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Scentbox Review – Is this scent monthly subscription worth it?

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This ScentBox review will provide you with all the clarity you need to make informed choices about how you spend your hard-earned income.

If you’re often plagued with indecision when it comes to making purchases in a saturated market, subscription boxes are a great way to get some expert assistance so that you’re connecting with the products and brands that are most aligned with your needs, lifestyle, and beliefs systems.

Taking care of ourselves and tending to our aesthetic needs is now easier than ever with the myriad of beauty subscription boxes available to help you preen and groom from top to bottom.

This ScentBox review is just one example of our featured content to streamline your buying. After all, a pretty website’s not going to cut it.


What is ScentBox?

ScentBox was started by two brothers who wanted to streamline the process of shopping for high-end designer perfume and cologne.

It’s a monthly subscription service that gives you an affordable way to sample scents so that you can make informed decisions and only purchase larger vials of the scents you really truly like and are worth it to you.

You have a choice 850+ different fragrances. You can choose your subscription style: standard or premium to access top tier scents. Choose the fragrance you’re curious about and ScentBox will ship you a 30-day supply (0.27 oz / 8 ml) of it in an elegant refillable travel spray and keepsake box.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?

Recent ScentBox Boxes

When you’re shopping for yourself, you’ve got two options.

Payments are deducted monthly and you can cancel at any time. You are not bound by your subscription commitment.

Here is an outline for your comparison shopping needs:

ImageProduct NameBest FeaturePrice
scentbox reviewStandard: Choose 1 Scent Per MonthChoose 1 designer fragrance each month $14.95
scentbox reviewPremium: Access to Their Highest End FragrancesChoose 1 premium designer fragrance each month$19.95

ScentBox Review

ScentBox solves the challenge when trying on different colognes is that they can only really be experienced one at a time for the full effect. Comparison between scents at the store can be overwhelming. Buying an entire bottle of perfume or cologne that you’re just not sure about can be a real drag.

People are also spending less and less time at the mall these days because everything we need is readily available online. Clothing and shoes can be clearly described in photos. But where does that leave products of olfactory nature?

ScentBox handles these issues completely. You get more than a sampling. You get a full 30-day supply so you can be present with your response and reaction over a decent period of time. You can experience the products in the comfort of your own home according to your own busy schedule, with free shipping to most places in the States.

They’re honest to a T. Their terms and conditions section lays everything out for you completely. Their service is what it says and the owners are smart people who have thought of every way fake customers can screw them over and state that shenanigans on moochers’ parts will not be tolerated.

Things To Love About Scentbox

The company makes clear that they’re not affiliated in any way, shape or form with any of the people or companies that are producing the fragrances. ScentBox is a completely separate middleman who bottles up the products in small vials for you and handles niceties and shipping so you can get what you want with little fuss or drama but still a nice pretty bow.

Here are 3 things to love about ScentBox:

1. Scale and Familiarity

If you’re into perfumes and colognes and you do the whole designer thing, you probably like the chance to experience 850+ different product variations.

2. Cost Efficiency

Partaking hugely in the fragrance industry is a costly venture. The monthly subscription fees are very, very affordable. These are not sample vials. They contain enough fragrance for you for the entire month and panders to those who like to switch things up monthly.

3. Cancel at any time

Nobody likes being roped into things. The ease of cancellation allows you to reap the benefits of a regular subscription without feeling tied down by a commitment to it.

Things Not To Love About ScentBox

Every organization has strengths and weaknesses and ScentBox is no exception.

Here is 1 thing not to love about ScentBox:

1. Transparency is key

The majority of the mainstream fragrance industry does not disclose the actual ingredients in their products most of the time.

Pros vs Cons

Check out below the pros and cons of this monthly subscription box.


  • You get to know the market intimately
  • You’re not going to break the bank
  • Commitment-phobics need not fear commitment


  • does not disclose actual ingredients

ScentBox Shipping Breakdown

Shipping is straightforward and free within the 50 U.S. states within 7-10 business days. They hope to ship to other places in the future.

ScentBox Price

Above, the review outlined the options for the subscription boxes for you. Now time to spell out your options if you’re shopping for a gift for a loved one. This includes free shipping.

ImageSubscription PlanPrice
scentbox review3-month gift$44.95
scentbox review6-month gift$84.95
scentbox review12-month gift$159.95

Is ScentBox Worth It?

ScentBox is worth it for the right customer. If you’re an established fan and supporter of the designer fragrance industry who likes a comfortable and streamlined experience of variety, it’s a dream come true.

ScentBox Coupon or Promo Code

You can get 35% off on your first month!

How to Join ScentBox

It’s easy to join this community of scent aficionados. And so long as you stay on top of canceling before deadlines, you won’t have any headaches.

Here is how to join ScentBox:

1. Decide between a standard or premium subscription

There’s not a huge difference in price. The top scents are just a couple more bucks each month.

2. Pick your scent

You can move freely between masculine and feminine scents. It’s up to you to do your research online if you want to choose. If you forget to pick your scent each month, you’ll receive the fragrance of the month based on whether you checked off masculine or feminine primarily in the beginning.

3. Note shipment dates and cancellation deadlines

Put them in your calendar so you’re not caught off guard if and when you want to make subscription changes. They ship 3 times monthly.

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In Conclusion

So you’ve read the ScentBox review and you love what you hear. It sounds like it checks out. It means your standards for quality, honesty, and integrity and you’d like to support them and enjoy your fill.

Maybe you’ve got friends who would be all about receiving ScentBox as a gift.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?


$20 @

Subscription Type


Types Of Fragrances

Choose from 850+ designer fragrances

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