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Vinesse – Is this the right wine subscription for you?

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vinesse - postVinesse might just be the right subscription wine club for you!

With endless choices, customizable options, great information, and a whole lot of love and passion put into every shipment, Vinesse Wine Club is one of the most coveted resources for sommeliers across America.

The wines are not the typical stuff you get off the shelf at your local big box store. Their selections are hand picked. They are created by artisans in limited quantities. They are the direct results of expert wine connoisseurs combing the globe for craft masterpieces.

You’re sure to love this tremendous, totally on-board wine of the month club.


What is Vinesse?

vinesse - What is vinesse

Before there was Vinesse Wine Club, there was a group of people that just really loved their wine. They knew their stuff about wine, from the finest intricacies of tasting, to what makes an award-winning vineyard. They were folks with the ability to form connections and access rare finds. When you love something with every fiber of your heart and soul, and have done so long enough to accumulate relevant wisdom and can move about the industry with ease, you want to share your love with the world. So that’s exactly what the founders did.

It began with the placement of a modest ad in a local California wine magazine to gauge interest. The responses came in droves. They rented a small office space, and boom, they were in business! That business has since grown in all directions. You won’t find a more packed and happening online wine merchant than Vinesse Wine Club.

The sommeliers understand that you can pick up a bottle of wine at the local store. But will you get the full story on what exactly makes that wine special? Will you be privy to the higher intentions of the vineyard? To really understand the wines and speak your highest truth with the dollars you spend, you’ve got to spend lots of time doing research and making connections. Not everyone has time or means for that, and that’s where a subscription wine club comes in! Vinesse Wine Club will enable you to speak your truth with what you spend your money on by acting as the middle man in between you and the industry’s best kept secrets.

There are at least 13 subscription wine club options that are outrageously customizable and changeable at any time during your membership. All make great wine gifts. You can personalize the size of your box to include 3 to 16 bottles. Some subscription boxes have options like all-red, all-white, and mixed. Other boxes are focused on one very particular kind of wine in place of options. You can get online and quickly adjust your customizations at any time.

You don’t even have to get a subscription box to take part in the community! The online store is chock full of intricately curated selections with all the information you need to buy an empowered, informed one-time wine shipment for just the weekend or to stock your entire wine rack. There is a full spectrum of choices for people of all budgets. Bottles can cost anything from $10 to over $40 each.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?

Recent Vinesse Boxes

vinesse - Recent vinesse Boxes-Items

Here is just a sampling of the different subscriptions available. Their options are so varied and accommodating that there’s truly something for every sommelier.

ImageProduct NameBest FeaturePrice
vinesse - ACWCAmerican Cellars Wine Club
  • A great go-to option for sommeliers just starting to figure out where they’re tastes lie
vinesse - ELEVANTÉlevant Society Wine Club
  • Not for the faint of heart, these reds are strong, robust, full-bodied, assertive and premium-priced
vinesse - LSLight & Sweet Wine Club
  • Exactly what the name of the club says, it’s a great starter set for sweetness-loving palates
vinesse - WOWThe World of Wine Wine Club
  • Internationally focused treasures from across the globe
vinesse - PNPinot Noir Wine Club
  • There’s a club for every specific type of wine imaginable
vinesse - CBCabernet Sauvignon Wine Club$12-20/bottle
vinesse - californiaCalifornia Treasures Wine Club$12-20/bottle
vinesse - PNWPacific Northwest Wine Club
  • This neck of the woods is also an ideal growing climate for wine grapes
vinesse - GBGrab Bag Wine Club
  • Discounts galore to clear out the warehouse
vinesse - efEarth-Friendly Wine Club
  • Focused on environmental sustainability, organic options, and production integrity

