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Vinesse Wine Club Review - Is this club for you?

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This Vinesse Wine Club review will give you everything you need to know to make the best decision about getting a wine club. You're sure to appreciate our well-rounded case study of Vinesse.

Not all wine clubs are created equal. In fact, their presentations, hierarchy of values, offerings, and styles of communication vary radically. With this in mind, you're sure to find your ideal wine of the month club. 


What is Vinesse?

Vinesse is a wine club and online wine merchant that has been in business for over 20 years. They started out as a small group of knowledgable wine connoisseurs that simply loved the finest wines, had the propensity for discovering hidden gems, and wanted to share their passion with all of America. They started by placing an ad to gauge public interest and the response was titanic in size. They rented a small office and lo, they were in business!

The company's rapid, influential, exponential growth is reflected in the tremendous diversity of offerings on their website. The company has a tremendous variety of club options, gift options, sampler options, and curated single shipment options. They are grouped by type, by region, and by target audience. The company has a blog, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This Vinesse Wine Club Review observes that these go above and beyond to be transparent and communicative.

Recent Vinesse Boxes

There's nothing more exciting than the anticipation you feel right before the Unbox experience.

Take a look and talk about all the exciting specialty boxes that Vinesse offers. These are just some of their options:

ImageProduct NameBest FeaturePrice
vinesse review - american American Cellars Wine Clubmonthly shipments of low to moderately-priced introductory box option for entry-level enthusiasts$12-16/bottle
vinesse review - elevant Élevant Society Wine Clubdescribed as "not for everyone," these premium-priced, full-bodied red wine curations are chosen for their strength, vigor, robustness$35-40/bottle
vinesse review - light&sweet Light & Sweet Wine Clubsometimes with a blush or a tickle of effervescence, these mid-priced selections are great for those still developing a palate for wine and for those who will always adore exactly what the title says: "lightness and sweetness."$15-17/bottle
vinesse review - worldofwine The World of Wine Wine Clubthis box focuses on combing the globe for the best artisan-crafted wines on earth with options of all whites, all reds, or mixed$16-22/bottle
vinesse review - pinot Pinot Noir Wine Clubdescribed as "velvety food companions," this infinite pinot-specific unbox will transform any sommelier's dining experience$13-21/bottle
vinesse review - cabernet Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Clubknown as decadent, hearty complements to meat-centered fare, this sumptuous cabernet-focused curation is transformative$12-20/bottle
vinesse review - california California Treasures Wine ClubVinesse is a California-based company that pays well-deserved homage to the 31st state's awe-inspiring array of vineyards$12-20/bottle
vinesse review - pacific Pacific Northwest Wine ClubAlso possessing an ideal climate for wine cultivation, the Pacific Northwest's vineyards offer dynamic, premium wines$16-25/bottle
vinesse review - grab bag Grab Bag Wine Clubcomprised of extra stock from past curations, its a great way to fill your wine rack with all the best stuff for less than $10/bottle with discounts$10-16/bottle
vinesse review - earth friendly Earth-Friendly Wine Cluborganic, natural, environmentally-sustainable selections created with eco-friendly viticulture practices$14-23/bottle

Vinesse Wine Club Review

There is a tremendous abundance of choices and information available instantaneously upon entering Vinesse's website and perusing every link.

The creators are true pros at covering all bases. Right at the forefront, they proudly feature their high-level endorsements. Right below that are considerate, socially-responsible warnings about the potential dangers of irresponsible consumption of alcohol. It's a great balance between the two. Additionally, the About Us section is very warmly written, and says "All members are considered friends here." The FAQ section is also very informative and specific. It lists all channels for contact (phone, email, live chat) and the hours that they are available.

There at least 13 different unbox wine club options alone! It truly represents a collective desire to have an option for everyone, no matter where you stand on any spectrum. All of the subscription boxes can be given as gifts with payment in advance. Subscriptions can be stopped at any time. There's tons of freedom and flexibility there. There's no need pressure to commit.

Descriptions for wines are all enthusiastically written and well-articulated with tons of descriptive adjectives and phrases that make perfect sense even to a novice sommelier. Information about recipe pairings, vineyard history and sourcing are included with each wine shipment.

There are a ton of variations as to how many shipments per year are possible, depending on the subscription box you choose. Although you have options, there is no sense of regularity, with options ranging from twice a year, four times a year, 6 times a year, to 24 times a year. A schedule of shipment dates is available for viewing only by members who have activated subscription boxes. Only the American Cellars Wine Club has a simple "monthly" option.

8 Things To Love about vinesse wine club

Listed down the things we love about Vinesse Wine Club to help you make the decision.

1. The site is educational

The descriptions of each type of wine are enticing, mouth-watering, and informative.

