.

The team have drilled down and really own the upscale casual wear niche in the clothing subscription space. While they are a bit pricey, and a bit specific, those aren’t necessarily bad things in subscription boxes. Most times in life it is best to do what you do best and hire out the rest.

In that sense, this is definitely worth a hard look.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?

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