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Stitch Fix For Men – Is it a great clothing subscription box?

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Founded in 2011, Stitch Fix is one of the older, direct to consumer clothing subscription boxes on the market. Originally just for women, Stitch Fix for men has taken their extensive approach to personal style and become one of the best subscription boxes for men across any genre, not just clothes.

Using a mixture of personal stylists and a proprietary search algorithm, Stitch Fix does things a bit differently. So, is this one of the right subscription boxes for you?

Read on to find out.


What is Stitch Fix for Men?

Stitch Fix For Men - What is Stitch Fix for Men

Stitch Fix is a personal styling service masquerading under the guise of a monthly clothing subscription box. For a meager $20 styling fee, an actual human being will pick out five items, ranging from basic accessories to full outerwear, and have it all delivered to your house.

Users will have three days to decide what items they’re going to keep, and which they’re going to return in the prepaid envelope provided by Stitch Fix. Your $20 styling fee is applied to whatever items you decide to keep, and if you decide to keep the entire box, you’ll get 25% off retail. Prices vary widely, from $10 for basic accessories, up to $500 for some higher end clothing items.

With some premium brands like Original Penguin, Faherty, and Todd Snyder, some of the premium pricing makes sense.

Pretty simple.

You’re under no obligation to keep anything in your monthly box, but if you don’t, you’re going to be out the $20. Not too shabby for an actual human being’s wage.

And chances are you’re going to keep at least one item. This is because after signing up and before being paired with your stylist, you’re going to fill out an extensive “style guide” questionnaire. We’ll get to that in a minute.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?

Recent Stitch Fix For Men Items

Here’s a list of some of the brands and items your stylist may be choosing from.

ImageProduct NameBest FeaturePrice
Stitch Fix For Men - Todd SnyderTodd SnyderTodd Snyder Men’s T-Shirt$39
Stitch Fix For Men - Original PenguinOriginal PenguinOriginal Penguin Men’s T-Shirt$35
Stitch Fix For Men - FahertyFahertyFaherty button down shirt$169

Stitch Fix Reviews

Stitch Fix For Men - Stitch Fix Reviews

With a ton of premium brands and almost a decade in the clothing subscription box game, Stitch Fix has a lot going for it. We’ll take a more in-depth look in our Stitch Fix reviews, but here are a few of the pro and cons for an overview.

Pros Vs Cons of Stitch Fix for Men

Stitch Fix For Men - Pros Vs Cons Of Stitch Fix For Men

Stitch Fix has been in the direct to consumer clothing subscription box game for almost a decade. That means they’re getting a lot right with only a few drawbacks. Take a look at the overview pros and cons.


  • The Style Guide intake is extremely well done.
  • Free returns.
  • Low styling fee.
  • Working with an actual human being as a stylist.
  • Wide selection of brands.
  • Wide array of prices.


  • Boxes prices can be a barrier to entry.
  • Basic items, like t-shirts, can be pricey.

Stitch Fix for Men Coupon or Promo Code

Stitch Fix For Men - Stitch Fix For Men Coupon Or Promo Code

No coupon currently available.

How to Join Stitch Fix for MenStitch Fix For Men - How To Join Stitch Fix For Men 6 Steps

Getting started with your first fix is pretty straightforward, but plan to spend some time and do a good job so that your stylist has a solid idea of what should end up in your box.

Here is how to join Stitch Fix for men:

1. Click Men

Stitch Fix For Men - Step 1 Click Men

Stitch Fix started out as a clothing box for women, but now they’ve added Men’s (which we’re looking at) and kids. So click Men and “Get Started.” You’ll need to login using your Facebook account, or you can use your email as well.

2. Start With Your Basic Stats

Stitch Fix For Men - Step 2 Start With Your Basic Stats

The first step is to fill out your basic physical statistics. Height and weight are obviously included. But, and this is a trend for the next hour or so of your life (slight exaggeration) Stitch Fix goes well beyond that.