2. The options are infinite

There is a tremendous wine store for one time purchases of any size for those who do not want to commit to a regular subscription.

3. Customer service is on point

With hours carefully specified, it shows the staff values our time.

4. Shipping is on point

You can live anywhere in the U.S. and receive a shipment. Shipping is fast. Your order gets put together within 48 hours of placement.

5. The complimentary gift rocks

You get a generous gift package upon your third shipment including a high-quality wine cooler, a corkscrew, special glasses, and napkins for a picnic. If you cancel shortly after, no need to return the gift.

6. Curations come with recommendations for experience level

The curators make recommendations for beginner, intermediate, and seasoned wine-palates.

7. Options for all budgets

The club includes a premium wine club and a discount wine club.

3 Things Not To Love About Vinesse

There are some couple things you might not like about Vinesse. Check it out below.

1. The choices are overwhelming

Sometimes there is no discernible pattern to them, such as the frequency of shipment options. This can be a good thing if you are always ready for an adventure and spontaneity is something you like.

2. Shipping fees are quite high

Taxes vary by state. For example, shipping for an $18 bottle of wine could be $18.

3. Minimal emphasis on natural, organic market

The earth-friendly, eco-conscious options are very limited and shipments happen rarely throughout the year.

Pros vs Cons

All wine clubs have pros and cons. Check out the pros and cons of Vinesse below before deciding whether this is the right club for you.


  • Lots of variety and customizable options
  • Caters to a broad audience of diverse spending power and wine experience
  • Shipping and customer service is widely available


  • Eco-friendly, sustainable vineyard production, organic, natural options are not priorities
  • Shipping schedule can only be viewed upon activating subscriptions

Vinesse Price

The total cost of each box is going to vary each time based on the actual cost of each included wine.

Here's a price break down by Vinesse Wine Club Review.

ImageSubscription PlanPrice Per Shipment

American Cellars Wine Club$36-48+shipping & tax for 3 bottles / $144-192+shipping & tax for 12 bottles

Grab Bag Wine Club$60-$96+shipping & tax for 6 bottles / $360-576+shipping & tax for 36 bottles

Élevant Society Wine Club$70-$80+shipping & tax for 2 bottles / $420-480+shipping & tax for 12 bottles

Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Club$36-60+shipping & tax for 3 bottles / $144-240+shipping & tax for 12 bottles

Vinesse Shipping Breakdown

Shipping is possible to all 50 states. It's $18 for 1 bottle and $39 for 12 bottles. There's an additional tax, by state. An adult signature is required. There's an extra $2.50 charge for residential deliveries, so they recommend having them shipped to a business to avoid that. Carriers and speed of shipment vary by location and time of year.

Is Vinesse worth it?

There's a warm and friendly vibe that makes this organization worth it. If you know what you're looking for, and are not overwhelmed by too many choices, it's a great option.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?

Vinesse Coupon or Promo Code

There is no current coupon or promo code.

How to Join Vinesse

Wine Clubs do require sitting down and getting to know how things work, so below are the steps to make it simple.

1. Read the FAQ thoroughly

It's packed to the gills with everything you need to know about shipping prices and expected shipping times. It details the service you're agreeing to. Due to the complexity of receiving monthly shipments of adult beverages, it's important to go over.

2. Remember that their base prices are not ballpark estimates

Shipping is possible to all the fifty states, but the fees are high, starting at $18 for one bottle. There are taxes involved based on your state. Luckily there's an instant calculator that will tell you where on the fee spectrum you fall instantly.

3. Choose the type of subscription you want

Where applicable, choose between all reds, all whites, mixed, etc.

4. Choose your shipment frequency

Each type of club has its own shipment frequency options and there is no apparent pattern. Actual shipment schedules are not available until you have activated your subscription.

5. Choose your shipment size

Again, options vary dramatically depending on type of subscription.

6. Who is it for?

Consider whether you'd like a one-time shipment or to buy someone a gift.

7. Create a member account

This is where you'll be able to change your preferences at any time during your membership. Options like delaying or skipping a shipment are possible.

8. Choose how you'll pay

They take all major credit cards. You can prepay or pay monthly.

9. Have it delivered to a business address, if possible

The company encourages you to have your deliveries shipped to a place of business to avoid the $2.50 residential delivery fee.

10. Make sure someone is home

Every shipment requires an adult signature for legal purposes.

More Great Wine Of The Month Club Reviews

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In Conclusion

This Vinesse Wine Club Review hopes to give you a strong subjective low down on the ins and outs of this solid sommelier establishment. Vinesse reviews and reviews of America's top competing wine clubs are sure to help you make the most informed decisions possible. Cheers to that!

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?


$36 @

Subscription Type

Monthly subscription of wines

Types of wines

Four subscription plans to choose from

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