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Vinebox – Explore this different kind of wine club.

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Vinebox is an innovative quarterly food subscription box that lets you try a ton of wine without having to invest in an entire bottle. It’s a service designed to expand your palate, but our review breaks down whether it is worth your hard earned cash.

Few experiences are more embarrassing than finding yourself at a work (or a snooty friend’s) dinner party when the subject of wine comes up. While it can be a time to shine, if you’re worth your grapes, more often it is a perfect deer in headlights situation. This is where a solid wine of the month club comes in.


What is Vinebox?

vinebox - what
Vinebox isn’t your typical wine of the month club. They’re disrupters. That’s a good thing.

If you’ve been to wine country, any wine country, you know that every vintner has their own club. It makes sense for their business model since it means guaranteed sales, and it makes sense for the fan of the vineyard because they get access to limited runs, small-batch varietals and, reserves that aren’t available in stores.

If you’ve joined a wine club, you know something else… they’re expensive. What seems like a no-brainer investment after you’ve had a few tastings seems more like a timeshare condo when boxes of derivative wine arrive at your door, every few months.

In fact, a timeshare is exactly what a typical wine club is like. Maui is great, but sometimes you don’t want to go to Maui… you want to go skiing in Vail. In much the same way, maybe you want to try another grape with your steak. Drink a little strange. Well, with a typical wine club, you can’t. You’re locked in.

Vine box solves the timeshare dilemma.

Every quarter, the club delivers nine different 100ml bottles of wine to your delivery location of choice for $72. It’s a simple idea, yet completely novel until someone decided to actually do it.

Whereas with a normal wine club at that price point you might get 2 – 3 bottles from a particular vineyard, they provide an unprecedented level variety to sample. “To sample” is the key here. At 100ml, each bottle is essentially a full glass. The obvious tradeoff is volume.

A good way to think of this wine club is a day trip to Napa, or Sonoma, or Bordeaux (sometimes all three at once) for a day of wine tasting without the plane ticket, or, more importantly, the potential DUI. You can dial in your palate without having to drop the coin on nine different wine clubs.

Once the team helps you find what you like, go ahead and jump in feet first for a single vineyard. If you just want a bottle of something you’ve sampled, members earn credits for full-size bottles. So members are encouraged to sample, and sample often.

A closed nitrogen environment is the technological miracle that allows them to take a standard bottle and convert it into four single glass sample bottles. No oxygen touches your wine until you open your bottle. This process allows them to invest in wine so you don’t have to.

Each quarterly box is curated for the season. So, in winter, you get hearty wines to pair with stews, steaks, soups, and impressively built fires. Taking the guesswork and removing some of the mystique surrounding wine is what they do best.

They bring down the learning curve in such a way that even a novice can get their bearings. To this end, this club doesn’t just give you great wine, they give you a ton of information on what it is you’re drinking. History of the vines, quality of the soil, and information on the microclimate where your wine was produced is just a small sampling of the wine education you’ll receive as a club member.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?

Recent Vinebox Items

vinebox - items
The box delivers curated seasonal wines quarterly. As it is right before the holidays, we’ll take a look at a few winter box offerings so you can get an idea of the caliber wine that makes the grade.

The team boasts that only 1% of the more than 11,000 wines tasted to date have made the cut, so you should be expecting something pretty high brow.

ImageProduct NameBest FeaturePrice
vine box - Roger Champault SancerreWinter 2017Roger Champault Sancerre – A soft textured wine ready to drink right now. 12.5% ABV$20
Winter 2017La Rectorie Collioure – An excellent French wine with aromas of ripe fruit and warm spices.$22
Winter 20172013 Corte di Valle Chianti Classico – A distinctly dry classic Italian Chianti variety.$27.99

Vine Box Review

vinebox - review
As we said before, wine clubs are like timeshares, and timeshares suck. So before you spend your hard earned money on a wine club, you want to make sure that you get a good return on investment.

