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Firstleaf – Is this the perfect wine club for you?

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Firstleaf is a wine of the month club that uses member feedback and a personalized quiz to help find great wines you’ll love. But is it right for you?

Well… Whether you’re a wine connoisseur, or a newbie to the wonderful world of wine, this quick overview should help you answer just that.


What is Firstleaf?

firstleaf - what
Firstleaf is a wine subscription service – founded in 2016 by Philip James – that delivers fine wines from across the globe, at a reasonable monthly price.

According to their website, the company “[partners] directly with wineries and winemakers to cut out layers of middlemen—the importers, distributors, and retailers…” Which apparently makes it so you only pay an introductory price of $15 for three bottles in your first order (+ another $5 for shipping.)

After your introductory shipment, you’re automatically enrolled in future months’ shipments, which comes with 6 bottles for $80 + $10 for shipping. Of course, you can cancel before this happens. According to their website, “Our introductory orders are priced so competitively, because we want you to give you a chance to try the wines before committing to the club.”

It is also one of the few wine of the month clubs that has first-time members take an individual taste profile quiz when signing up. This quiz (along with customer reviews of each wine) helps find wines specifically for each member (they select different wines for different members instead of simply sending out the same box to everyone.)

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Recent Firstleaf Items

firstleaf - items

ImageProduct NameBest FeatureClub Price
firstleaf - caligraficaCaligrafica 2016 Classic Red93 points and a Gold medal for this classic red from Lodi, CA$13.33
firstleaf - yellowYellow Spot Delias 2017 ChardonnayReceived the “Best Chardonnay” award from the 2018 USA Wine Ratings Competition.$13.33
firstleaf - BodewellBodewell 2017 Sauvignon Blanc$1 from each bottle Bodewell sells from its Washington winery goes to charity.$13.33
firstleaf - pip+plowPip + Plow 2016 MerlotThis merlot comes from Eastern Washington, one of the more exciting locations for new and interesting wine these days.$13.33
firstleaf - heliographHeliograph Estates 2014 GrenachePower and a little spice fill this Grenache from Côtes Catalanes, France.$13.33
firstleaf - dobleDoble de Diez 2017 TempranilloA vibrant, youthful take on a classic Spanish wine.$13.33
firstleaf - beraeliaBeraelia 2016 White BlendWhite flower, pear, and apricot tasting notes fill this 91 point California white blend.$13.33

Firstleaf Review

firstleaf - review
Their introductory price and privately selected wines are some of our favorite aspects of the service. And with plenty of other perks (and very few drawbacks), we rate them as one of the better values out of all the wine of the month clubs we’ve reviewed. For our full Firstleaf review, follow that link.

Pros vs Cons of Firstleaf

vinesse - Pros vs Cons of vinesse

We made a breakdown of the pros and cons to help you decide whether to join this wine club or not. Take a look below!


  • Handpicked wines from the finest wineries around the US and the world shipped directly to your door for a low monthly price.
  • The company’s wine experts have years of experience tasting and making wines, so when they go out and search for new wines, you know they’ll find the good stuff.
  • Cancel anytime after your first order.
  • Introductory prices means your first order only costs you about $20 for 3 bottles of wine.
  • Reorder the wines you love with their online store.
  • The tasting profile quiz + customer reviews of each wine helps the club find wines for each of their members they know they’ll love.
  • Don’t want to receive new wines this month? Place your account on hold and reactivate it whenever you’re ready!
  • Receive a bottle that doesn’t meet your standards? Send them an email and they’ll work with you to replace or refund it.
  • The choice to receive wines every month, every two months, or every three months.
  • Swap out wines you don’t want to receive for ones you do.


  • Memberships auto-renew, which can surprise some folks with a hefty bill they forgot was coming.
  • Wines aren’t refrigerated in the last few miles of shipping. But according to them, not enough to ruin the taste of the wine.
  • No free shipping

Firstleaf Coupon or Promo Code

vinesse - vinesse Coupon or Promo Code
There is no current coupon or promo code.

How to Join Firstleaf: 5 Steps

vinesse - how to join
It’s ridiculously easy to become a member of this club.

Here’s how to join Firstleaf:

1. Take the Quiz

firstleaf - quiz
To get started receiving wine, you have to take a quiz. Here are the questions the quiz asks you. The words in parenthesis are the potential answers you can give.

  1. What wines do you like(White, Mix, Red) There’s also two options for the question Occasionally you enjoy? Sparkling or Rose.
  2. Which Regions(USA, Both, Imported)
  3. How many bottles do you drink per month? (0-2 or 3-5 or 6)

We experimented with the quiz questions to see if our selected wines changed. You can view our results in our full Firstleaf review here.

2. Enter Your Email to See Your Results

firstleaf - enter email
If you’re still on the fence about using this wine club, and don’t want to receive marketing emails that most companies will send you, We use Mailinator for temporary email addresses. We don’t get a kickback for mentioning them or anything… It just keeps our inboxes clean.

3. View Your Wines & Go to Checkout

firstleaf - view your wines
Take a look at the wines the club selected for you and scroll down and click “go to checkout” when you’re ready to pay.

4. Enter the Details

firstleaf - enter details
Shipping, billing, all the fun stuff. Don’t forget the promo code!

5. Await Your Wine

firstleaf - wait
Let’s be honest… $20 (+tax) is a fantastic price for 3 bottles of wine you probably won’t find anywhere else.

More Great Wine Subscription Boxes

Maybe Firstleaf isn’t for you… That’s okay! Because there are plenty of other wine of the month clubs worth checking out!

  1. For a full list of the best wine of the month clubs, check it out in our Mantelligence site here.
  2. The Premier Series Wine Club offers only the highest rated wines that are tough to find.
  3. Winc is a wine subscription service that makes their own wine.
  4. Like taking taste profile quizzes? Bright Cellars has one of those too!
  5. Wine Awesomeness also has a competitive introductory price worth checking out.

In Conclusion

We hope this brief introduction to Firstleaf has helped you decide one which wine of the month club to choose. For a full review and to see our in-depth look at their quiz, click here.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?



$80 @

Introductory Price


Subscription Frequency

Monthly, Every 2 months, Every 3 months

# of Bottles

Introductory 3 / Future Shipments 6

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