You’ll also tell your stylist your age, your occupation, and if you’re a parent. These little tidbits give your stylist a better idea of who you are.

This section will also cover what sizes you usually wear and how they run on you. For instance, I wear a medium shirt and it usually fits as expected.

Lastly, you’ll give your stylist a basic idea of your body style based on four graphics.

3. Fit

Stitch Fix For Men - Step 3 Fit

The next step is to tell your stylist how you like various items of clothing to fit. Do you prefer a “classic” or “slim” fit in your dress shirts, button downs, t-shirts, etc.

You’ll do the same for various types of pants, denim, chinos, dress pants, and the like.

This section will also cover any areas where you usually have issues with clothing. I always have an issue with sleeves on dress shirts being too short, so when I find a brand that works, I stick with it. There is a myriad of different issues listed here, so don’t be shy.

4. Describe Your Style

Stitch Fix For Men - Step 4 Describe Your Style

Step 4 is where you’re going to spend quite a bit of time letting your stylist get to know you.

How many times a week do you wear leisure wear, gym clothes, office attire, and full dress attire.

Stitch Fix for men covers just about any clothing situation you could imagine, so I’m so excited about how in-depth this section really is. I’ve never encountered anything remotely comparable.

They ask you to choose from a wide variety of brands that you do and don’t like. Colors and patterns are here as well with the options yes, no, and this is important, maybe. What are your dry cleaning habits? How much are you willing to spend on various items of clothing?

I’ll stick with Levi’s if pressed, so I’m not going to spend several hundred dollars on denim. But I’ll spend a bit more than usual on a blazer.

Patterns and styles of shirts come next along with various images of shoes that you would or wouldn’t wear.

You’re presented with a grid of potential outfits to give your stylist a better idea of what you’d wear, and you can go further by excluding specific types of items that should never be in your box. I don’t need shoes, socks, and I don’t think I’ll ever buy a necktie again.

The last step is to provide your potential stylist your social media profiles. Yeah, they’re going to go out and actually get to know you on social media so they can make sure what’s in your box is your style. You can also tell them how adventurous and outside of your usual style box you want them to go.

They’re doing that for a $20 styling fee per month remember. That’s damned impressive for a subscription box.

5. Your Schedule

Stitch Fix For Men - Step 5 Your Schedule

Do you want a new fix every few weeks, monthly (the most popular option), bi-monthly, or quarterly?

6. Check out

Stitch Fix For Men - Step 6 Check Out

You’ll be assigned your stylist and shipping date. All that’s left is to fill in your payment and shipping details. You’ve got 30 minutes from the time you are assigned your stylist to finish this final detail.

More Great Subscription Boxes:

If Stitch Fix is a bit too in-depth, we’ve taken a look at several other clothing boxes that might be more your style.

  1. Bombfell is one of the oldest boxes on the block and are still around for a reason.
  2. Le Tote is a clothing rental service that lets you change up your wardrobe regularly.
  3. Trendy Butler is another clothing subscription that focuses on the latest trends.
  4. Five Four Club is a flat $60 for easy budgeting.
  5. Trunk Club is middle of the pricing scale to flesh out your closet. –

In Conclusion

Stitch Fix for men is a premium clothing subscription, no doubt about it. They set the bar so high with their style intake, that I can’t think of another service that comes anywhere close to that level of detail. And I, along with the Unbox team have looked at a ton of subscription boxes for men.

The amount of detail they put into your personal style for $20 a box is frankly absurd.

If you’re willing to drop the coin on some high-quality duds, then there isn’t a good reason not to look in the direction of Stitch Fix.

Want to get this box for yourself or as a gift for someone?

Get Started


$20 @

Subscription Type

Monthly Personally Styled Box

Item Mix

5 Premium Branded Items

Free Returns

Return anything you don’t like in a prepaid envelope.

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