We have an in-depth Vinebox review that will give you the skinny on what we like and what we honestly don’t like about this club. Only then can you make a fully informed decision.

Pros vs Cons of Bright Cellars

vinebox - proscons
Take a look at our pros and cons list below to give you a good overview of what’s in our full review.


  • Wine by the glass – No need to crack open an entire bottle, each wine is delivered in a single serve individual bottle.
  • Variety – Each box contains nine different wines, so you’re able to expand your palate accordingly.
  • Curation – Wine can be intimidating… even if you’ve already seen Sideways a dozen times. They only let 1% of their sampled wines make it into their boxes. That’s some real commitment right there.
  • Pretty Cheap – Starting at $8 a glass, that’s not a bad per glass price for the wines they’re curating.


  • Kept in the dark – Curation can cut both ways. If you’re knowledgeable about wine, you might want to have more say as to what makes it into the boxes. You don’t have that opportunity with this club.
  • Inflexible Options – Currently, there’s only a single club option. One box curated quarterly. Though you can double up or pre-pay for a small discount.
  • Can’t Ship Everywhere – There are certain states where they are not allowed to ship by law. Make sure you check their website to ensure they will deliver to your address. That tool is conveniently located on the home page.

Vine Box Coupon or Promo Code

vinebox - promo
There is no current coupon or promo code from Vinebox.

How to Join a Vine Box Subscription Box: 5 Steps

vinebox - how
Since the wine club only offers a bare-bones membership program, getting started is pretty simple.

Here are 5 steps to subscribe to this monthly wine box: 

Step 1: Click Get Started

vinebox - step 1
Click the “Get Started” button in the website header.

Step 2: Red or White?

vinebox - step 2
Or both? You’re going to get what they send you regardless of your stated preference, but my guess is that they will do their best to accommodate members stated preference when going about curating that quarter’s box. The FAQ does point out that even if you say you like red, you’re going to get the occasional white that they think you’ll enjoy.

Step 3: How Long?

vinebox - step 3
Here’s where you select your plan. Ranging from a single box to prepay for the year. The larger the commitment, the larger the discount, up to 10%. If you do select the yearly option, you also receive double the full bottle credits. It’s all about how much you trust their selection team.

Step 4: Single or Double?

vinebox - step 4
You can double up boxes for a 10% discount. The boxes will be the same, but you’ll have two glasses per wine. Perfect for date night.

Step 5: Create Your Account

vinebox - step 5
And that’s it. Create your account, enter your billing information, delivery address (where an adult will be available to sign) and wait for the next curation.

More Great Subscription Boxes

This wine club is definitely doing something different in the wine club space. That may work for you or it may not. If it doesn’t work, we’ve got you covered with our reviews of other wine clubs that may be more your speed.

  1. Think of Winc as a digital winery. They make their own wine and have a wine club that acts a lot like a wine club you’d expect from a physical winery.
  2. Wine awesomeness is a more traditional curated wine of the month club featuring 3 bottles per offering.
  3. Bright cellars offer monthly, personally curated, boxes. Emphasis on the “personal” with this club.
  4. Check out our list of best wine of the month clubs on .
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In Conclusion

Here at, we like wine. In wine, there is truth, so we’re always on the lookout for new ways to imbibe a little truth. Or a lot of truth. So, we like our wine of the month club as much as anyone else, but that isn’t to say there aren’t downsides to your typical wine of the month club.

Maybe you don’t want to crack a whole bottle. Maybe you don’t want to commit to an entire bottle, or, to a single vineyard. Maybe you’re just afraid of commitment. Hey, we’re not here to judge. We’re here to solve problems. Vinebox solves a lot of commitment issues. Or at least covers them up as best as any food subscription box could be expected to.

With nine different single glass servings delivered quarterly, this club really lets your palate play the field. We like that. We think you will too.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?

Get Started


$72 @

Subscription Type

Quarterly Box of 9 Different Wines


Wines sourced form 72 different countries


Extra full bottle credits for yearly commitment

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