Vinesse Review

vinesse - review

You’ll love the element of surprise! You’re not sure exactly what’s in it, but you know that each selection has been concisely chosen to meet the standards you selected when you personalized the curation to your discerning preferences. It’s all the benefits of a personal shopper without hours of research, confusion, indecision, or headaches. Check out the Vinesse wine club review for further details about this great company.
One thing we love about Vinesse is how personalized they are. As their About Us goes, they consider all members friends. You can contact them by email, phone and live chat. Their FAQ states the exact schedule that each of these channels are available so you can plan ahead and you won’t be left waiting or unsure.
They lead you on a journey of subtlety and nuance. If you are just getting your feet wet, you probably know that within red wines, there are so many different kinds: merlots, cabernet sauvignons, malbecs, pinot noirs, to name a few. But do you really know the intricacies of each of the 8 major reds? What makes them so unique? And then there are infinite facets of taste, body, texture, and type within each branch.
Are you brushed up on your adjectives so you can articulate everything your taste buds are experiencing? The capacity to observe and verbalize on subtlety is a skill that translates to greater awareness in all of life. Experience and focused mental presence with wine reflects the person you are and how you evolve. You can learn much about yourself by observing yourself observe wine.
Furthermore, there’s foods. Learning how to combine to bring out each’s best. Go for the gold. Discover how each one affects the other.

Pros vs Cons of Vinesse

vinesse - Pros vs Cons of vinesse


  • Seemingly infinite options that are beautifully and articulately described
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed every time
  • Generous gift package upon third shipment including a high quality zipper cooler, wine glasses, a cork screw, and signature napkins
  • Clear customer service schedule and contact channels
  • Ships to all 50 states


  • Offers an earth-friendly subscription option, but the company itself is not focused on restorative environmental stewardship or promoting the natural, organic wine industry
  • The website has many broken links to blog posts. The Vinesse blog has a lot of poorly written content that aims more at clickbait than providing supporting evidence for post titles
  • High shipping fees

Vinesse Coupon or Promo Code

vinesse - vinesse Coupon or Promo Code
There is no current coupon or promo code.

How to Join Vinesse: 11 Steps

vinesse - how to join

Wine Clubs do require sitting down and getting to know how things work, so we’ve outlined the steps to make it simple.

Here’s how to join Vinesse:

1. Read the FAQ thoroughly.

vinesse - FAQ
It’s packed to the gills with everything you need to know about shipping prices and expected shipping times. It details the service you’re agreeing to. Due to the complexity of receiving monthly shipments of adult beverages, it’s important to go over.

2. Remember that their base prices are not ballpark estimates.

vinesse - base price
Shipping is possible to all the fifty states, but the fees are high, starting at $18 for one bottle. There are taxes involved based on your state. Luckily there’s an instant calculator that will tell you where on the fee spectrum you fall instantly.

3. Choose the type of subscription you want.

vinesse - subscription
Where applicable, choose between all reds, all whites, mixed, etc.

4. Choose your shipment frequency.

vinesse - shipping
Each type of club has its own shipment frequency options and there is no apparent pattern. Actual shipment schedules are not available until you have activated your subscription.

5. Choose your shipment size.

vinesse - size
Again, options vary dramatically depending on type of subscription.

6. Who is it for?

vinesse - who is it for
Consider whether you’d like a one-time shipment or to buy someone a gift.

7. Create a member account.

vinesse - create account
This is where you’ll be able to change your preferences at any time during your membership. Options like delaying or skipping a shipment are possible.

8. Choose how you’ll pay.

vinesse - payment
They take all major credit cards. You can prepay or pay monthly.

9. Have it delivered to a business address, if possible.

vinesse - delivery
The company encourages you to have your deliveries shipped to a place of business to avoid the $2.50 residential delivery fee.

10. Make sure an adult is home to receive the shipments.

vinesse - an adult is home
Every shipment requires an adult signature for legal purposes.

More Great Wine Subscription Boxes

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In Conclusion

Vinesse Wine Club cares about its customers. Think, next level love. Their style and dedication. We see this in how great and deep their efforts are in making sure that there is something for everyone. We see their efforts in how fast and efficient their customer service is. They try to leave no stone unturned. They are thorough and thoughtful to a T.

Vinesse wines are cream of the crop. Long time members marvel about how long they have received regular shipments– sometimes for over a decade– and they have loved almost every bottle. That’s commitment to quality.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?



$70 @

Subscription Type

reds, whites, mixed, vineyard location


Not the kind of wine found in big-box stores; specialty stuff

Single shipments

one-time shipments for those who can’t commit to a subscription service

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