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Le Tote – Is it a great clothing subscription box?

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Le Tote will be one of your next favorite subscription boxes. Because clothes are expensive… And if you’re the type of person who loves switching up your look every month but you don’t want to spend a fortune on a wardrobe,

Like most clothing subscriptions, Le Tote allows you to declutter your closet and receive curated brand-name outfits directly to your door every month.

And it’s one of our favorite subscription boxes for women… But is it right for you?


What is Le Tote?

LE TOTE - what
Le Tote is a clothing rental service that allows women to choose the clothes they love from brands they trust like Levi’s, Kenneth Cole, French Connection and many more, and have them delivered directly to their door every month.

After signing up and answering a number of questions based on style preferences, physical location, and sizes, members are given a list of recommended clothing items based on their answers.

Members can then swap out the recommended items for items they’d much rather receive using the “Tote Swap” function on their website. Once they’re happy with the clothes, members can then finalize their tote and receive it within the business week.

Members can keep their items for as long as they like and ship them back at their convenience (shipping is free both ways), or keep whichever items they like by paying up to 50% off the retail price of the items.

Plans start at $69 per month for the Classic subscription and $79 per month for the Maternity option. The number of items you’ll receive each month depends on your subscription type, all of which you’ll find in the section below.

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Le Tote Plans Breakdown

LE TOTE - breakdown
Here’s a list of all the different subscription plans available. Each column is on a per-month basis.

Subscription Type# of Boxes# of Items Per MonthPrice/month
Classic w/ Accessory23 clothing, 2 accessory/box (10 items per month)$79
Classic w/ Accessory15 clothing, 3 accessory$79
Classic w/ Accessory17 clothing, 3 accessory$99
Classic w/ Accessory110 clothing, 5 accessory$119
Classic NO Accessory24 clothing/box (8 items per month)$89
Classic NO Accessory15 clothing$69
Classic NO Accessory18 clothing$89
Classic NO Accessory110 clothing$109
Maternity w/ Accessory23 clothing, 2 accessory/ box (10 items per month)$89
Maternity w/ Accessory15 clothing, 3 accessory$89
Maternity w/ Accessory17 clothing, 3 accessory$109
Maternity w/ Accessory110 clothing, 5 accessory$129
Maternity NO Accessory24 clothing/box (8 items per month)$99
Maternity NO Accessory15 clothing$79
Maternity NO Accessory18 clothing$99
Maternity NO Accessory110 clothing$119

Le Tote Reviews

LE TOTE - review
With countless fashions from a number of renowned brands, this box is a reasonably priced clothing subscription service with plenty of perks and only a few minor drawbacks.

The biggest barrier to entry for most women is going to be the cost, but other than that, the benefits of a membership seriously outweigh the negative aspects.

For our full Le Tote review, follow that link.

Pros V Cons of Le Tote

LE TOTE - proscons
There are plenty of reasons to become a member of the community and only a handful it might not be for you. Check them out below.


  • Rent up to 15 clothing items per month that are selected based on your location and local weather.
  • Live the minimalist life with a nearly empty closet, all at a reasonable monthly price.
  • Select your favorite styles and items using the easy-to-use Tote Swap portal.
  • Like what you get? Keep any items you receive in a La Tote box by being charged up to 50% off the retail price.
  •  Free shipping both ways!
  • $5/month insurance plans that covers all repairable damages.
  • Is one box not enough? Add another to your account to receive even more clothes every month.
  • The referral program adds up the savings for every person you get to subscribe.
  • If you forget to send a clothing item back, it’s assumed you want to keep it and you will be charged… Luckily, they make refunds ridiculously simple and will accept and refund any forgotten items.
  • The “Wear It Again” feature allows you to receive your favorite items as many months as you like.
  • Cancel or change your plan at any time.


  • Some sizes aren’t always available and finding your best fit on particular brands might take a couple of shipments.
  • Promo codes are only available to new members and applied to their first order.
  • Without the optional $5/mo. insurance, any stains, missing buttons, or other fixable problems means that item is now yours and you have to pay for it.
  • Setting up your account takes some time, but is worth it in the end.

Le Tote Coupon or Promo Code

LE TOTE - promo
There is no current promo code available.

How to Join Le Tote

LE TOTE - how
Joining isn’t hard, but you’ll need an email address or a Facebook login, and setting up your account and choosing the perfect pieces of clothing might take a bit of time.

But don’t let these 15 steps scare you off because you’ll actually move through them rather quickly.

Here’s how to join Le Tote:

1. Get Started

LE TOTE - step 1
Click “Get Started” on the home page or sign up using Facebook.

2. Choose Your Membership

LE TOTE - step 2
Your choices are Classic or Maternity. Choose what you’ll use.

3. Choose Your Tops

LE TOTE - step 3
Select which tops you’d like to receive. The more you choose, the more variety you’ll have.

4. Choose Your Sweaters

LE TOTE - step 4
Sweaters are next on the list. There are more than you might think!

5. Choose Your Jackets

LE TOTE - step 5
Jackets are just as important as any other article of clothing for a thoughtful and stylish outfit.

6. Choose Your Dresses

LE TOTE - step 6
Skirts, full-length, etc.

7. Choose Your Jewelry

LE TOTE - step 7
Statement or casual pieces are selectable. You don’t have to select any if you’re not interested in receiving jewelry.

8. Choose Your Brands

LE TOTE - step 8
Selectable brands are: Vince Camuto, French Connection, Calvin Klein, BCBGeneration, Nike, Kate Spade New York, Jessica Simpson, Rebecca Minkoff, KUT From the Cloth, Cupcakes & Cashmere, BB Dakota, and Nine West.

9. Size Them Up

LE TOTE - step 9
Select your tops, dresses, and pants sizes from the list.

10. What’s The Occasion?

LE TOTE - step 10
Select how often do you wear Business Casual, Weekend Casual, and Night Out styles.

11. Enter Your Zip Code

LE TOTE - step 11
This is important so your styles are work well with your local forecast. You don’t want to be sent a skirt when the top temperature this month is 40°.

12. Select Your Plan

LE TOTE - step 12
There are multiple plan options which we’ve highlighted in the “Le Tote Plans Breakdown” section of this post.

13. Checkout

LE TOTE - step 13
Enter all your payment and shipping information, sign up for the $5/month insurance option, and enter your promo code on this page.

14. Review and Change Clothing

LE TOTE - step 14
Once you enter all your information, you’ll be able to see which clothing recommendations you’ve been given. Add pieces you love, and remove pieces you don’t until your first box is up to your standards.

15. Finalize and Await Your Tote

LE TOTE - step 15
It takes 1 day for them to stylize and pack up your clothing and 2-3 days via USPS priority shipping to arrive.

More Great Clothing Subscription Boxes

If you’re on the lookout for other great clothing subscription boxes, these are worth checking out:

  1. Trunk Club is another clothing subscription service geared towards both men and women.
  2. Another men’s clothing subscription box, Bombfell sets you up with a personal stylist.
  3. Get half off your first month with a Trendy Butler subscription for men.

In Conclusion

This brief rundown of Le Tote has hopefully given you a better idea of whether or not it’s the right women’s clothing subscription for you.

Check out our full review for more!

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?



$69 @

Option to Own?


Number of Items Per Month

Up to 15

Free Shipping?

Yes! Both Ways!

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