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Foodstirs Review – Is this a good food subscription box?

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In this Foodstirs review, you’ll be learning everything you could want to know about what might be the world’s best junk-free baked goods subscription box!

It has quickly become a favorite food subscription box of organic and DIY fans alike, drawing crowds with its promise of guilt-free indulgence. So if you’re looking for sweet snacks without any of the over-processed junk that you usually find on grocery store shelves… Look no further than Foodstirs to satisfy your cravings.

Today, you’ll be learning about the company, taking a look at some of their most delicious recently featured items, and then checking out a breakdown of pros and cons before getting into signup details. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!


What is Foodstirs?

Billing themselves as the “Junk-Free Bakery”, Foodstirs is the brainchild of three parents who were dissatisfied with the quality of their children’s baked goods and snacks. By pledging to “challenge the status quo” and “create better food experiences for everyone”, they’ve made it their mission to provide only the tastiest, organically-sourced baked goods kits — all delivered right to your front door.

Combining lower sugar recipes with organic, non-GMO ingredients and fair trade chocolate, Foodstirs makes better indulgences available to anyone who subscribes. So if you’re trying to live healthier but don’t want to give up everything sweet in your life, they offer an excellent compromise: Only eat the best, most ethically sourced baked goods. Sounds pretty sweet!

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Recent Foodstirs Boxes/items

Check out some of the latest junk-free baked goods kits featured in the shop:

ImageProduct NameBest FeaturePrice
Rainbow Surprise Mini Spill Cake KitPerfect colors for the arrival of spring!$25.99
Lovely Lollies Cookie Pop KitRomantic cookie pops from Valentine’s Day$25.99
Polar Bear Pals Cupcake KitAdorable cupcakes for kids$25.99
Movie Night Cupcakes KitClever cupcake design for a night indoors$25.99
Sparkly Apple Bites KitShiny and unique!$25.99
Wildberry Unicorn Pinwheel Cookie KitExtra colorful cookies$25.99
Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice Cookie Sandwich KitThe best fall flavors$25.99
Ultimate Mini Gingerbread House Cookie KitAn ideal holiday baking kit$25.99

Foodstirs Review

If all of those scrumptious cookie and cake kits have your mouth watering and your tummy rumbling for more, then this review is for you! While there are plenty of baked good food subscription boxes out there today, Foodstirs offers both a unique experience to share with family and friends, as well as a perfect combination of healthy and decadent.

By the end of this review, you’ll be ready to make a decision on whether it is the perfect baked good box for you — and if it is, how to get signed up right away. So what are you waiting for? Read on for more information!

5 Things To Love About Foodstirs

This snack box is truly one of the most unique baked goods subscriptions available today. With their absolute adherence to quality and simple DIY recipe style, they give a lot to love with each month’s delivery.

Here are 5 things to love about Foodstirs:

1. All Organic, Non-GMO Ingredients

Yep, that’s right! Every baking kit is made only of completely organic, non-GMO ingredients. You can rest easy knowing that every ingredient comes from a good source.

2. Simple, Easy DIY Recipes

Kid-friendly recipes are broken down into six simple steps, and a recipe card gives clear instructions for anyone completely new to baking.

3. Special Seasonal Baked Goods

Every bi-monthly box is specially designed to go with the season — from heart shaped cookie pops for Valentine’s Day, to a pastel pink cake for Easter. Perfect for creating lasting memories… Or just a memorable picture for your Instagram.

4. Perfect for Baking With Kids

If you have a little kitchen helper that you’d like to get started baking, this is the perfect way to do it! The simple and straightforward recipes and healthy ingredients mean you can have a blast baking together — and not feel guilty about eating your projects, either!

5. Comes With Shapes and Supplies

No matter what sort of baked good you have in store that month, they include any molds, cookie cutters, and more that you’ll need to make picture-perfect sweet treats.

3 Things Not To Love About Foodstirs

There’s just a few things that it would be cool if they gave more options on.

Here are 3 things not to love about Foodstirs:

1. Only Delivered Bi-Monthly

If you’re hooked after your first month’s baking project, it can feel like a long time to wait until the next one! Thankfully, you can buy mixes for other projects from their web store, too.

2. Very Few Dietary Options

Unfortunately, if you have allergies to any common ingredients (like milk, or gluten), this may not be the right box for you.

3. No Gift Messages… Yet

When you buy a subscription as a gift for someone, they don’t yet have an option for sending a personalized message with it — though their website says “this feature will become available in the coming months.”

Pros vs Cons of Foodstirs

Still not totally sure on whether this box measures up to your expectations? Check out this quick breakdown of pros and cons to get a bird’s-eye view.


  • All organic ingredients
  • No GMOs
  • Simple, easy DIY instructions
  • Perfect for baking with kids
  • Special seasonal recipes


  • Only bi-monthly subscriptions available
  • Not many options for dietary restrictions
  • No option for messages when given as a gift

Foodstirs Shipping Breakdown

When you decide to subscribe to Foodstirs Baker’s Club Subscription, they’ll ship your first baking kit out around the 5th of every even-numbered month (that’s February, April, June, August, October, and December). Standard shipping will take anywhere from 5-7 business days, while Expedited shipping takes just 3-5 days.

At this time, they can only ship within the United States (sorry, international baked goods enthusiasts). For anyone in the U.S., though, shipping is included in the price of your club subscription!

Foodstirs Price

Just how expensive is this subscription? Check out the details here:

ImageSubscription PlanPrice
Foodstirs Review1box1 Baker’s Club Kit, bi-monthly$25.99 per kit
Foodstirs Review3boxes3 Baker’s Club Kits, bi-monthly$100 for 3 kits
Foodstirs Review3boxes3 Baker’s Club Kits, Gift Subscription$100 for 3 kits

Is Foodstirs Worth it?

After taking everything into account, is a subscription to Foodstirs’ Baker’s Club kits really worth it?

In short: Absolutely! Their combination of healthy ingredients and simple DIY recipes makes it an excellent option for anyone looking to have fun in the kitchen without sacrificing their family’s health. It’s truly an amazing and unique food subscription box.

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Foodstirs Coupon or Promo Code

They offer, 20% OFF! Just use the code: SWEET.

How to Join Foodstirs

Excited to get started? Follow these 4 simple steps to sign up right away.

Here is how to join Foodstirs:

1. Go to the Foodstirs subscription page

This link will take you directly to their Baker’s Club Subscription kits.

2. Pick your plan and add it to your cart

Are you looking for just one kit every other month, or would 3 be better? Either way, add them to your cart and then follow the on-screen prompts.

3. Add your shipping and payment details

Their shopping cart makes it easy and intuitive to enter your payment and shipping details.

4. Wait patiently!

This might be the hardest part! Your order will ship around the 5th of the next “even” month.

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In Conclusion

This Foodstirs review covered everything you need to know about deciding on whether their organic, non-gmo, DIY baked goods are right for you. Even if it’s not the perfect food subscription box for you and your family, you should definitely consider the fun and ease of use of signing up for a monthly food box subscription!

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?


$26 @

Subscription Type

Bi-monthly DIY baked goods subscription

Super high quality ingredients

All organic and non-GMO

Perfect for baking with kids

Simple 6-step DIY instructions

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